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Heartbeat House & Boutique

Mother of Pearl
Heartbeat House is a Zeltros based company that provides and produces:
  • Dance instruction
  • Entertainment for hire
  • Clothing and armor
  • Force imbued cosmetic items and accessories
  • Pheromone infused cosmetics
  • Covert/unique weaponry
  • Humanitarian aid
Heartbeat House initially started as a small dance studio in downtown Lianna City, and has since expanded to a larger studio space and entered the cosmetic and textile markets with the addition of Heartbeat Boutique. Heartbeat House offers a number of products and services, including dancers for hire in public and private events.

Clothing and Armor:
Cosmetics and Beauty:
Accessories and Weaponry:
  • Chain Breaker-Devices that deactivates slave collars and implants. Difficult to obtain.
  • HH Sleeper- Waterproof and temperature controlled sleeping bag.
  • HH Iris-Computerized contact lenses with holonet access and infrared, range and lifeform detection modes.
  • HH Eclipse-Ring that subtly alters wearer's appearance.
  • Anti-Pheromone Patch-Patch that blocks the effects of pheromones
  • Pro-Pheromone Patch-Patch that allows the user to emit Zeltron pheromones

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Hi there, I'd like to sign up for Dance Instruction 3 classes, Shimmy Fitness classes, and become a dancer (who is available to hire) for Heartbeat House.

[member="Joza Perl"]
Mother of Pearl
It had been a few weeks since Heartbeat House went public with advertising, the pristine studio floor a little cleaner than Joza would have liked. Not that she didn’t intend to keep her studio spic and span—presentation was very important—but aside from the few dancer she’d hired, there hadn’t been much business. And slow business meant no scuff marks to clean, no loose sparkles or rhinestones to sweep up.

That’s alright, we’re still new…I would love to have someone to teach though. Pursing her lips as she sat cross-legged on the studio floor, the young Zeltron perked up when a message notification pinged on her datapad.

Her heart skipped a beat upon seeing that it was none other than [member="Marzena Choi"]. Was this some kind of joke? No, no, it couldn’t be. Joza had met the Galactic superstar during the grand opening of Club Voss, and the pair seemed to hit it off quite nicely. Marzena had even complimented Joza’s performance! Clearly giddy, a wide smile stretched along the Knight’s face as she typed up a reply.

Greetings Miss Choi,

I am pleased to hear that you’re interested in our Dance Instruction I and Shimmy Fitness classes! I can schedule a private block of time for you at Heartbeat House Dance Studio, but I also offer private lessons if you’d prefer that option.

Joza Perl


“Remember your stretches, ladies!”

After finishing up a group class of Level I students, Joza made small talk with her students as they packed up their belongings in preparation of leaving the studio. Perhaps word somehow got out that she’d been working with Marzena Choi, for the Zeltron saw a quick surge in business. Pulling out her datapad, she scrolled through the messages she’d missed while instructing. A familiar name caught her eye, and she chewed at her lower lip for a few moments before a spark of recognition spurred her on.

Greetings, Miss [member="Scarlett Orion"],

This may seem forward, but I do believe I’ve seen you perform in person at Diamond Dust on Sullust. Due to your apparent skill, there will be no need for you to audition as a dancer for hire. We can discuss your schedule, payment and costuming when you attend Dance Instruction III and Shimmy Fitness, the timetables for both being enclosed in the attached document.

I look forward to seeing you!

-Joza Perl


Settling in to bed for the night, Joza scrolled through her messages one last time. She was slightly paranoid that she’d missed one, seeing as how she prided herself on being prompt and cordial when doing business. “Ah!” There was one that she hadn’t seen yet, somehow it still had the unread tag sent by one [member="Ikki Ike"]. Wait, Ike? As in Orihime Ike and Matsu Ike? And all the other Ikes of the galaxy?

Greetings Miss Ike,

Thank you for your interest in Heartbeat House! I would be pleased to have you as a dancer, perhaps you can audition when you attend Dance Instruction I? If this timing does not work with you, please let me know and we can work something out.

Joza Perl

Marzena Vaas

Ms. Perl,

A private lesson at Heartbeat House Studio would be wonderful, I am willing to travel. However, if you do find yourself near Cloud City, you are welcome to visit me at my home for the lesson. For now, I think I would like to stick to a more classic routine, but I do have an interest in learning something just a touch more exotic for... private performances ; )

See you soon,


[member="Joza Perl"]


Dear [member="Joza Perl"];
That's a shame, I had a whole routine prepared :) All the same, I look forward to working with Heartbeat House and I will see you at my first class soon enough.
Until then,
Scarlett Orion
Mother of Pearl
Joza winced a little at the thought of Bespin. Despite its luxury, she didn’t have the best memories attached to the planet.

Miss [member="Marzena Choi"],

I’ve included a list of dates and time that the studio is available for a private booking. Please let me know if any of these work for you, but if they do not then I’m sure we can work something out to fit your schedule.

Until then,
Joza Perl.


Miss [member="Scarlett Orion"],

By all means, I would love to see your work up close! I’ve included a list of audition dates as you are more than welcome to come and help me scope out new talent. Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two!

Joza Perl
Mother of Pearl
Joza paused, staring at the large man who hung in the doorway of her dance studio. It wasn’t unheard of for her to teach male clients, but the men she trained were usually dancers of some sort, looking to expand their repertoire. The rest were usually using it as a cover to ogle the ladies, and were promptly kicked back out onto the street.

But this was a sight she’d never expected. Hands on her hips, the Zeltron let out a heavy sigh before offering [member="Isley Verd"] a confused smile. “I suppose even the Mand’alor needs to learn how to shake his moneymaker, right?”

He’d certainly be her most…interesting student.
Mother of Pearl
Joza huffed, eyes narrowing as [member="Zef Halo"] suddenly appeared. Here to interrupt dance operations, clearly.

“Dad, if you’re not here to dance, then get out of here!” Seeing as how she was in the middle of sweeping up the studio, Joza raised the broom she was holding overhead and proceeded to swat at her father.

Aedan Miles

Pirate King
Name: Aedan Miles
Intent: Private Dance
Location of Event: Aedans Island home on Kesh freedom to wander the grounds while here taking in the sights and sounds of Clan Akaata's family home. Free access to Aedan's personal beach as well as funding for shopping from the various jewelry smiths of Clan Akaata. Aedan's personal villa/mansion is a three story building and one of the only homes he has that is elegant in more than just a militaristic fashion. Showing that while his clan Prospers so does he.
Dancer(s) Requested: Yasmin
Type of Dance: Classic and Energetic
Do you agree to the *terms put forth by Heartbeat House?: I find these terms agreeable.

[member="Joza Perl"]

Undin Jaii Kryze

Little Crazy Badass
Form for Hiring Dancers:

Name: Personal
Intent: Dance Instruction I
Location of Event: The mains gardes of the Voss temple, an open area with trees, Younglings, other Jedi.
Dancer(s) Requested: [member="Ikki Ike"]
Type of Dance: Flashy
Do you agree to the *terms put forth by Heartbeat House?: I do.

[member="Joza Perl"]