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Approved Location Sucre [The Sugar Factory]

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  • Structure Name: Sucre [The Sugar Factory]
  • Classification: High Class Brothel
  • Location: Zeltros
  • Affiliation: Heartbeat House
  • Accessibility: Private access
  • Security: Private security guards
  • Description: Sucre is a large structure in downtown capital city on Zeltros. It is sleek and modern, having undergone much renovation over the years in order to follow the latest design trends. The building itself totals 8 stories, 5 of which are accessible to customers. The it is located in can be described as high class, with many boutiques and luxury establishments nearby. Inside, Sucre offers many different rooms for patrons, carefully styled with high quality decor to reflect the spectrum of interest among guests.
  • Bottom floors are open to all patrons of Sucre, and include several differently themed public parlors and more private areas. The public parlors range from flashy and energetic, to elegant and luxurious, to quiet and serene. Here, patrons are free to meet and chat with the Neocafarel me and women. Private entertainment rooms are available for booking, typically reserved by wealthy regulars.
  • Middle floors are where the private bedrooms are located. Guests who pay to specifically enjoy the carnal pleasures of a Neocafarel can often be found here. The rooms here are spacious and lavishly decorated.
  • Top floors are off limits to patrons, given that they house private quarters, dining areas and class rooms specifically for the Neocafarel and house staff.
  • The center area of the building has as a small bio-dome that simulates a calm, peaceful outdoor scene despite being in the middle of a bustling city. The grass and shrubberies are real and neatly maintained, while the cool breeze is piped in and the serene blue sky is artificially projected.

Sucre is colloquially known throughout Zeltros as The Sugar Factory, a structure that has several centuries of history behind it. Brothels are not an uncommon sight on Zeltros, but Sucre is considered to be in the upper echelon of escort services. The women and men that work there are not only exceptionally beautiful, but talented in the arts and hostessing—they are known as Neocafarel, or a more advanced and encompassing version of Zeltron cafarel courtesans. The women and men that become Neocafarel are acquired as young as 5 or 6 primarily based on their looks, and eventually undergo an apprenticeship to a Neocafarel at the age of 12. Once they reach the age of 18 and are deemed satisfactory, apprentices graduate to full Neocafarel status. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, Neocafarel receive a full education under Sucre. Though instructed in the basics of math, sciences and history, their schooling is geared more towards learning how to work their natural allure though conversation, dancing and music. Being Zeltrons, they learn how to wield carnal pleasures in a highly skilled manner and are renowned to be exceptional lovers. Neocafarel tend to work for Sucre for at least half a decade in order to pay back the debt for their schooling and board. Though overwhelmingly female, there are several male Neocafarel at Sucre. Neocafarel of any gender always make sure to look their best, wearing the most expensive and flattering of clothes and spending hours perfecting their hair and makeup.

Inside Sucre, there are several public parlors and a slew of private rooms where the Neocafarel entertain their rich and powerful guests. This can be anything to enjoying a conversation to performing song and dance or even taking pleasures in one of the more private area. Regular guests may choose to sponsor a Neocafarel and cover some of her expenses such as clothing and lessons in exchange for priority time with her or him. Occasionally, some guests have chosen to buy out a female Neocafarel’s contract with Sucre and take her as a personal lover or wife.

Up until recently, some of the methods used to train the girls (and boys) of Sucre could be considered cruel. Many of the Neocafarel in training came from poorer families who had little money to speak of or who needed their debts paid. Given that many children are unwilling to stay, they were often beaten or severely punished for any behavioral issues. Those who failed to live up to the high standards set by Sucre could be physically and emotionally abused and denied food for extended periods of time. Sucre was recently purchased by Joza Perl as she expanded her influence in the entertainment industry with the aim of setting stricter standards for how the Neocafarel are treated. Most physical punishments were banned, including with purposely starving out and neglecting those who misbehaved. The age of Neocafarel in training was raised to 12, though this resulted in fully trained Neocafarel making their debut into their early twenties rather than late teens. Additionally, coursework is gradually gaining more focus on science and history along with trades such as sewing and cooking for a more rounded education.
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