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Ikki Ike

Ikki Ike

The Jedi Maid
"I apologize for being rude. Hello, my name is Ikki. A maid to the Crina Royal Family. I answer the door, I clean up the palace, and I take out the trash. And sometimes I also kill entitled little fools like yourself."


NAME: Ikki Ike
FACTION: Crina/Silver Jedi
RANK: Maid/Crina Yuri Squad/Silver Jedi Master
SPECIES: Human (Atrisian)
AGE: 21

SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 4' 7
EYES: Brown like dark honey
HAIR: Black with streaks of brown
SKIN: Tanned

  • Memory Enhancement: Eidetic memory enhanced by the force allowing Ikki to remember everything she see's, reads and hears perfectly.
  • Force Comprehension: Speeding up the neural processes to consume and take in large quantities of information.
  • Instinctive Astrogation: displayed as a sense of direction when she was younger and with the help of the Oswaft teaching her ability to manipulate hyperspace.
  • Voice-stream: A form of communication using compressed informtaion that becomes an attack. Used to communicate with Oswafts or attack droids.
  • Alchemy (Taught by Rave)
  • Stunted Telekinesis: Trained and able to control the carbonite tips of the slicewire and guide it.


Cannot do healing techniques
Never gets lost
Cannot do energy based force powers
Skilled at mental enhancement
Cannot do white current illusions
Has perfect recall
Cannot do physical enhancement


Ikki was the daughter of Nathan and Brianna Ike, and lived for a very short time on Talus. Nathan was born in Dearic and had always lived on Talus with his father, who was a mechanic. Following his footsteps, Nathan started working as a mechanic at age 16. He was able to fix anything from droids to small star ships. He and his father were the main mechanics that worked for the star port in Dearic and were well known throughout Dearic and even some of the other cities on Talus.

Ikki was born on Corellia. She grew up never remembering much about her parents. Her father had left her a few days after she was born, and her mother died from a serious illness nearly two years after that. Her older brother, Kareth, who was thirteen years older than her, was the only one left to take care of her. Being too young to work, Kareth did not have any credits or even a home to take care of Brianna, and he was growing desperate. So he stole credits to buy enough food to keep them alive. After a few years, he got extremely good at it, and started teaching Brianna how to steal as well. After Brianna was twelve years old, Kareth came across a small crew of smugglers who had seen him steal a couple of credits from some patrons in a cantina. They liked his style, and his ability to do things quickly without being caught. They invited him to their crew as an extra gun for hire, but almost changed their minds when they saw a little girl coming with him.

After she showed great skills as a thief, just like her older brother, they skeptically accepted her, and the two of them became smugglers. By the age of 19, Brianna was an expert smuggler, hiding weapons inside of droids and secret compartments within their ship. But she was growing tired of smuggling and did not like doing it most of the time. So, gathering her large amount of credits she had earned over the years, she took a transport and headed for Talus because she had heard it was a peaceful planet that held many mysteries. Her shuttle that she had taken endured a damaged thruster on the way to the planet, and it nearly crashed into the star port. As the twenty one year old mechanic arrived to work on the ship, it was then that Brianna and Nathan met, becoming very close friends soon after.

Two years after they had met, Brianna and Nathan were married. And less than a year after that, little Ikki was born along with her twin sister, Kara. After this, Brianna never resumed work as a smuggler, relying on Nathan to bring in the credits with his mechanical work. He provided extremely well for his family, and was proud to see his beautiful twin girls walking just after they both turned a year and a half old. But, unknown to Nathan, he and his family would be presented with a difficult decision six months later.

When the girls had turned nine, a female Jedi Knight named Aria Tam landed on Talus, along with a small child that was to be a youngling. She was taking the small child to Corusant to be instructed in the ways of the force when their ship had a malfunction and the hyper drive was leaking. Nathan was the mechanic that was asked to fix the ship but told the Jedi it would be a couple days before it would be ready to fly again. He offered his home as a place for Aria to stay until the ship was ready, and the Knight thankfully accepted the invitation. It was then that she was introduced to Kara and Ikki. Right away, Aria sensed that, unlike her twin sister, Ikki was a force sensitive child.

She told Nathan and Brianna the news, and said Ikki could be taken with the future youngling, that she already had with her, to the temple and become a Jedi. Nathan and Brianna were incredibly hesitant to give their beautiful daughter up. They almost couldn’t bare the thought of completely giving Ikki away and never seeing her again. But after Nathan was told that Ikki would become a peace keeper and a seeker of justice, he thought that no better opportunity could be given to her, and he wanted what was best for his child. With eyes full of tears, Brianna and Nathan gave up their daughter, knowing she would have a much better life at the Jedi Temple than the one they were able to give her.

As a youngling, Ikki proved to be a very obedient and disciplined child who never went against her teacher’s word. Her dedication to her training impressed many of the masters around her who took turns teaching younglings. As the years went by and Ikki became older, she proved to be equally skilled in both the force and with a lightsaber. She was never the best in her class, but she was always a quick learner who put a lot of time in practicing her lightsaber and force powers. When she turned eleven years old, she was the spitting image of her mother, brown eyed, physically fit and beautiful. At age eleven Ikki’s only interest was becoming a Jedi Knight. But to do that, she needed a master, and began to grow nervous as her 12th birthday grew ever closer and she still hadn‘t been picked by a master or Jedi Knight.

As time went on though and the failure to get a master mounter Ikki found herself in the Explorers corps. Specifically the archeological division under Phylis and it became clear that while she might be a failure as a jedi she could do some thing. One night when they were traveling through hyperspace from a dig she had going there was an accident and the ship had to quickly exit hyperspace before launching the escape pods, while normally this would be dangerous and if something happened they could be stuck in hyperspace with no way out. Her movements with the people and the ship helped as it went on but she was the last one on the ship as the hyperdrive malfunctioned and sent her into the unknown regions.

There she crashed on a world and was discovered by a group of people, the Disciples of Twilight were interesting and quite amazing. Enrapturing her imagination with their skills as she stayed for a few days and then that turned into a couple of months. Finally it had become years until the jedi arrived finally finding the weak distress beacon and making it a priority.

Honorable-class elite starfighter

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