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Domino-Character transfer

Warden of the Ice

NAME: Domino (Real name: Prulesa Natasi)
FACTION: Black Suns Agents of Chaos, OPA
RANK: Master
SPECIES: Twi'lek
AGE: 555 (Looks 27)
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'4"
EYES: Brown
HAIR: None
SKIN: Blue


Weaknesses: She is often unwilling to budge on topics she thinks are important which has gotten her in trouble with more powerful individuals at times, but she does know when to grit her teeth and keep quite.
Due to her traumatic past she never fully trusts anyone and often has an icy demeanor.

While she has a slight ego and doesn't take well to people screwing with her, it gives her a lot of self confidence in herself.

Strengths: Domino is well trained in many fields and is flexible in how she handles engagements. IE: commanding a ship, in a firefight, infiltrating, or other operations.
She also knows how to rule fairly and in a just way, often improving the lives of those under her so that they appreciate her command and having her as a leader as she is seen to value their lives and livelihood.

SHIP: Sangromancer Rebuilt into Sangromancer II
Personal Fighter: Rassilon Fighter
Personal Weapons: Jako Hunter, Stal-11, Wildcat, LWRC-45, Grenade Launcher,
Her Lightsabers: Domino's Twin Lightsabers, Pikesaber
Personal Armor: Vornskr Armor Worn with Leviathan Bracers
Battle Armor: PSG-Mk. I ‘Song of Mandalore’ Operator Kit
Battle Armor: PSG-Mk,III 'Alsvin' Operator Kit
Station: Station Six
Residence: Cloud Nine: Silk District
Runs: Twin Lotus Syndicate Outer Rim Resources
Marketplace: Outer Rim Resources
Order of the Selab

“Hi, my name’s Domino, and I’m a graceful swan that dances for pervy men in an upper-city club called The Black Rose on Coruscant. But that’s ok; they tip me well and sometimes bring me gifts hoping for more than just a few dances. After work I either go out partying or home to my cat Mr. Tibbs.
“It’s just us two here; I ran away from home a long time ago because of ‘family issues,’ I don’t really want to talk about it. I suppose I’m lucky, not many runaways end up as well off as I am. I have a job I love that pays well enough for a nice apartment, and I can practice coup de vitesse all I want at a nearby martial arts dojo because I can get the instructor into the club for free. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s as close to it as possible. Or, at least it was, for recently I’ve got caught up in the struggle between the Empire and a terrorist group calling themselves the Rebel Alliance. Now my life’s in constant danger!”
After being mistaken for a Rebel agent while working at the Rose, Domino was rescued by the real agent, Maelion Liates. After Maelion completed her mission and bombed Domino's apartment she gave the Twi'lek a choice, either join the Rebellion or be left to fend for herself as a lone fugitive. She chose to join and now puts her talents to use as a spy and infiltrator for the Rebellion. Since then she's shut down Kaut's defense guns, paving the way for an Alliance attack, stolen intelligence, partied, assassinated, greased palms, watched, and drink half of her fellow rebs under the table. Domino tries to avoid Jedi due to her force sensitivity and her unwillingness to develop it. And, once they see the MPs drag her in after a night of drinking, most Jedi agree that it's for the best.
However her unwillingness to train in the force didn't help her when captured by Jack Rikkerson a Sith Lord. While on a mission to sabotage his flagship he sensed her presence and forced her to become his apprentice before sending her back to the alliance as a double agent. After that Domino played both sides of the field as carefully as she could while data mining hundreds of terabytes of Alliance secrets. However she did meet up with her new master whenever she could and on one such occasion helped him take over Sienar Fleet Systems, netting herself a five percent stake in the company.

Finally her new nature was discovered by Brunhilda, a jedi tag-along on one of her missions for the Alliance. Barely escaping her former allies and planetary security forces with her life, Domino made her way to Ilum, a planet next to the unknown region that she'd been establishing an outpost on with her master. Shortly after arriving, she was promoted to Knight and given control over Ilum, making her The Warden of The Ice. Seeing the need for more firepower in their hands, she and her master hijacked a Namana cruiser from the Bakuran yards. Then she used the ship in conjunction with Diamonds taken from Durace to fabricate the fiction about a diamond mine in the unknown regions, using her stake in it as her side of the pot in a high stakes sabbac game against Lucca Simms, the Baron Administrator of Cloud City. Or formerly, once Domino won the game and kicked him out. However, a few short years later the settlement was attacked, her master killed along with the last person she truly loved and everything she cared about was destroyed. Completely devastated, hunted by her enemies, and with nothing else to pursue; Domino sold off her stocks and titles, and went into a force hibernation inside the ruined temple. A few days later and she was a Dom-sicle, sustained by the force in a long sleep, frozen over and waiting to be awoken into a new galaxy.

While wandering the galaxy, she found herself waiting for the rain to pass in a cantina on Nar Shaddaa where she was set upon by a pair of drunken toughs. Killing them, she left not realizing that they had been affiliated with the Hutt Cartel or that she'd attracted the attention of the Cartel's leader, Barrett Haskins, for doing so. Impressed, he intercepted her on the way back to her ship and offered her a position, one that eventually turned into her receiving the resources and followers to start her own sub-syndicate, the Twin Lotuses. Content with her new position, she simply consolidated her power within the organization until Barrett went missing and Excon's attempted coup. Seizing control of the navy herself, Domino beat the Hutt down, eventually destroying his cruiser when he tried to join his own forces in orbit. In the aftermath, with no clear leader and the Cartel in shambles, Domino assumed the roll of a reluctant Vigo, holding down the fort for a prince nobody expected to return. Her first order of business was to negotiate a treaty with the Sith followed by a reorganization of the Hutt Cartel into its current incarnation, the Black Suns.

During her tenure as Vigo, Domino focused more on keeping the peace between individual gangs and improving the standard of living for the people under her rule than just on the bottom profit line. Drug manufacturing and trade, vice, smuggling, and other criminal activities were strictly regulated and controlled through a system of permits, license, and regulatory organizations. Shortly after stepping down as the Vigo however, the Republic attacked and captured Nar Shaddaa, beginning a slow diminishment of Sun territory as they bled control of system after system. Eventually though Domino was offered leadership again and she began building the Black Suns back to its former glory to the point of it controlling all of Hutt Space save what the Republic had previously taken. Retiring again to focus on her company and her growth and study in the force, the one-time Vigo barely noticed when the Suns collapsed after the Primeval erupted into existence.

Domino spent the next several years as a 'space nomad' moving between her installations and the Silk District on Bespin to take care of her holdings and those she felt beholden to as her employees while occasionally venturing out with a friend for an adventure. This was how Domino thought she'd spend what she saw as her retirement, nurturing her interests, studying the force, and training her body. Then she heard about the massacre of what had been termed as 'millions of refugees' by the CIS, all because someone had wanted them safe from a war. That brought back some old, bitter, feelings from her time as Vigo despite a change in leadership having smoothed things over for a time. Naturally she got involved, she reached out, and she became an agent of chaos. It helped her decision that their message of self-determination resonated within her and the fact that some of the uper echelon were known to her.

Force powers.
This isn't the full list of Domino's abilities, just what she's good at/likely to use/rarer abilities. For example, she could use lightning but usually sees it as a massive drain on her reserves and wasteful. She prefers fine control and power manipulation over brute-strength tactics.
Force Sense.
Enhance Ability.
Force Persuasion.
Far Sight.
Battle Precognition.
Theran Force Listening.
Spell of Concealment.
Life Drain/Death Field
Fold Space

Excon the Hutt



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Warden of the Ice
Unique/rare stuff acquired.

Jorus Merrill's Czerka Riot Gun Here Winning bid Here
Planet yet to be subbed Here
Biochemical Zerek Here
5% of Miri Farms
3 ysalamiri with tanks Here
1 squadron of Devastator fighters Here
two Immobilizer 418 cruisers Here Auctioned one Here as Lot M
12 Clawcraft Here
2 EMBU Training Droids Here
Pet Tuk'ata Myunnah
1 Abattoir-class bounty hunter ship Detailed Here
VT Command Throne Here
5% Cloud Nine Here The Silk District
Ten acres of prime mountain real estate on Toola, and an enforced non-aggression pact with the local Whiphids. Lot M Here
‘To Pass Unchallenged: The Legacy of Alema Rar,’ by Velok of Toola Here Lot M
3 cases of Lix Rounds and Darth Odium's holocron Lot H Here
No more flyaways Hair Pins! Lot M3 Here
Kyrf Plantation on Korbin in deed only. Here
Non-Cannon Holocron on knowledge of how to use and create Aing-Tii ships. Their knowledge of space folding
Stygium w/3 dev threads
2 bolts of vine silk
11 out of 12 kilos of [URL='http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Aurodium/Legends']Aurodium[/URL]  All [URL='http://starwarsrp.net/topic/71778-time-to-move-on/?p=1084183']here[/URL] for sale of Phenex (-1 kilo for cloud nine property)
Alchemical Creations
-Her Pikesaber

Other Personal Stuff

Tir Stunner
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