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Character Aveline Cuiléin

Aveline Cuiléin
AGE: Late teens
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 168 cm
SKIN: Pale
EYES: Blue


  • Kind - Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
  • Diligent - Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence
  • Charitable - The unfortunate need people who will be kind to them; the prosperous need people to be kind to.
  • Wroth - Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.
  • Addictive personality - First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. Aveline has always felt an inner force (perhaps ‘the Force’ even) driving her towards excellence. She wants to manifest her destinity, believing if she can reach her full potential she will be able to be a force for good. She owes it to those she might aid in the future to be at her best. She’s honest and stubborn to a fault, making her a loyal friend albeit one frustrating to disagree with. Dark clouds sometimes trouble her mind, though with good company and guidance she will surely overcome them.

  • Grew up on Nubia
  • Unknown parents, trained by a Grey Jedi named Ebras
  • After he passed, sought out the Silver Jedi Order
  • Now an up-and-coming Padawan, going about her Padawan business
  • Milestone: Badly injured in the invasion of Korriban.
  • Next phase: Road to Knighthood

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Jedi Padawan


Act One - The New Padawan
Silver Jedi 101 - Saber Practice - Complete
History and a Dying System (explorers) - Complete
Have No Fear - Complete
The Newcomer - Complete
What kind of Jedi do you want to be? - Complete
See the Light (NJO) - Complete
What Lurks Beneath - Complete
Yvernas Plight (SJC Dominion of Lakonia Hex) - Complete
First Round is on me (Silver Fleet) - Complete
Shackle Your Enthusiasm - Complete
The Blind Leading the Blind - Complete
The Unusual Pairing - Complete

Aveline begins her story as a fresh-faced Padawans on Kashyyyk. She goes from feeling lonely and out of place, to becoming a part of the "Paddie Pack". New acquaintances were formed and strong friendships were made, notably: Desbre Gensan Desbre Gensan , Jorah zos Darnus and Takui Takui . The majority of her time is spent at the Silver Rest temple, attending lessons as well as training on her own. This Act ends with Aveline being assigned as the Padawan of Jax Thio Jax Thio .

Act Two - Jedi in Training
Crazy Taxi - Complete
Ice and Kyber does not a drink make - Complete
Please Stand Still (Force Stasis Training) - Complete
Much like Floating (Controlled Descent training) - Complete
Dude... What Did I Do Last Night? - Complete
Growing Sideways - Complete
Down Here, Salt is a Way of Life - Ongoing
Invasion of Korriban (GA vs TSE) - Trial of the Flesh

Aveline spends more time away from Kashyyyk, following Knight Jax Thio on missions. She continues taking lessons as a Padawan, from Jax as well as others who will teach. On a mission led by Caltin Vanagor, she travels to Ilum where she acquires the crystal that will one day sit inside her very own lightsaber. The Act ends with the invasion of Korriban, where Aveline and Jax face Pom Stych Tivé together. Pom pits the two Jedi against each other, and Aveline is is cut down by her own mentor. Aveline survives, and in so doing passes her first Jedi trial: the Trial of the Flesh.

Act Three - The Flight Officer
Confessions of a Broken Master - Complete
Heat Lightning (SJC Dominion of Tol Amn Hex) - Complete
A Ring of Scum and Villainy (SJC Dominion of Circumtore) - Complete
Life Day (SJC) - Complete
Chains (SJC Dominion of T'surr) - Complete
The War Game on Taris (SJC & MU) - Complete
Movement in the Shadows (SJC Dominion of Rorak-4) - Trial of the Spirit

Aveline recovers from injuries sustained on Korriban. Her career shifts as she integrates into the Silver Fleet as a starfighter pilot. She completes several missions in her A-Wing and receives promotion to lieutenant. Additionally, she is offered command of her own squadron. This leads to a conflict between her life as a Jedi and a pilot. Can she do both? Will she have to choose? In the end he declines squadron command. The other pilots must do their job, she must do hers, which to Aveline first and foremost means devoting all her efforts into becoming a Jedi. She steps away from the navy, the decision serving as her Trial of the Spirit.


Act Four - A New Beginning
The Reunion - Complete
Against the Odds - Complete
Stitches - Complete
I Missed You Old Friend - Complete
Take a Break, Take a Night Out - Complete
New Beginnings - Complete
Stopping the Weapon (GA | NJO) - Complete
Dire Hour (NJO Rescue vs Empire) - Complete
What is Dead May Never Die - Complete
Duracrete Jungle (BotM vs GA Invasion) - Trial of Courage

Aveline is taken under the wing of Master Ammon Rane after the death of her former mentor. They relocate to the New Jedi Order, motivated by a need to help people and be close to the front lines. Aveline makes new friends, trains, and goes on missions, as she settles herself into the New Jedi Order.

Act Four - A Light Kindled
Hapes Charity Gala
In the Shadows of Abregado-Rae
Black Marsh Files: Oh Lord, Heaven knows, We Belong Way Down Below
Quietly. Silently. Elegantly, we rise - Trial of Insight
I Spy With My Little Eye
Unhallowed Front (GA vs SO)
The Reunion of the Brat and The Maverick

Fight or Flight
Sandstone Symphony
Krish Betting
Flips and Tricks (NJO Ataru)
Dusk's Dance
The Act where Aveline really finds herself, and her final chapter as a Padawan. She has made a conscious choice about her career, and is more focused than ever as a result. Sure about herself, who she is and what she wants. She does missions and grows as a Jedi until she's ready to take her Trials...

Trial of Skill
Trial of Courage
Trial of the Flesh
Trial of the Spirit
Trial of Insight
Jedi Knight


She's not a Knight yet silly
Current Arc: A Light Kindled​
The Act where Aveline really finds herself, and her final chapter as a Padawan. She has made a conscious choice about her career, and is more focused than ever as a result. Sure about herself, who she is and what she wants. She does missions and grows as a Jedi until she's ready to take her Trials...
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