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Fidavar Norn

Dealer of Death

" Wars are chisels for carving out a peaceful tomorrow; a necessary evil so that a brighter future can thrive. "
                                 - Fidavar Norn
ApexTech Industries strives to offer affordable yet efficient and highly effective products for use in the field. With its numerous subsidiaries, ATI offers a vast selection of products to help maintain battlefield superiority whether it be in the form of weapons, vehicles, equipment, etc. Our focus is around military products, though we are more than happy to accommodate special orders for anything special you have in mind if we feel it up to our standards and company vision.

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| Ranged Weapons |
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| Armors and Shields |
| Augmentations |
| Components |
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| Contracts | The following is a list of open contracts organizations have with ApexTech Industries, allowing for their products to be freely purchased and used by. Please make transactions in moderation and responsibly.

| Blacklist | The following list is a list of individuals or organizations that are barred from the purchase and use of any of ATI's products and services. If any individual or organization is found in possession of or using ATI's resources, its usage will be voided and the product self-detonated.
  • Oh good, this list is empty (For Now)
| Disclaimer | ApexTech Industries offers its products to parties it believes will promote its business, though there will be certain parties that they do not market to simply because the owner feels like it. If this is the case, please do not take it personally. That being said, ATI reserves the right to refuse service and products to individuals.

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Haro Lergo

Howdy, I was hoping to purchase one of your ZW-001 'Ifrit' Patterned Heated Vibroweapons I was wondering if you could forge this one as a large bowie knife. Thank you kindly
Conqueror of Heaven and Hell
Greetings. I require 16x ZW 'Ifrit' Pattern Heated Vibroweapon
Reasonably good looking but useful hilt, but the Blade needs to be around 6 inches and lightning shaped.
I require one to be yellow, one red and the other 14 to be blue
PS: these are all vibro daggers
Fidavar Norn Fidavar Norn

Fidavar Norn

Dealer of Death
Adrian Vandiir Adrian Vandiir

ApexTech Industries would be delighted to form a contract to supply you with whatever resources you may require. Your request for ZW-001 'Ifrit' Pattern Heated Vibroweapons have been approved.
Imperius Imperius

Your request for sixteen ZW-001 'Ifrit' Pattern Heated Vibroweapons crafted in Vibrodagger form to your specifications has been approved.

Leon Amun

The Murderhawke Mandalorian
// Incoming order . . .
// Attn to: Fidavar Norn Fidavar Norn

// Automated message included . . .

"Message signatory: "The Murderhawke Mandalorian" Leon Hawke. would like to inquire about purchasing some Nanolaminate plating to make some armor with, if ever possible

As well as One [1] ZW 'Ifrit' Pattern Heated Vibroweapon (Axe Variant) and One [1] BH 'Specter' Slicer Vibroknife and Five [5] IL-62G Smart Grenade"

// Transaction awaiting response . . .
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Fidavar Norn

Dealer of Death
Vallaro Kindall Vallaro Kindall
Procedure for the installment of BioTech-I55 'Seer' with full payment upfront. We are a distinguished and established business not some shady back alley chopshop. Rest assured you are in the most capable of hands and our procedures are guaranteed safe.