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Approved Tech BH 'Specter' Slicer Vibroknife

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Fidavar Norn

Dealer of Death

  • | Intent | To submit a high-tech vibroknife capable of quick slicing/hacking operations as well as practical use.
  • | Image Source | Source
  • | Canon Link | N/A
  • | Permissions | N/A
  • | Primary Source | Vibroknife

  • | Manufacturer | ApexTech Industries
  • | Affiliation | Closed-Market
  • | Model | BH 'Specter' Slicer Vibroknife
  • | Modularity |
    • System is highly compatible with a variety of armor systems
  • | Production | Minor
  • | Material |

  • | Classification | Vibroknife
  • | Size | Small
  • | Weight | Heavy


  • | Direct Hi-Jack | The Spectre is designed for infiltrating electronic systems; even being capable of hacking into droids and other forms of machinery, and does so effectively by having some of the best slicing software on the black market already installed into it once purchased. All one needs to do is stab the knife into the target, ensure a circuit comes into contact with the blade, and press a button to start the slicing procedures from there the user can install new protocols or operate the system freely.
  • | Electronic Grip | The electronic grip allows for any system that is in contact with it to operate/control it. So any armor system with a compatible setting can effortlessly direct commands from an armor system without much extra fuss while having whatever relevant information may be fed directly to their HUD.
  • | Practical | Even if it is marketed as a knife designed for slicing operations, the Spectre functions perfectly fine as a standard vibroknife. Just wipe off any blood from the blade and it will still be fully functional.
  • | Clean Cut | In order for the Spectre to function to its fullest extent, the wielder must make a clean cut into whatever it is they are trying to hack into. Any excess movement or ripping the knife around may render the system ineffective as it requires a solid connection point (On both sides of the vibroknife) to infiltrate and take over a system.
  • | Small Systems | The Spectre is designed for hacking small systems such as doors, droids, vehicles etc. It cannot hi-jack an entire network or anything getting close to starships like corvettes, blockade runners, etc. It also has a tendency to be stopped by extremely well guarded/encrypted platforms designed to stonewall slicing attempts. Also generally the more complex the system, the more time is required to hack it and seize control.

The BH 'Spectre' Slicer Vibroknife is a rather versatile tool that one can find use for in their day to day life, especially if it involves a lot of illicit activities. Whether it be used for slicing open throats to hijacking vehicles or reprogramming security droids to do your dirty work, the Spectre is the tool for such people. It operates rather simply and naturally; one just needs to stab the blade (with the ultrasonic vibration generator active) into a machine and the contact points on either side of the blade can interface with the system and reinstall new procedures that grant the wielder access and control with as few steps as possible. A simple tool with a wide range of different purposes and possibilities.
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