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Trivohld Technologies (TriTech)

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Trivohld Technologies, often known simply as TriTech, is a company whose principal business is the improvement of sentients - whether this means curing them of illness, cybernetically enhancing them, altering their genome to expand their lifespan, or, in the case of the company's founder, shoving their brain into a droid body.

While known for its excellent employee benefits and customer support, and largely composed of people who mean well, TriTech's open business model remains a blight on its record, in the eyes of many - they will sell merciless clone soldiers to Sith Lords as readily as they provide life-saving drugs to children, with the list of people they won't trade with being all but restricted to enemies of Erakhis (a famously neutral world), pirates, and particularly ruthless criminal organisations. Even then, the screening process leaves much to be desired.

Further weakening their moral foundation, according to clone rights activists, is their wide-spread usage of inhibitor chips and genetic alterations to prevent their clones from fulfilling the Erakhian requirements for "Free Will", and by extension "Sentience", in order to be able to treat them as disposable products. This is hardly unique to TriTech, however, being common practice with both clones and droids on Erakhis, a planet which relies heavily on both in civilian and military matters alike.

Founded in 794 by the then still-human Erkhin Trivohld using advance payments from Erakhis' Shieldwall Initiative, the company's initial years were largely spent developing ever more paranoid countermeasures in anticipation of a resurgence of the Gulag Plague - a resurgence which never came. By the end of the Four Hundred Year Darkness, the company had expanded its horizons significantly, dabbling in everything from consumer cybernetics and droid servants to genetically altered clone soldiers.

By this time, its owner and founder had changed significantly too, his battle with a, in his words, "supposedly incurable disease" leaving him little more than a cybernetically augmented human brain in a droid body - neatly bypassing his seemingly inevitable demise and allowing him to "see gamma rays, hear X-rays, and smell dark matter".

In a more spiritual society, such a change might have aroused horror, but on the intensely technophilic world of Erakhis it instead resulted in an incredible surge of good PR as cybernetics enthusiasts everywhere applauded the company who had succeeded in turning a dying man into a healthy "droid" - albeit at an immense cost in time and resources.

Having consolidated its operations on Erakhis and become a true staple of its society, TriTech has begun looking outwards at the greater galaxy, seeking not only to trade, as it had before, but to expand - to bring Erakhis' unique blend of perfectionism and near fanatic technophilia to the galaxy as a whole.
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