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Approved Tech BH 'Durin' Charric Blaster Pistol

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Dealer of Death


  • | Manufacturer | ApexTech Industries
  • | Affiliation | Closed-Market
  • | Model | BH 'Durin' Charric Blaster Pistol
  • | Modularity |
    • Barrel Extension converts the Durin into a disruptor pistol
  • | Production | Minor
  • | Material |

  • | Classification | Charric Blaster Pistol
  • | Size |
    • | Charric Configuration | Average
    • | Disruptor Configuration | Large
  • | Weight |
    • | Charric Configuration | Average
    • | Disruptor Configuration | Heavy
  • | Ammunition Type |
    • Power Cell
    • Gas Canister
  • | Ammunition Capacity |
    • | Charric Configuration | Large
    • | Disruptor Configuration | Very Small
  • | Effective Range |
    • | Both Configurations | Average
  • | Rate of Fire |
    • | Charric Configuration | Very Low
    • | Disruptor Configuration | Very Low
  • | Stopping Power |
    • | Charric Configuration | Very High
    • | Disruptor Configuration | Extreme
  • | Recoil |
    • | Charric Configuration | Average
    • | Disruptor Configuration | High


  • | Charric Design | Due to the nature of Charric weapons, they are essentially much more effective than blasters as far as damage inflicted upon the target, while also having the added benefit of not having its shots reflected by pesky Force Users wielding lightsabers. In addition to punching holes in people, the added stun setting also allows for the wielder to neutralize a target without killing them.
  • | Disruptor Conversion | With a simple barrel attachment, the pistol can be reconfigured into a disruptor weapon, exponentially increasing its lethality with a simple and quick action. For situations that do require disintegrations and/or getting a target to come along quietly or in a pile of ashes.
  • | Volatility | Not so much an issue in just its standard charric configuration, but if the barrel modification that converts the Durin into a disruptor pistol receives any significant damage, it has the potential to blow up and damage the weapon.
  • | Reduced Range | Though the base charric design has been tweaked and modified to accommodate a middle ground between standard blaster pistols and charric pistols, the Durin has a shorter range compared to most standard blasters.


The BH 'Durin' Charric Blaster Pistol is a modular charric pistol design that can be reconfigured into a disruptor with ease as the barrel attachment houses all the components necessary to make the shot into a disruptor shot. The grip is textured to allow for a solid handle on the weapon even if it gets wet or covered in mud. It is also compatible with virtual HUDs and can provide ammunition count/targeting reticules when in hand. The Durin also features biometric safety, only being able to fire when in the grip of the wielder it is keyed to with the added security that it delivers a powerful electric shock to anyone who tries to turn it on the one it is locked to. The handguard is equipped with a Mullinine Vibroedge, similar like a bayonet/trench knife for use in combat when someone decides to get too close to the wielder. The Durin has a stun setting in addition to its normal and disruptor configurations, allowing for the wielder to subdue targets in the event that they are needed alive.
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