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The Galactic Alliance

Spiritual successor to the Republic, the Alliance strives to bring peace and order to all corners of the galaxy through the power of the Light Side.

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Crasdon Kaine
Hoping to see service as a contractor for the Civilian Exploration Corps.
Relana Rekshara
Hey Everybody, Reshi here! I'm looking to help the little people of the galaxy and stand up for them! I specialize in explosive solutions to problems and am happy to offer my services!
Kailani Fostu
Greetings, I am Commander Kailani Fostu. I am new to this part of the galaxy and it would be great if some of you could answer a few of my questions.
1. I intend to command a ship, and maybe even work my way up to Admiral to command a fleet. Do you just...instantly own a ship? Like could I say I...
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Valery Noble
Valery Noble
Kailani Fostu Kailani Fostu To answer your questions!

1. Your character can own a ship or command one if they're in the GA, but we do have some rules for what you can command without being a rank that requires faction approval. This post covers it: Link. The table for the navy that covers how many meters long the ship can be specifically. Our War Manifest here on the faction page has a lot of ships that we have for the faction.

2. If there's a faction war thread, you can join them and hop into one of the objectives. They don't always have fleet engagements, but when they do you can certainly bring a ship and write with other fleeters.
Valery Noble
For any members of the New Jedi Order, the info page and roster have been updated. If you'd like to be added to the new roster, please respond to the thread with the template listed there.
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Valery Noble
For those interested, we've got a new dominion up!

Padawan Errant
Hey everyone! Looking forward to meeting you all and serving the New Jedi Order as Padawan Niynx Ioune!
Padawan Errant
Hey everyone! Looking forward to meeting you all and serving the New Jedi Order as Padawan Niynx Ioune!
Kearo Sunstrider
Hi everybody, I guess I'm your latest member. Here to fight for truth, freedom, and the ways of the Jedi and Republic.
(I don't really know what I'm doing if anyone could help that would be great)
(I don't really know what I'm doing if anyone could help that would be great)
Ger Springs
Hello mates! Ger Springs, at your service bows

Sniper, Pilot and Assassin
Also an untrained Force Sensitive, don't really want to become a Jedi, but I could use some guidance.
West Jir
Hey, fellows! I'm new here and thought I could use some help. I intend to have West become an engineer and explore unknown space in search of new technology.
Brigadier Looch
Brigadier Looch
Hola amigos,I am General Looch of the 41st . Well i am flame trooper
Elmer Miller
Hai, Im Elmer. Im an Ex-Resistance Pilot, and spy.
Rygonne Transesso
New Naval Officer, Commodore Rygonne Transesso, commanding the Liberator-class Battlecruiser Phalanx
Kristyl Arenais
Hey y'all. Thinking about getting this gal into politics but I've never role played a politician. Is there some kind of apprenticeship Kristyl can undertake? She's the sole heir to Mnemosyne which I hope she will one day represent in the political spotlight one day!
A scribe position might be good if you want to get into the political scene without commitment. If not you can deffo get in touch with a senator and see if they'd be interested in doing a personal mentorship. I've hit similar notes in the past and would be willing if Jakku and it's grittier themes interest you.
Janesha Porwool
New char here. Point me to the front.
Zefgahld Qojex
Got another character here. Now, I just need to take the time to get off my lazy butt and actually do some proper writing, depression be damned...

Hope everyone's doing well here, by the way!
Inarin Kinro
Customary post here for new character
Spirit of Virtuosity
Attention to all Senators!

Dayjer Haspar
Hey y’all, new here, just dropped a character, not sure if there’s any extra steps to joining.
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