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Approved Starship The Tauntaun - Personally Modified Mercury-class Star Courier

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  • Manufacturer: Arctrus Astronautical; Gwyneira Craft.
  • Affiliation: Gwyneira Craft.
  • Market Status: Closed-Market.
  • Model: Mercury-class Star Courier, Light Freighter: The most common model; the Data Vault is replaced by a small medical wing. The Scanner Room is currently staying where it is.
  • Production: Unique.
  • Material: Reinforced Tridurium Hull, Alusteel Frame, Turadium Shutters & Blast Doors, Agrinium Radiation Shielding, and Plexalloy Cockpit.

  • Classification: Light Freighter.
  • Length: 40 meters.
  • Width: 38 meters.
  • Height: 11.6 meters.
  • Armament: Low.
    [2] Dual Laser Cannons (Front-Locked & Turret)
    [1] Variable Warhead Launcher
  • Defenses: High.
    NZ-SS-1 Primera Shield System
    Standard Hull Plating
    Internal Ray Shielding
    Basic ECM Suite
  • Squadron Count: None.
  • Maneuverability Rating: High.
  • Speed Rating: Very High.
  • Hyperdrive: Average | Class 1.2



  • Acrobatic: The Mercury-class is fast and dexterous, perfect for swift deliveries, dodging in battle, and manuvering through asteroid belts.
  • Resilient: The vanilla model of the Mercury-class was already well built, but Gwyneira Craft improved the already hearty shields. The Tauntaun is capable of taking punishment while remaining in one piece.
  • Versatile: Similar to many Light Freighters, the Mercury-class is versatile as well as easily customisable.

  • Run Boi Run: While somewhat better armed than an average light freighter, the Mercury-class is not designed for sustained battle. Nor is it sufficiently armed to make it a capable fighter vessel. Best to use the ship's speed to get outta there!
  • Lone Wolf: The Mercury-class is too large for squadron deployment and too small to for an escort.
  • Sleek: Graceful and efficient, the Mercury-class can't hold as much cargo as bulkier freighters.

Vanilla Description

The archetypical Erakhian light freighter, the Mercury-class' predecessor was originally commissioned as a covert data courier by the Federal Intelligence Bureau and used to shuttle sensitive information between various blacksites in the Unknown Regions. In time, the design was reenvisioned as a more run-of-the-mill courier-cum-freighter, with the only remnants of the original design's stealth functions being a basic ECM suite, hardly enough to trick anything but the most basic of active scans.

Officially, of course, the Mercury-class was designed from the ground up, and no record of FIB's stealth courier has ever reached the public - if it still operates beyond the purview of Arctrus, then the presence of near-identical light freighters can surely only add to its secrecy.

Whatever the case, the Mercury-class remains a capable vessel in either its original capacity as a data courier or in the more commonplace role of a light freighter, though its sleek design and carefully honed systems does make it somewhat more expensive than many others on the market.

Upgrades and Add Ons:
Gwyneira Craft aquired the freighter variant of the Mercury Class Star Courier when fleeing her homeworld during a war. Since then, she has been spray painting and aesthetically improving her ship. Even more importantly, she has been tinkering and upgrading the ship to make it her own.

The original shield system was completely scrapped and replaced with the NZ-SS-1 Primera Shield System. Furthermore, she added a Skynet Holocontrol System to the ship, so she could control her ship from everywhere, not just the cockpit.

The most ambitious upgrade to the ship, however, was the complete inclusion of a medical wing where the data vault/ secondary cargo bay was. The medical wing includes a med unit, a portable bacta tank, oxygen masks, medical fluids, diagnostic equipment, and bacta sprays and applicators. With the inclusion of the medical bay, she would be capable of treating the wounds of herself and her allies within her own ship.
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