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Approved Tech M.I. Fire Suppression System

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The Wardog


  • Intent: Create versatile fire extinguishing system
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: Fire extinguisher
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Maji Ironworks
  • Affiliation: Maji Ironworks
  • Market Status: Open-Market
  • Model: M.I. Fire Suppression System
  • Modularity: Highly Modular
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Halon, Durasteel, plastoid, carbon dioxide, water, foam, various other materials

  • Can be installed beforehand or retrofitted to existing items
  • Comes with automated systems that can also be triggered manually
  • Various types of compounds contained in one unit for different fires
  • Handheld extinguishers are also included
  • Connecting points for hoses when applicable

  • Contained: Available as a single package, the system can be installed with all extras in one go.
  • Coverage: Various compounds come with the installation to extinguish different types of fires.
  • Hardpoints: Connecting points are installed as well in ships in the event hoses are needed for certain areas.
  • Versatile: The system is easy to scale, allowing it to be fitted to either ground vehicles or ships of any kind.

  • Refill: The system takes time to refill all the different types of compounds. They also need to be fitted to appropriate refill systems.
  • Failure: The automatic system could potentially fail in certain conditions, forcing those dependent to extinguish the flames manually using the contingency systems.
  • Reservoirs: Buyers potentially need to prioritize certain types of compounds depending on the size of the vehicle
  • Basic: The system is not revolutionary, and might not be able to cover certain types of fires.
  • Care: No matter where it’s installed, the system needs to be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure smooth operation.

Part of the Maji Ironworks modernisation plan, the Fire Suppression System is a combination of items and systems which allows buyers to fit the much needed safety feature to a variety of items, whether they be small speeders, buildings, or large capital ships.

It covers most basic fires one might encounter, though it is by no means a new and revolutionary system. It also has its flaws, ironically caused by its versatility and coverage of various scenarios. But it also comes with various contingencies in the event the users find themselves experiencing those flaws in an emergency
Not open for further replies.