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Approved Tech Breshig War Forge Consolidated 'Btare Ar' Life Support System

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Shuklaar Kyrdol

CEO of Breshig War Forge Consolidated
Roleplay Judge

  • Intent: To create a life support system for use by Breshig War Forge Consolidated, Strill Securities as well as the open market.
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  • Primary Source: Life Support.
  • Comprehensive: The system protects against a wide variety of chemical and biological warfare agents, toxic gasses as well as bacteria, fungus and various other microscopic threats.
  • Redundant: There are multiple backup life support systems in place, such that even if one were to be taken offline as the result of sabotage or damage, the backup systems would immediately kick in.
  • Secure: The system is protected by both an Echo Pulse and a Socketguard, ensuring that slicers attempting to gain access to the ship's main life support control terminal or attempting to subvert the system in another way have a very difficult time and a high cost of failure.
  • Diagnostic Suite: The inbuilt diagnostic suite makes the difficult task of maintaining life support systems that much easier.
  • Alien Biology: The system wasn't designed to cater to species that do not breathe oxygen.
  • Not in the System: If a particular bioweapon isn't in the system, then it may not recognize it as a threat and attempt to remove it, or failing that, contain it before it is far too late.
  • Radiation: The system provides no protection against radiation weapons.
  • Difficult Maintenance: Like most life support systems, the Btare Ar is difficult to maintain, even with its inbuilt diagnostic suite.
Creatively named the 'clear air' system, it was put into manufacturing to reduce the company's reliance on outside sources for sub components for their ships. Rather than slave control of the life support to another system or necessitate manual managing of the system, the Btare Ar was designed to be controlled by an integrated heuristically learning droid brain programmed with a variety of additional databases on climate, temperature, biological contagions, waste management and anything else it might require to manage the system. Being capable of learning, the system ensures that each ship, station, vehicle or installation's life support systems are more or less perfectly suited to its circumstances.
The system itself is able to keep the crew safe from a variety of biological, chemical, microbial and bacterial threats. Given the prevalence of such threats in the modern galaxy, this feature is seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. The system has a vast database of a variety of biological and chemical weapons along with the best methods of containment and disposal. This database can be updated, and thanks to the systems heuristic processor, it can learn from various containment and disposal attempts to update its own procedures. Additionally, it also provides a source of artificial gravity for ships, being able to tailor the setting to whatever suits the crew the best. As an additional measure, the system can connect to shipboard security systems, ensuring that if gas based weapons or defenses are in defence of the ship, the system doesn't mistakenly clear said gas and inadvertently aid the attackers.
That said, the system cannot cater to species that don't breathe oxygen. While it does provide compensation, containment and disposal methods for bioweapons and other biohazards, if said threat is not in the system there's a chance that it could slip by undetected. This is especially true of particularly insidious bioweapons not in the database. Finally, the system does not provide any additional radiation protection beyond what the host ship already has. Additionally, like most life support systems, the Btare Ar is also quite difficult to maintain, even with its inbuilt diagnostic suite.
Considering the barebones nature of most commercially available life support systems, the company believes their system will do well on the market.
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Shuklaar Kyrdol

CEO of Breshig War Forge Consolidated
Roleplay Judge
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