Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Vyllia Santhe

    Approved Starship  Star Courier II

    Image Source:Wookieepedia STANDARD FEATURES Dual Ion Engines Dual Front-mounted Laser Cannons Medical equipment Hypercomm array Squadron Count: None: 1 Hyperdrive: Class 3.0 ADVANCED SYSTEMS SSDS_11-A Hyperdrive System STRENGTHS Easily modified to the usage of the owner Quick and...
  2. Vergessen Contii

    Approved Planet  Gefängnis - The Grave World

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide a home planet for Vergessen Contii in the Star Wars: Chaos canon. Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Der'vergeben home world. Home planet of Vergessen Contii. GENERAL INFORMATION Planet Name: Gefängnis Demonym: Der'vergeben...
  3. Darth Halitus

    Game  Star Wars Republic Commando Remake

    Use to play the original on Xbox. This looks quite good. The original was basically a Halo rip off, but I think this version could do well.
  4. Gerwald Lechner

    Approved Starship  Lycan Class - 1 Star Destroyer

    Intent: To create a modern Star Destroyer for the Sith Order Image Source: xXx Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Locke and Key Primary Source: N/A Manufacturer: Sith Order, Locke and Key Mechanics, Gerwald Lechner Affiliation: Locke and Key Mechanics, Sith Order Market Status: Closed-Market...
  5. Darth Xyrah

    Game  Lego Fortnite - Star Wars

    Okay, who's playing this with me?
  6. Cubanwriter

    Approved Starship  E-1 Nubian Electronic Warfare Starfighter

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a starfighter designed for electronic warfare as opposed to traditional combat Image Source: Canon Link: NA Permissions: NA Primary Source: NA PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Nubian Star Drives, Inc...
  7. Mya Windu

    Approved Vehicle  Mya's Podracer [Lightning Star]

    LIGHTNING STAR OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Mya's pride and joy, a podracer known throughout the galaxy. Image Source: Google / Trevin Dahl Art Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards Affiliation: Mya Windu Market...
  8. Tristan Evore

    Approved Starship  Despot-class Star Destroyer

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a next-generation Imperial SD. Image Source: (x), Ansel Hasio Canon Link: Not Applicable Permissions: (x), (x) Primary Source: Not Applicable PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Zero Corporation Secondary Manufacturer(s): N&Z Umbrella...
  9. Maldor Mecetti

    Approved Starship  Velran Class Super Star Destroyer

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a potent Super Star Destroyer for the Empire of the Lost to use in achieving their Imperial Ambitions Image Source: Canon Link...
  10. Credit Wizard

    Approved Starship  BSD MC87 Heavy Star Cruiser

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: 8th Generation MC85 Star Cruiser circa 902 ABY for the Galactic Alliance Image Source: MC85 Star Cruiser Raddus Canon Link: MC85 Star Cruiser Permissions: Gat Tambor Permissions Magneta Permissions Primary Source: MC85 Star Cruiser...
  11. Casteban Mecetti

    Approved Starship  Singularity Class Battle Carrier

    Intent: To create a Battle Carrier for sale by House Mecetti. Image Source: Canon Link: battlecarrier was a type,was a type of battlecarrier. Permissions: NA Primary Source: NA PRODUCTION...
  12. Tefka

    Staff  Star Wars Chaos & Real World Influences

    We have had multiple conversations on Staff concerning IRL politics and IRL iconography influencing writers roleplay this month, so I’m reissuing a very public sentiment and raising awareness on the SWRP Staff Team’s stance so there is no confusion. Yes, I expect real world influences on our...
  13. Teresa Zambrano | Darth Pellax

    Approved Starship  Ascent-class Star Destroyer, The Drepane

    Intent: To create a roleplay environment that has importance to Darth Pellax Image Source: The Drepane - CS art (My own art) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: First United Astral Engineering Aurora Industries Primary Source: Allegiance Class Star destroyer Manufacturer: Shipyards of Malsheem...
  14. Tristan Evore

    Approved Starship  INV Tiberius | Regency-class Star Battlecrusier [Refit]

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To experiment, refine, and adapt. Image Source: (x), Ansel Hsaio Canon Link: N/A Permissions: (x), (x), (x) Primary Source: Regency-class Star Battlecrusier PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Zero Corporation Secondary Manufacturer: Church of...
  15. Adeline Noctua

    First Reply  Under the red star

    Equipment | In Bio Location | Unknown (Within an old field.) Tag | Open Hunger was a dangerous thing, many cultures held tales of beings so enamored and absorbed within hunger and death that they were no longer what they once were. Tonight this legend was true, with one such cursed...
  16. Rann Thress

    Private  Star Cops: The Icon of Blood

    Rann stared at the broken glass of the bedroom window as the bright lights of Coruscant shined through, reflecting off of each piece of transparisteel that managed to linger behind on the carpeted floors. Coruscant Security combed through the rest of the room as he stood, cataloging their...
  17. Credit Wizard

    Approved Starship  X2 Gola Class Star Carrier

    "The X2 Gola Class Star Carrier, the Next Generation of Planetary Defense Carriers produced by Byblos Star Drives. Tough on the outside and formidable on the inside, this Starship is able to provide support in any battle" - Mac Tarot, Sales Representative. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent...
  18. Elise Ahana-Gwyneira

    Approved Starship  Modified TXS IPLT-01x 'Excursor' Star Sloop - The Estrela.

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Modify an old NIO/ Empire freighter for a character raised on a former Empire affiliated world. Image Source: Here. Canon Link: N/A. Permissions: NIO/ Empire Official Codex; Roble; Unlimited Force Tech; NAKAIOMA. Primary Source: TXS IPLT-01x 'Excursor' Star...
  19. Phoenix Viper

    Hello star wars

    Hi,p everyone, I’m new to star wars but not new to roleplaying. I’d appreciate if someone could help me set up my OC and if anyone wants to be friends!
  20. Maldor Mecetti

    Approved Starship  MHGN Darkfall (Victory Class Star Destroyer Refit)

    Star Destroyer Example Roles: Destroyer Average Length: 900 Meters. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a unique upgraded version of the classic Victory series Star Destroyer as constructed by House Mecetti. Image Source: image from
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