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Asha Vynea-Hex

Musichopeless wanderer
The Eternal Wanderer
Child of the Void
Class(es)Akar Kesh (Balance)
Qigong Kesh (The Force)
Mahara Kesh (Healing)
AgeMid Twenties
Rank(s)Master of the Order
Je'daii Master
Je'daii Steward
Faction(s)The Je'daii Enclave
The Blue Crest
Language(s)Galactic Basic Standard
Galactic Sign Language
Kinetic Communication
Blue Crest Medic
Force SensitiveYes
Force AlignmentNeutral
Character AlignmentNeutral Good
Height5'6 (167 cm)
Weight120 lbs (54 kg)
Hair ColorGinger
Eye ColorEmerald
Skin ColorPale Caucasian
Distinctive featuresPaler Right Eye
Scarred Body and Face
Light Iridonian Clan Facial Markings


“What do we seek, or what do I seek?

"I seek further understanding of the Force... An end to the near constant - nay... constant - chaos in this Galaxy of ours. Beholden to none but ourselves, and the people. Not propelled on or held back by politics.

- Asha Hex, to Kal Kal of Greystone, re: The Je'daii Order

● Tolerant
● Adventurous
● Optimistic
● Compassionate
● Moderate
● Pacifist
● Independent
● Worldly
● Idealistic
● Sensitive
● Pensive
● Self-Doubting
▲ Seer
▲ Wise
▲ Altruistic
▲ Empathetic
▼ Astraphobic
▼ Transient
▼ Squishy



Asha has been trained in the ways of the Force for as long as she has been able. Taught initially by her Father, who also saw it fit to make sure she learned martial skills as well, she journeyed alongside him across the Galaxy and visited a great many different Force Sects along the way, both well-known and more obscure. She studied alongside the Silver Jedi whenever Jericho had business with them, she sought out the likes of the reclusive Aing-Tii Monks, and lived the life of a Je'daii throughout her childhood at her Father's urgings.

She has a particular affinity toward sensory-based skills, heightened only by her years as a student of the great Sargon Vynea, and is drawn on by the Will of the Force in full sincerity. She has witnessed the past, as well as snippets of the future, while submerging herself within the flowing strands of time, and as such is regarded as somewhat of a prophet or seer among her peers. She has a firm grasp of the basics of the Force, such as telekinesis, yet it's definitely where her main focus has been.

Though Asha is a competent enough fighter, her Father a weaponsmaster who would not permit his daughter to go out into the Galaxy unprepared, she has more recently dedicated her life to true pacifism. She carries a lightsaber upon her person, but has only ever drawn it in combat in order to defend. She has mastered the form of Soresu, and has dabbled in Shien, in order to outlast her opponents, though any blows she makes against them tend to be disarming shots. She refuses to take the life of another, and will go out of her way to exhaust every other option available to her instead.

Beyond this, Asha is a competent medic and a healer at heart. She cannot help but be drawn toward the injured and broken, rendering aid and offering counsel wherever possible and indiscriminately. She studied at Kalinda University for several semesters in hopes of becoming a legitimate doctor, though her duties drew her away from such a path and thus she never graduated.

Force Abilities:

Combat Training:
Other Skills:
  • Piloting - Adept
  • Force Imbuement - Adept
  • Gardening - Gifted
  • Tea Brewing - Gifted
Pilgrim - Luminary-Class Light Explorer





Asha was born in the vast void of space, upon the Liberator, a medical frigate which her Mother worked upon. The child had never been planned, the product of a brief fling, and the woman's priority was her profession. While she could readily render aid to the rest of the Galaxy, providing the same quality of care to her child was not something she was willing to do and so it was that she tracked down the Father and left the newborn babe with him.

Despite the lack of a maternal figure, Asha blossomed into a lovely little girl. Her Father, Jericho, was the greatest of influences to the child who followed him around in awe. They were rarely in one place for very long, and as a result she quickly learned to adore traveling. Her favourite part was watching the stars through the viewing ports, and the anticipation of stepping foot onto yet another world.

By the time she was five years old she had seen more of the Galaxy than most got to see in their lifetime. Around her seventh year Asha began to exhibit similar traits to her Mother, despite never having met the woman, developing a strong desire to help in any way she could. Whenever her Father seemed to be hurt she would try to figure out a way to make him better. Of course, at such a young age there wasn't much she actually could do. All the same, she would watch the medics at work with intrigue.

While Asha spent her time traveling alongside her Father, she wasn't exactly around him all of the time. In fact, he was frequently absent while tending to external duties - such as those involving the Sanctum, and women that Asha never got to meet. The young girl was very good at not poking her nose in her Father's business, and would entertain herself. When she grew a little older, nearing double digits, she would often explore the worlds they landed on without Jericho's knowledge.

As a result of all this, Asha wasn't really made aware of her siblings' existence. But where many in such a situation may have been spoiled or craving attention, Asha's independence allowed for a rather swift maturity and she exhibited signs of adolescence ahead of time. With her Father's attention waning, due to the aforementioned duties, the young girl took the time to break away from him in order to begin carving her own path, though she kept in constant contact where possible.

Naturally the first step she took was toward medicine. Visiting the Outer Rim, Asha was dropped off on Dzass IV where she attended a few unofficial classes on first aid, as well as the basics of triage, from one of the Lunis-Medix Medical Academy's Professors. The experience was eye-opening, though it didn't satisfy all of her needs; Asha wanted to make a difference, and while being able to quickly determine who needed medical assistance, and at which priority, would save lives, she knew that she would have to pass the people over to professionals and stand on the sidelines unable to actually help.

Thankfully, her Father had ties to the Silver Jedi; this allowed Asha to sit in on lessons concerning Curato Salva and even Force Healing in general, and while she was only able to attempt the former during these sessions, she gained a basic understanding on how healing through the Force worked. Asha was no Jedi, though; her Father had raised her to see the Force in a different light, to realise that it was not as simple as black or white - good and bad. All light could cast a shadow.

She left the Silver Jedi, having only been a guest while her Father carried out some assignments, and began a more personal journey of self discovery. At this point she had reached adolescence, having just celebrated her fourteenth year, and a more curious side to her emerged. Asha had always been inquisitive, she enjoyed learning from a wealth of sources and during her explorations she often stumbled upon archives and libraries wherein she would read as much as she could into the Force, and the Galaxy at large.

Her personal preference when it came to selecting what she read was Force Sects; while she was a Je'daii through and through, the likes of the Aing-Tii engrossed the young girl and many of their teachings followed the same principles as those her Father had taught her. She drew inspiration from the various sects and her view of the Force molded as a result. Like the aforementioned monks, Asha envisioned the Force was a whole spectrum of colour; yet in her mind it was capable of becoming diluted and monochrome if one strayed too far to either side.

She drew correlations between this and the Je'daii of Old's view on Balance in the Force; if she went too far one way, the colour would blend together until it became white and unreadable. Should she go the other way, the colour would be drawn out until it blackened completely. Neither was a pleasant option to Asha, and so she did her best to remain balanced and amidst the colour instead. Her short lived infatuation with the Aing-Tii led to Asha's first real steps into the Force; she had been given some basic lessons, and of course had a little training in curato salva, but when it came to personal dedicated time it wasn't really until this point that Asha experimented on her own without guidance.

It came in the form of Flow-Walking, an ancient Aing-Tii technique that was rather dangerous and ultimately yielded little to an untrained student such as Asha. While she realised the seriousness of what she was doing, and the threat of being lost to the void, her curiosity got the better of her. Needless to say her first attempt almost ended in disaster; Asha hadn't gone very far when the very foundations of her mind, and the current she was flowing through, seemed to quiver and threaten to snatch her from the material realm.

Luckily she drew back before that could happen, and since then she has tried just a handful of times with varying degrees of success, but until she learns to properly anchor herself the severe threat of becoming lost looms overhead... A fact that she is more than aware of.

When her fifteenth birthday came around, her Father reluctantly agreed to show her how to pilot a ship. Though it was admittedly against his better judgement, as he wasn't the greatest pilot in the Galaxy and didn't want any harm to come to her in the process. She was shown the basics of prepping the ship for flight, and how to take off, even getting to try it out for herself, before Jericho took control for a while - teaching by example. Naturally Asha soaked in all the information she was presented with, making mental notes of all the different buttons and switches.

But it didn't quite turn out to be the super fun experience he had been hoping for. Not having the best of track records where starships were concerned in the first place - Force knows what his insurance must be like - disaster struck as Jericho flew too close to some trigger-happy pirates and the ship was shot down. They landed on some backwater planet, alive with just some minor bruising and wounded egos. Regardless, Asha had a great time once she realised they hadn't died. Jericho even bought her a starship, and thankfully it seemed she didn't acquire the dodgy Hex gene when it came to bad piloting.

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