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The Je'daii Order, Chapter Two: The Broken World

Long before the Je'daii regrouped on Teth, a foothold was created on a previously uncharted world in Wild Space. These forefathers of the Order settled upon the world they would later dub Aurum, after the ancient city on Tython, and hidden within the great Northern Mountains they formed an enclave from which to conduct their training.​
In time the Je'daii fell apart, some scattered into the Galaxy at large, many remained on Aurum, and some even continued to reside within the cavernous enclave they had come to call home. All of that changed when the Vong attacked; they targeted the greatest hub of activity the world knew, the City of Azar which had been founded by a darksider, and ransacked the Je'daii Enclave and the crystal caves which lay close by.​
Countless Je'daii were brutally murdered in the attack, and the world fell silent even with the best efforts of other outside influences which likewise fell to the wayside. Those who remained were without technology, without communications, or a way off world. Since that time they have lingered alone, building what they can with the memories of the fierce assaults still etched into their minds, and conveyed to their young.​
Now comes the time to rejuvenate this most sacred of worlds, a land where prosperity and freedom had intended to be forged. The Je'daii are going home, if only for a short time, and what lies in wait is a far cry from what they left behind.​
Will you aid the world our Order brought to the Galaxy?​
She had seen countless worlds, all throughout the Galaxy. Core Worlds, Outer Rim Worlds, Wild Worlds, she had experienced life on the Tingel Arm, and seen the oddities on display within Hutt Space. Yet never had Asha ever been to Aurum. Odd, given her Je'daii roots. She had been raised within the Order, told of all they had achieved, she knew of the backwater planet, of the Je'daii who had founded it. One of them had been her namesake, Asha Seren, the woman who had trained her Father and shown him a similar path.

The very notion of stepping foot on such a monumental world was a little nerve racking. She had heard stories of its beauty, of the strange creatures which resided within its jungles, and she longed to see it, all of it, for herself. They had journeyed for what easily could have been weeks, it was difficult to keep track of time in space, and only now did the luscious world come into view below. The perfect mix of blue and green.

Turning her head, Asha glanced upon those who were likewise eagerly awaiting the descent. Little [member='Sobaan Palle'] stood beside [member='Jyn Sol'], holding her hand as always as the viewing port lit up with the majesty of Aurum. Kyra was fussing over her Kusak, a strange hound which seemed at ease even in the vacuum of space. The Archivist had graced them with his presence today, the Ithorian had mostly kept to himself until this point but the prospect of seeing the foundations for their modern day Order were too much to pass up.

Asha had a sneaking suspicion he was hoping that some of the archives lay in tact. She couldn't blame him, knowledge was important especially for an Order as fragmented as theirs.

Countless others were around too, off in the bunks or mess hall, some piloting the ship, others studying up on what little the greater Galaxy knew of the world. There had been talk of planetary takeovers that were no longer functioning, at least the powers mentioned were no longer present; Asha hoped that the world hadn't changed too much, she enjoyed the idea of walking the same path as their ancestors.

"Two minutes until descent, find your seats."

Her gaze lifted to the comms which had blared the update, and without much consideration she found her seat and buckled in. Glancing to her friend, Jyn, and smiling to the young boy who was never far from her side, she gestured them over. There were plenty of seats, after all. Enough for everyone.
[member="Asha Hex"]

He needed some time to think, to get away from the world he knew, so he decided to go to his Jed'aii roots and relive the stories he had heard about the planet. After finding the backwash planet he had stayed in orbit as he figured out a plan for a few days before finally making his way down. He took a slow decent as he wanted to find someplace that would be connected to the force, and when he saw the ruins he knew that is where he had to go.

He had been there a few days, he had landed and went in search of the ruins. It took him a few days walk to make it due to the terrain, he didn't have the best ship to it forced him to land further away then he would of liked, but he had packed enough water for the trip. Now sitting in the ruins of the city he sat on top of a tall pillar, he had climbed up it and now sat crossed legged meditating.

Sobaan Palle

Sobaan stood with his hand holding Jyn's. His unofficial big sister was the one who always made sure he was safe when his mother wasn't around. Since they were going somewhere new, somewhere potentially dangerous that neither of them really knew well, he'd promised to stay close to her. When the planet came into view, he knew why they were going to stick together. Yes, it definitely had some vegetation upon it, but a lot of it seemed also the worse for wear. He gulped and moved closer to her, trying to hide himself and feel safe in doing so. He had a bad feeling about this place from what little he could see. Maybe if they went to the forest it would be alright? He didn't know.

When they were told to take a seat, he quickly pulled Jyn to their seats and strapped himself in. He was old enough to know how to do it, and he even pulled the straps nice and tight just in case. Yes, he was a good boy when he wanted to be.

"This world looks hurts, Jyn," he said, using her actual name, which meant he was being completely serious. "What happened to it?"

His orange eyes turned to look up at her and his lekku twitched once or twice in response to his apprehension. Visiting worlds of devastation was something that bothered him. Not necessarily because he was afraid of it, but because it bothered him that people had done it. What cause was there to harm a world in such a way? The world hadn't done anything to warrant such devastation, so the fact that people had laid waste to it really bothered him. Bothered him enough that it sort of made him mad, and then his lekku started twitching fiercely, his agitation showing.

[member="Asha Hex"] | [member="Levia Sol"]
Jyn hadn't really been watching the world come into view. She had not been here in a great many years, since the Sith occupation in her youth, when she was seeking the Je'daii herself. That had led her to Teth, and since then she had never looked back. Now she noted Sobaan's trepidation, and as they moved to take a seat she could not help but be taken aback by what she saw through the viewing port.


It was not the world she had left behind. There were great scars visible from space, swathes of the jungle which had been torn apart by what she could only presume to be turbolasers. What manner of beast would harm a world as peaceful as Aurum? Sentience had barely even touched its surface. It was wrong.

What should have been a quick walk through their history was now set to become something far different.

"Captain, this is Jyn Sol speaking; alter our course away from the Enclave to the City of Azar."

It had been a beautiful white City, not too large or imposing on the surrounding landscape. It had fit in beautifully... And now, now it was gone. She could tell as much even from space, she knew what was supposed to lay within the blackened land. It had been Kära's attempt at redeeming herself, or the early works of such, Jyn had overheard her plans back on Teth when Tirdarius had them residing there with the Order.

What happened to those the strange Sith had rescued and brought to live here? It did not bear thinking about.

"I'm not sure, Sobaan, but we'll find a way to help it."

The other Je'daii in the room had turned to look after hearing her orders to the cockpit, and all seemed to reflect her desire to help. This was their world, even if they did not live there any longer as a group. It fell to them to render aid, regardless of how much time might have passed.

[member="Sobaan Palle"]
Jade soon found that the Silver Jedi couldn't really help her, as they themselves leaned on the light and dark extremes. However they told her of a group whom were trying to rebuild. This group where ones of a true neutrality, so Jade was willing to check them out.

However, she had no credits, but the Jedi gave her some for the ship, plus some extra p, just in case. Jade tried to refuse, but they insisted, so Jade said thank you and farewell, then was on her way.

The ship brought her to this backwater planet and left, abandoning her. Jade wandered about, using force sight to avoid obstacles, but otherwise wandered blindly.

After several days, her force sickness struck. Jade whimpered and curled up in pain. With what energy she had, Jade focused on flaring her force signature in a way that showed she needed help.
Why did she end up in this situation again?

She didn't know... But would she ever be free from it?

(Force sickness:
He had come to this world several weeks ago; it was almost as if some unseen force liked to poke him into corners, where people were suffering and worlds had been destroyed. Aurum was no different.

Why he had brought Mia to this godforsaken world he did not know, but he had seen the devastation from orbit and the soft-fool inside him could not help but feel obliged to assist. Truthfully he had only come this far into wild space in search of someone the Silvers had sent away, a soul in dire need of aid; while he had become wholly disenfranchised with the Order, who had proven on Korriban that they were - in his opinion - just as bad as the Republic, he could not shake the feeling that the girl would only go on suffering.

Why they had sent her to such a backwater planet he did not know. Something about some neutral sect... Well it didn't seem like there was much happening here. He had stumbled across just one Settlement during his time, the rest had been swathes of Jungle.

But he could feel her now, like a beacon her presence flared though he knew that it was also diminishing at a swift pace.

The pack he was carrying felt heavy, and he had his comm in hand ready to send for his ship should the need arise. The jungle was too dense for him to effectively use it to find the girl, it had been safer to land it and leave it.

He knew that she was close by. Just a few more trees and he would be upon her...

[member="Jade The Rogue"]
As the ship moved around the world and more of it came into view, the devastation became apparent. For a moment the girl could do little more than stare, this wasn't how she had seen it during her meditations, this wasn't how it had been cataloged in the Silent Archives. This was a mess... And the closer the ship came to breaking through the atmosphere the deeper the sense of foreboding she felt.

"We will be arriving in Azar City in approximately thirty seconds..."

The view before them altered as the sky filled the viewing ports, slashed on the horizon by greenery that remained out of reach. Wherever they were landing, it had little of the jungle Aurum was known for... Which was strange. Azar City embraced the Jungle... Why is this region to barren..?

Sobaan, and then Jyn, seemed to be having the same thoughts. It seemed as though little eluded the young boy.

"It's okay" she said, glancing toward him as his apprehension lay heavy in the air, "Everything will be okay."

What Jyn had in mind was hard to say, but if their time on Aurum had to be extended to account for whatever atrocity had taken place then so be it. As more of the scarred landscape came into view, she could not help but notice that it did not seem entirely fresh. Tiny sprouts of life were trying their hardest to break through, and the broken buildings had hardy vines trailing along their outer surfaces.

She could only hope that there were survivors...

When they touched ground, and the ramp lowered, Asha halted Jyn and the Archivist for a moment while the others piled toward the ramp. For now none exited, waiting to ensure it was safe to do so.

"I did not foresee this; I saw the world through your eyes, Jyn... When were you last here?"

"I was twelve" she said, with a curious expression, "Do you think it could have lain in ruin for that long, without word getting out?"

Asha could only shrug, her own expression darkening slightly. "Once we set up camp, we should send a group off with the ship in search of settlements. Force knows I hope there were at least some survivors. We need scouts for the immediate area, too. Someone needs to make sure there are no threats in the City."

Her friend gave a slight nod, before the Archivist spoke up.

"I will take a small group in search of a clean water supply, we can have Captain Shif lead up the search party. Keep your comms on person and active to our frequency, the last thing we need now is to lose track of one another."

The Ithorian made sense, little to argue with there.

"I'll take a few of the older Journeyers, secure a perimeter."

With that, Jyn led the group out into the outskirts of Azar City; the ship had landed just beyond, not wanting to risk being out in the open...

[member="Sobaan Palle"] [member="Levia Sol"] [member="Jade The Rogue"]
[member="Asha Hex"]

Azar City

Azar City had drawn another soul here too. After the collapse of the Republic most Jedi had fled to the Silvers or the Galactic Alliance. Jade had chosen neither side. She had renounced the Order as corrupt and mired in the swamps of bureaucracy and ridiculous power struggles, though subtle, to be the Grandmaster.

She had left, taking her robes and lighstaber with her. Was it ok? Who knew, but the Force had called her here.

Here in the ancient city she had meditated for weeks. She had travelled only a few sections, gathering plants and food as necessary.

But now someone else was here. The young Jedi could feel it, washing through her meditation. Her eyes flickered open and she rose, unfolding her ams and legs, stepping through the door of the old stone ruin. She came face to face with Asha and her crew.

In the distance ripples of [member="Jade The Rogue"] struggling with some unseen malady rang.

"You," She said, raising an eyebrow.

"You have disturbed the peace of this world. I've felt it."

Sobaan Palle

He stared out the window, trying to make some sense of the world. What had happened? Who was alive? He could feel that the planet had life still. In some ways, with his enhanced vision, he could see it out there. But he could also see the deep scars that were utterly empty. Nothing populated those places save for insects, most likely. They were barren, tears in the surface of the world as if some great beast had come along and decided to swipe its claws at it. That was close enough to what had happened, no doubt. Save the beast was probably ships that had fired on the world from space. He'd never seen that happen himself, but he'd heard about it happening to other worlds.

His eyes turned to Asha when she spoke and he nodded once in response to her. While he was certain it would be fine, he still didn't really like it. Maybe when they got on the ground they could sort everything out and figure out a way to revitalize the world.

"We should plant trees," he said, looking at Jyn. "In the places where the scars are, I mean. Maybe they'll grow and cover up the scars."

It was the thought of a naive little boy, but it wasn't as if it were a bad thought. As the ship bumped when it settled down, he peered out the side window, wondering what was out there. Was anyone, or anything, waiting to meet them? Was the source of the scars still around somewhere, waiting to pounce on them and devour them? He was a good hunter but he wasn't certain that he could fight off a giant monster if he was forced to do so. That would probably be more than he could handle. But quick enough Jyn was up and leading them out. He unstrapped himself and followed along right beside her, his eyes taking in everything, his mind preparing for danger.

[member="Jyn Sol"] | [member="Jade The Rogue"] | [member="Adiara Drelas"] | [member="Asha Hex"] | [member="Jade Whisperwind"] | [member="Levia Sol"]
The sky overhead became streaked with the telltale signs of a starship; it was close enough to his location that the hum of its engines could be heard even from within the depths of the jungle, in fact he could feel the dust kicked up and see the treetops swaying in the breeze it created.

Lifting one arm Adiara shielded his eyes from the storm of dust and stones which twirled around, and pressed on away from its compelling reach. He sorely hoped that whoever was landing on world was not here to cause more grief, the poor planet had sustained more than its fair share of abuse in recent years.

What are you going to do even if they decide to attack, you old craven?

A light frown pulled at his lips. No weapon on his person, just the hopes that once again his quick thinking and silver tongue could get him out of any sticky situation which might arise.

"I fink tha's the first ship 'av seen since we came 'ere, Ari."

The tiny thing... creature... on his shoulder drew his attention from the skies and back to the task at hand. Why the little rodent decided to follow him around preaching about some damn life debt, he did not know. But he had learned long ago to simply accept it for what it was and hope that somehow, some way, the debt could be paid so that he could once again go on living this existence alone.

"It's Adi - Adiara - and yes, the first I've seen too. Keep your eyes peeled, won't you, Zrik? If things get too frightening for you, you're always welcome to hop in my bo-- ow."

He lifted his hand, shaking it to release the thumbtack sword from his thumb.

"Now, we've talked about this... Use your words, not your actions."

Both quickly quieted when they finally came past the last of the trees obscuring their view and saw the young girl lay within the luscious undergrowth. Adiara's whole person seemed to change as he hurried forward and knelt beside her, feeling for a pulse, for breath; she had a stable heartbeat, though her breathing was somewhat strained.

He tilted her head ever so slightly back, gently opening her mouth to check her throat for anything which might be blocking her airways. Nothing. Then the rasping of her breath must have been due to some actual ailment.

"It's okay" he said with a firm voice, loud enough that she could hear him but not so much so that any outside the clearing could do so. "My name is Adiara, I'm a medic. Do you know your name?"

Her eyes were barely open, just thin slits that were not completely registering his presence there.

"Stay with me, sweetheart, listen to my voice, and everything will be okay..."

"Wha' can a do, Adi?"

"Signal the ship, have the medbay prepped."

For once, having another pair of hands might prove useful.

[member="Jade The Rogue"]
"Jade." She gasped out, just barely hearing him. Her force sight wavered, giving her the outline of a man near her. Her force sight then faded again, leaving her in blackness. "Force......energies.... Too..... Conflicting......... Dark......... Light....... Pain....."

She gave a weak, pained whimper, ""
"Trees would help, yes" Jyn said, as they ventured down the ramp. "Once we have a camp set up, we can figure out a course of action." She kept Sobaan close as the view of the ruins truly hit them, a whole City lost under turbofire. It was horrifying, and part of her wanted to have the young ones remain onboard the ship.

What will that teach them, Jyn? To flee from their problems?

No, they could face this. In many ways the younger ones had an increased drive to help. She had seen it in the young boy whose hand was gently held in her own, and in the orphans Asha had rescued.

"Captain, once our immediate supplies have been recovered from the cargo bay, you have a mission to carry out. Take a few of the Rangers and search for other settlements, with any luck some made it away from the firefight."

Shif gave a sharp nod, before pointing to a few of the older Je'daii and encouraging them to join in the unloading process, all the while informing them of the plan. Likewise Asha was compiling a small group of Journeyers, who were about to venture off... Until something unexpected happened.

In a flurry of brown robes, a figure stepped before her Lorrdian friend and began with the accusations.

Almost immediately Jyn stepped forward, still holding onto Sobaan's hand for comfort and security, finding a spot between Asha and the stranger.

"Secure the perimeter" she said to Asha, without turning her gaze from the unknown woman, and naturally the Journeyers ventured off to do what was necessary. Only then did Jyn speak toward the outsider.

"The peace of this world was disturbed long before we descended," she began, not once shifting her gaze from the woman, "If you bothered to look or ask before accusing, you would notice that we were here to provide relief. This is homeworld to our people, we have as much right to be here as any. Who are you?"

Behind Jyn a few of the others stood, watching. None reached for a weapon, that was simply not their way, but they were ready to if the need arose. She could feel Jeo's unmoving presence, and turned her attention to him for just a moment - though never did she remove her eyes from the stranger.

"Isn't there fresh water to find?"

No give in her tone; gone was the playfulness, replaced with a commanding and protective voice.

[member="Sobaan Palle"] [member="Jade Whisperwind"]

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