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Far Over The Misty Mountains

Some things could not easily be explained.

Why was it that fish resided within the depths of the ocean? Why were birds capable of flight? How could there be sentience in rock?

Asha Hex had traveled a long way to see if the legends were true. Throughout her youth she had been fascinated with discovering new things, information, lore, stories told from person to person yet never written down. This was one of them.

Endor, or so the story told, had one specific peak that thrived as any being in the Galaxy might. Living, breathing, but rooted in place. Legend spoke of the tremulous ways of this mountain, which would just as readily throw a child to its death as it would save its life. The power to heal, but also to kill, should rest in the hands of no geographical structure... And yet the Force had seen it fit to make it so regardless.

The young girl slowly breathed in, and stared all the way through the trees and up to the clouds which Mount Sorrow cut through. From down on the ground it seemed as though the thing was endless, and perhaps it was.

"How lonely it must be up there... Stuck for all eternity, encased in stone. Too high for even the birds to sing for you."

Could it truly be so? Could there really be life within this mountain?

Asha did not know. But she was most definitely going to find out.

[ [member='Eskimo'] ]
The trees seemed to sprout from the edge of where he could see with more and more appearing as he silently made his way towards the peak in the distance glancing at it from time to time. The soft gentle hum of the native insects and the hawks and roars of the animals around him as he slowly made his way towards the mountain.

As his feet hit the floor where there would of been a crunch there was complete silence as if he was gliding across the forest instead of walking through it. But before he realized it he came upon a girl through two of the trees moving the same way as he towards the mountain. Eskimo took a quick glance around looking for any signs of anything dangerous before walking slowly up to the girl in front of him and giving her a light tap on the shoulder and stepping back quickly before a sudden reaction could get him.

[member="Asha Hex"]
She breathed in the crisp, alpine air which whistled down from the mammoth heights, and smiled, lost within the magic of the moment. Everything seemed to be finally slipping into place; the Je'daii were back together, Sargon was visiting, Jericho had stepped from the shadows to greet her... And she felt at peace. Not even the slither of metal around her neck burned.

Perhaps it was time to remove it?

Would it work? Would Aellin permit her to relinquish it? Would there be adverse effects?

She couldn't say for sure. But even accepting it as a possibility was a step in the right direction.

A gentle hum escaped her lips, and she pulled her jacket a little closer around herself. It would get cold up there, but her Papa had taught her during her youth a method to keep oneself from experiencing the adverse effects of temperatures, to regulate ones body. It hadn't really worked for her on the Graveyard, that place had been perpetually cold due to the darkside nexus it housed, but here... Perhaps here she could find use for it.

Asha was about to take one step forward, when a hand on her shoulder had her jump with surprise.

Almost immediately she turned on the spot, expecting the worst. Aellin come to reclaim her, the horrifying Lady who had called her nothing, but... It was neither. The being had shied back, had no weapons in hand, and simply stared. Almost as surprised to see her as she was him. For a moment she simply blinked.

"H-Hello..." she said. How odd to see a sentient other than an Ewok on this jungle world. Outsiders were not the most common after all, especially not away from the settlements.

He looked over the girl slowly taking in her features as if judging her abilities but a little memory in his head told him that what you can see is not always what it seems and he closed his eyes, although invisible to her due to his mask, and opened them slowly seeing a auro of force around the girl he nodded and watch it dissipate back into the real world.

He reached out with his mind with the force and touched her mind to communicate. "Hello there, I mean no harm to you, I'm sorry I have to talk in such a.... unique way but I was born a mute and cannot talk. I hope you can understand that and we can discuss with one another... if you would like though I could always leave you to your lonesome. I should mention that I can hear perfectly fine though."

The voice would ring into her skull almost as if he was whispering in her ears as he stood there his suit giving her no expressions or any sign of recognition to give her his mood, or his story. It's as if there was someone else inside and the suit trapped him in but that was not so, it was a suit expressive of his silence, a man in silence, bring silence with him.

[member="Asha Hex"]
Telepathy was something she hadn't experienced in a while.

Sargon had shown her the entirety of the Universe within her mind, but that did not truly count... Did the mental lessons? She could not say for sure whether he had spoken to her or through the Force, the whole situation had been so intense. But now she was facing it once more. From this stranger. It felt odd for another to infiltrate her mind in such a way.

Asha took one light step back. Something did not feel entirely correct and yet she did not wish to offend the being if he was... genuine.

"What is it you wish to discuss?"

While she kept her eyes upon the man, her senses wandered outward to the Mountain she longed to scale... She wished only to know if the stories were true. It seemed the Force had other plans.

He slowly stands up straight instead of his very defensive stance he had taken and looked at her and nods softly as he stood there, silent as the tree's and the wind around them as the world seemed to go quiet in that moment.

"It seems to me you are very interested in that mountain over there, one in particular... you were traveling towards it with a purpose as seem by you very... rambunctious walk and stomping towards it I must say... no offense meant. I am actually heading there myself... so it seems I have been led this way so I shall follow."

His voice continued to ring into her mind. He projected himself into her mind so he didn't have to sign language to the poor girl. It had been a long time since he had done it as well and didn't thinks he would know it even if he did have to use it.

All around them the wind continued to stay still, as if nothing on the earth was moving and time was still, but he knew better, but it still felt odd ot him that it would choose now to do so.

[member="Asha Hex"]
As the being rose, his voice once again pierced her mind.

She was really beginning to dislike this method of communication, but she felt bad at the thought of shutting him out. That would be wrong, given it was the only real way this man had to talk... And yet it feels strange all the same.

Thoughts she kept to herself. While he could speak to her, she would allow no information to be gleaned from her own mind. She had been taught better than to keep herself open like that.

"That is Mount Sorrow" she said, tilting her head to one side and regarding him for a moment. "It is said that any who walks upon its peak that the Mountain does not like will be thrown from it. Are you willing to risk that, just to keep your feet going the way they were already facing?"

Would Asha? If she hadn't known what the place was? If she hadn't heard the Legends, and deemed them true? That would depend on the day. How I was feeling. Even knowing it, coming here purposely for it, I might not walk up it at all...

But she would. She was far too curious not to.


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