A non-profit humanitarian organization
Endorsed by the
Je'daii Enclave
The Galaxy is in chaos.
Every day wars wage across the known systems, sending the general populous into turmoil and instability. Men and women are constantly displaced, their homes torn asunder or simply no longer safe to reside within. Morale is at an all time low, and for many even the most basic of supplies are hard to come by.
The Blue Crest seeks to remedy the fallout caused by this unending strife by providing aid to those who need it most. To the citizens of war-torn states, those without food or shelter, who bear injuries they cannot tend to, or who have found themselves alone in the world.
The Blue Crest is primarily run by volunteers, and is funded by the charitable acts of ordinary men and women across the Galaxy. It holds within its ranks trained doctors and medics, as well as relief workers.
We exist beyond borders and politics, our mission is for the every day citizen no matter how large or small their voices may be. The care and support we offer is indiscriminate, it matters not which side of the war you belong to. If the Blue Crest can help, it will.
Want to know how you can help? You can reach us by holo-mail or the following comm-frequencies: --/-=-/-/-=-/