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Approved Tech Mother's Wrath

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High Councilor of Vylmira


  • Intent: To create a gift and weapon for Srina Talon
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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Custom Interior: The interior of the lightsaber is designed in a unique manner, unlike many standard lightsabers. While fully functional and easily repairable should damage occur, the innards are almost a work of art, owing to their intricacy and detail.
  • Hilt: the hilt of the blade is forged from Songsteel, and covered in etchings and designs that tie to Echani lore and culture.
  • Blade: The blade of Mother's Wrath is a brilliant red, like the Sith blades of old.
  • Emitter Assembly: The Emitter Assembly is tuned to result in a thinner, more agile blade.
  • Focusing Lens: The Focusing Lens is imbued to allow the user to more easily charge the blade with chosen Force Powers, allowing for extra hitting power on a weapon that is otherwise intended for duelists.
  • Power Chamber: The Power Chamber is one of Voph's own design, containing an Isotope-5 Core, granting the blade unparalleled cutting power.
  • Crystal Chamber: The Crystal Chamber contains Voph's signature Three-Crystal Array. The Primary crystal is a Qixoni crystal, with secondary Jenruax and Vexxtal Crystals.
  • BCIP: The lightsaber is built with a Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse, enabling it to work underwater.
  • Qixoni: The primary use of the Qixoni crystal results in a red blade that increases the wielder's attunement to the Force, and increases the blade's cutting power.
  • Jenruax: The addition of a Jenruax crystal offers the added benefit of a thinner, more agile blade.
  • Vexxtal: The addition of a Vexxtal crystal offers the added benefit of a lingering corruption, making wounds inflicted with this blade harder to heal.
  • Power Chamber: The use of Isotope-5 in its core boosts the lightsaber's cutting power to unrivaled levels.
  • Focusing Lens: The lens allows the user to more easily imbue the blade with various force powers, offering a wider array of tools during an engagement.
  • Emitter Assembly: The Emitter, paired with the Jenruax crystal, offers the finest of dueling blades, making it a very quick and light blade in the right hands.
  • Hilt: The Songsteel construction in the hilt makes it harder to cut, and more durable against other lightsabers.
  • BCIP: The lightsaber can function when submerged.
  • Usual suspects: The lightsaber, as most do, has trouble cutting through certain materials.
  • Cortosis: Contact with the right caliber of Cortosis will short out the blade.
  • Dueling Blade: While the saber is an expert dueling weapon, it fares poorly against blaster warfare.
Voph has little in the way of friends. Fewer in the ways of allies. And yet, Srina Talon is one of precious few in which he will place his trust. The Mother's Wrath was made as a Life Day gift for her, offered with a short message for her eyes only. The blade is an intricate work of art, a perfect blending of the artwork that such a device can host, while still being a deadly weapon of war. The end result is a duelist's weapon, meant for quick, agile strikes, moreso than brute force blows. Offering nods and homages to the recipient's heritage, the blade was designed as a perfect fit for the individual wielding it.
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