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Approved Tech Project GARUDA | Obsidian-type Strike Armor

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[*]Model: Obsidian-type Strike Armor
[*]Affiliation: The Confederacy | Knights Obsidian
[*]Modularity: Yes
  • All Special Features can be reconfigured to suit individual styles and needs

[*]Production: Limited


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:
    Blasters: Very High
  • Kinetic: Average
  • Lightsabers: Very Low
  • Other (Sensors): Very High




[*]Utility Belt:



  • Stealth
    The Obsidian-type Strike Armor was designed with infiltration as a key concern. For this reason, a number of items - such as a Nightshadow coating, Field Security Overloader, and Alchemized, Maalraas Hide - enable the wearer to combat sensors, evade visual perception, and bypass security systems effectively.

[*]Force Camoflauge
  • Wearers of the Obsidian-type Strike Armor enjoy a persistent form of Force Camoflauge. Similar to that of the Maalraas in life, the affect permits the user to blend into dark environments to the point where they are indistinguishable from shadows to the naked eye. This affect was born of the legendary techniques used by Akure Executive Interstellar. Wearers of the Obsidian-type Strike Armor enjoy a persistent form of Force Camoflauge. Similar to that of the Maalraas in life, the affect permits the user to blend into dark environments to the point where they are indistinguishable from shadows to the naked eye. This affect was born of the legendary techniques used by Akure Executive Interstellar.

[*]Energy Resilient
  • The Strike Armor was also designed to face common, battlefield threats effectively. For this reason, above all else, energy weaponry (i.e. Blasters) were deliberately addressed. As a whole, blaster bolts and similar attacks have limited effectiveness.

  • Armed to the teeth with a plethora of tools and arms, the Strike Armor is designed to thrive in as many combat scenarios as possible. In addition, its highly modular nature enables it to be customized according to the mission or whims of the wearer.


  • Electromagnetic Warfare
    Although measures have been included - such as an Agrinium mesh - to harden the Strike Armor against such assaults, it cannot be understated that EMP or Ion Weapons are exceptionally effective against its onboard systems/tools.

  • The Strike Armor offers no dedicated protection against the blades of lightsabers. It cannot withstand glancing or direct blows from this weapon category. This is due to the Armor's composition of, primarily, Zeyd-Cloth. In addition, the Maalraas Hide incorporated into the Armor's design has been rendered to very thin fibers. As such, it does not afford any of the durability the creature enjoyed in life.

[*]Force Neutral Zones
  • As is the case with any alchemical work, the affects of the Strike Armor are nullified in the presence of Ysalimir, Void Stone, and similar materials.

[*]Force-based Perception
  • Though the Strike Armor is mighty against scanners and the naked eye, any of the Galaxy’s experienced, Force Sensitive population can perceive the wearer through a number of Sense-based abilities.

[*]Power Intensive
  • Due to the demands of the Acumen HUD Suite and the miscellaneous onboard systems, the Strike Armor features a dedicated power pack. Damage or Loss of this back-mounted necessity will decimate the ensemble’s effectiveness.

  • Dedicated jammers/scramblers have the capacity to eliminate the effectiveness of the Acumen HUD Suite.


The Obsidian-type Strike Armor is the latest chapter of Project GARUDA.

In the wake of the Great Galactic War, the Confederacy of Independent Systems had to do better. Had to do more. Their battle against the Galactic Empire, however valiant, had not resulted in the victory they so desired. And thus, the greatest minds of the nation set to work on bringing new life to the Art of War. This day, their focus was uplifting the guardians of the Confederacy - the Knights Obsidian - to new heights.

And thus, their Armor was born.

As with all innovation, the design teams looked to the past in order to improve the future. In this case, they had to look no further than the heritage of their own Vicelord for a capable canvas to begin. As a native of Mandalore, they looked to the successes of his people and how they had refined war over the course of centuries. What they discovered was that, at the core of their victories, was iron skin. Armor of exceptional quality was valued on an intimate level, and the craftsmanship kept man a warrior breathing. However, the cause of the Knights Obsidian was not direct conquest in the name of Glory. Their charge was being a bastion against corruption. Their way was being a shield for the Confederacy.

And so, the design teams began by taking what was useful from the Mandalorian designs and incorporating it into their project. The final result, dubbed Strike Armor, epitomized the versatility of iron skin - but not the mythic durability of Mandalorian Iron. Now, any member of the Knights Obsidian would be elevated to the status of walking armory. Now, sensors and security measures would fall before them like chaff.

A new era of innovation is dawning, and it begins with the Obsidian-type Strike Armor.


Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Darth Metus"]

After a brief discussion with my fellow Factory Peeps It's been decided that you're going to need to drop this down to Semi-Unique.

While I understand the actual cloaking device in this submission is limited production, that limited production does not apply to new subbed technology. Current rules state that Cloaking Technology can only be produced at Semi-Unique unless you have a Tier 6 with Personal Cloaks as their RM, neither of your listed corporations have that unfortunately.
[member="Alric Kuhn"]

I've removed the Personal Cloak in order to maintain production at Limited.

Incorporated Maalraas Hide and added AEI as a Manufacturer (t6: Alchemy).

Adjusted verbage in the Stealth strength to compensate.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Darth Metus"]

Malraas hide doesn't assist in the ability of force cloak. According to the source material the creatures themselves utilize the ability of force cloak to hide themselves;

Using the Force to cloak themselves, making themselves nearly indistinguishable from the darkest shadows
The Malraas hide would offer this armor higher resistance to lightsabers, but would not heighten it's stealth systems. In which case I will need to ask you to change the description of your stealth strength to something less Comprehensive.
[member="Alric Kuhn"]

Agreed - what I'm going for is the production of that Force-based Camoflauge affect via the alchemization of the Hide. I'm restricted to mobile for a few, so the tweaks I'm making are:

- elaborating on the affect as its own strength
- noting that the Hide's fibers are thin to the point of not conferring saber resilience
- adding the standard Ysalamir/Void Stone/Force Light weaknesses per alchemy

Is that tentatively acceptable to you?
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