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Approved Tech CIS Holocomm Device

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  • Intent: To create an advanced comm/holo device for use in the CIS
  • Image Source: Male | Female
  • Canon Link: ​N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: The Confederacy
  • Model: CZ-7 Personal Holocommunications Device
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy
  • Modularity: Yes, outer appearance for Male and Female design.

  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Sullustan Leather, Songsteel Casing, Protected Circuitry
  • EMP Resistant: This bracelet is slightly EMP resistant. In the events of an EMP/ION based attack, the holo-systems will go into an instant reset period of at least five minutes. Maximum ten minutes, if it is a strong attack. However, the Communications systems within the bracelet use redundant systems to allow them to stay online in the event of an ION/EMP based attack.
  • Resistant: The device has a durable Songsteel casing which gives it a fine layer of protection. Blasters, the elements, and even lightsabers are not likely to break through this casing without significant, targeted, effort.
  • ​Light/Hideable: Because of the small nature of the item, it is lightweight and easy to conceal, and it is also rather fashionable.
  • ​Features: This item is equipped with a miniature Holodisc, allowing hologrammic messages and displays. It also holds a small communications device, encrypted to the CIS frequencies. It also has limited holonet capabilities, as long as it is within range of a proper Relay device.
  • Kinetic Damage: The bracelet has little to no kinetic resistance. Dropping, throwing, and bashing the device will cause it's systems to cease functioning after repeated abuse.
  • ​Prototype: The device is a prototype that is intended to go into mass-production in the near future. As such, it displays more than it's fair share of glitches. Difficulty acquiring signal, slow loading times, and spotty communications are all problems that have been exhibited in testing trials. Kinetic damages can worsen these glitches.

The CZ-Series Holocomm device is an innovative piece of technology. Made for key personnel within the CIS, it is a boon to any Commander, soldier, or sailor who is on the move.

​In the starting trials, the item was started as a gauntlet with a wide array of features, including a signal jammer and homing beacon. However, it was found to be too bulky and uncomfortable in battle and the theatre of war. So a smaller, more compact version was designed. A thin leather band wrapped around the user's wrist, was embedded with a miniaturized holodisc as well as a small communications device that has a planetary range and capable of connecting to the holonet. For extra protection, a Songsteel casing was wrapped around the leather band, to better help the device stay protected.

​As it is a prototype it is just now moving into it's first stages of field production and distribution. Many of the kinks still need to be worked out, however most of the glitches are minor and only create slight delays.
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