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Approved Starship Dictator II-class Heavy Battlecruiser "The Mediator"

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The Hunger

  • Intent: To create a Brand new Flagship for Darkwire use
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  • Overpowering offense: Trying to pack more heat on a battlecruiser than the original Dictator line already had was considered quite a mean feat, but achieved nonetheless by the newest ship's multitude of weaponry, making this ship flexible, but also imposingly overpowering compared to its rivals, showing off weapons which would not look bad on larger Super Star Destroyers and thus capable of posing a threat to all ships big and small, especially when in the hands of a smart, tactical operator.
  • Fully Automated: Utilizing the most sophisticated and high tech systems the company could get their hands on, this ship is without question a masterpiece when it comes to technological engineering, with practically everything automated, it can operate with the smallest possible crew, all the while being extremely effective and efficient when operated.
  • Pretty hard to crack: Utilizing a variety of top notch shielding and high tech shield systems, this ship is very well defended, even more so when one has a look at the utilized materials which compose the majority of the ship's skeletal structure, hull and double plating, ensuring that the most damage resistant material is being used for the sole purpose of being able to take a serious beating even when the shields are not active to begind with, making the Dictator II class a very reliable and sturdy ship.
  • Stealth system: The used Stygium stealth system is a tried and tested cloaking device which has already seen use on the older Dictator I class ships, thus utilizing it on it's successor was only par for the course. Though it still operates with the same weaknesses as before, it IS capable of being used while traversing through, in and out of hyperspace, allowing for better use in terms of its capacity and compatibility with the ship's next gen hyperdrive.
  • Very High hangar capacity: Unlike with most versions, the Mediator was specifically requestedto focus on its internal storage capacity, resulting in a very large hangar capacity in compromise with its general speed and maneuvrability being lowered due to lack of space for the larger engine bays and fuel collection areas. Despite the lack of speed and maneuvrability though, this ship now has the potential of waging wr against an entire system all by itself.
  • Incredibly cumbersome: Though it can boast mighty impressive armament and defense ratings, the ship's general agility and maneuvrability are below average compared to other ships in its class, though this hardly hinders the ship in terms of its capacity to hit targets with its general weaponry, it does hamper the ability to fully utilize the strength of the Apollyon and electrothermal railgun placements.
  • Fully Automated: Like any advantage, being automated does not come without it's own flaws. Due to the highly electronic nature of the automization, this ship is far more succeptible to Ion charges and EMP with the shields down, forcing the ship's core to forcibly reboot if too many of the systems have been compromised due to damage or hacking, thus turning the ship into a sitting duck if it has no support to protect it in the meantime.
  • Fixed Main weaponry: Though this ship can boast an extremely versatile weapons package, it's most powerful cannons (the Apollyon's and the damocles') are fixed in place along the belly of the ship and have only a minimal turning ratio, thus forcing the ship to only use its trump card when it is turned directly at an enemy ship or installation.
  • Flammable exhaust areas: Due to less space being conserved for the engines and reactors, the designers of the Mediator had to rely on exhaust ports near the engine pods to remove and safely burn the gasses created by the reactors, which when hit, could cripple the ship's propulsion system due to the high flammability of the exiting gasses.
After the Dictator-class battlecruiser line up had been pulled from production, N&Z utilized the Valedictorian as the prototype for the newest line up; the Dictator II class. Utilizing the latest technology the company had to offer and being build almost exclusively in an undisclosed shipyard under N&Z control, this new line of Heavy battlecruisers was supposed to supplant the original line with a sleek new styling, more capable systems and more reliable operational technology.

Unlike the original Dictator line, much more of the used technology on the Dictator II was from either in house production and design teams or companies partially owned by the N&Z umbrella corporation, with certain notable exceptions mainly within the department of cyber security. However, all the weaponry apart from Arms Dynamic Lance guns were firmly in house designs, making it so that customers would more or less be forced to only be able to repair and upgrade their ship at designated N&Z repairdocks and shipyards.

Upon it's design, this ship was from the onset drawn with its predecessor in mind, with the thought of incorporating the former dictator's systems, but stimpkly update both the use of said systems and make its styling slightly less menacing, but all the more imposing. Defense wise, there were a lot of structural differences, such as ray shielded blastdoors, standard security droid battalions, elevators with blast charges, heat and energy sinks, the use of the newest infinium and ersteel compounds and utilizing matrix armor, trimantium alloy for the sturdy contruction of this new ship's hull.

The armament consisted mainly out of similar weaponry as the original line, priding itself on its overall flexibility, but simply added more in terms of numbers, as thanks to the ship's wider berth and overall girth, it was possible to almost double the overall amount of weapons without really impacting the structural integrity.

The Mediator was the third in the line of Dictator II Battlecruisers to be finished, however, due to the requests made by the clients, the hull of this ship is slightly wider than the regular versions, to further accomodate the larger hangar bays as requested. Alas, the increase in space for the hangarbays did make it less likely for collection areas for the gasses coming from the fusion reactors to be placed and severely limiting the space of the engine bays, thus further restricting and lowering the ship's overall speed and maneuvrability.
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