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Approved Tech Aegis SH13LD

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Arken Lussk

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Aegis SH13LD

  • Intent: To provide the galaxy as a whole with a free anti-virus program that is lightweight, powerful, and flexible in its applications, to improve information security as a whole.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Aegis Systems
  • Model: Aegis SH13LD Anti-Virus Software; Version
  • Affiliation: Open Market, Aegis Systems
  • Modularity: Some configuration settings are alterable, such as setting a schedule for scans to run. The software code itself is not accessible as it is not open source and is powered through cloud computing.
  • Production: Mass Produced
  • Material: Coding & Programming languages
  • Lightweight
  • Cloud Computing
  • Community Protection
  • Real Time Detection
  • Lightweight - It's a very small program, largely due to the cloud computing aspect of this software. It takes up an extremely small about of space and doesn't use a ton of processing power when running scans.
  • Cloud Computing - A system that relies on the utilization of third party data centers for scanning and updating. This allows for the SH13LD's lightweight and flexible framework.
  • Community Protection - Since this AV program is largely dependent on cloud computing and the sharing of resources, the community becomes more protected with the more users placed on it. When one unknown virus attacks a datapad or computer terminal and the SH13LD thwarts it, every single user with an updated detection engines is now protected from that malicious code or malware.
  • Real Time Detection - You don't even need to download the SH13LD to harness its powers. As long as you've a connection to the HoloNet, the SH13LD runs as a small background process that constantly monitors suspicious runtimes and program installs and executions. However, there's an option to also download the signature engine for offline protection.

  • [+] Community-based Protection - Once a single SH13LD that's connected to the HoloNet thwarts a threat, that data is processed by the network ops and security center operated by Aegis Systems, turned into an update or hot fix, and is then distributed to all connected users.
  • [+] Twin Engines - Contains both a heuristic and signature based engine. The heuristic is quite good at detecting zero day exploits while the signature engine contains a database of common threats and the
  • [+] Anywhere - You can put this software on nearly anything. A datapad, computer terminals, servers, mainframes, AI cores, droids, starship computers; if it's an information system that processes or stores data, you can put the SH13LD on it.
  • [-] Basic - It's a fairly basic anti-virus program. Nothing that is going to stop extremely complex viruses or malware. It's meant to help provide that basic layer of security to all computer systems.
  • [-] False Positive - The drawback to using a heuristic-based engine is the chance that a perfectly clean and normal program or runtime could be labeled as malware and quarantined. While a minor inconvenience to most users as they can simply unmark it, it can occur in the most dire of times when users least expect it.
  • [-] Definitions/Uplink - While there's an option to actually download the signature-based detection engine, the SH13LD loses an immense part of its detection and removal functions. Without a HoloNet uplink to utilize the heuristic-based engine and updated signatures, the host system becomes susceptible to more zero day threats.
As a testament to Aegis Systems' mission objective in making the HoloNet and information systems safer, their pilot product is this: the Aegis SH13LD. The 13th version and the first to be publically released after a long development and testing period is now available to the entire galaxy for free. First and foremost, the Aegis SH13LD is an anti-virus program that is suited to scanning information systems and detecting malicious logic to include viruses, trojans, worms, keyloggers, and spyware. It's quite like other standard AV software but this one is unique in the fact that it is entirely cloud based.

The main feature of this program is its dependence on cloud computer and the sharing of data. The SH13LD contains two detection engines: a heuristic-based engine that uses machine learning and the HoloNet uplink to forward quarantined copies of the suspected malware to Aegis Systems network operations and security centers located in the Tower Shield; the second engine is signature-based which contains a small database of various signatures of common malware and spyware, this signature-based engine can be downloaded directly onto the information system to provide protection without a HoloNet connection but this greatly reduces the SH13LD's ability to detect and remove threats. As a note, the definitions for those who opt to also download the signature-based engine typically happen once every 12 standard hours, provided there is a connection.

Secondly, this is a community-driven project to help make the HoloNet a safer place. Through cloud computing, once a SH13LD program on a particular host encounters a new threat and manages to defeat it, that data is then immediately sent to all other SH13LD hosts that have HoloNet connections. The more users that utilize this software, the safer the HoloNet and its users become.

Simply put, this program is meant to provide the basic means to protecting information systems across the galaxy. It's no super complex, advanced AI that will thwart every threat but it will protect against most viruses including the navcomputer virus, the iron eclipse virus, and even the coded eraser virus.

OOC Note: This is indeed a free and open market submission. Anyone on Chaos is more welcome to use this software on any information system of their choice.

  • Updated broken Aegis Systems logo link.
  • Minor formatting changes/grammar fixes.
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