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Credius Nargath

The Hunger

Lord Credius Nargath

Credius Arcosius Nargath I

Chancellor of the Left
Master Credius


Zweihander Union

Former Marquis of House Nargath
Former Viceroy of the Eriadu System
Senior Sith Lord
Chairman and major shareholder of N&Z Umbrella Corporation
Former CEO of Nargath Holdings
Chancellor of the Left, Zweihander Union

Eriaduan Human
Force Vampire [mutation state]

Core basic
Eriaduan basic
Galactic Basic
Sith Tongue
Ancient Sith tongue
Blackwing zombie speak


Unmasked: Show Hayami
Masked: Shunsuke Sakuya

AGE: 54y in 858 ABY | current: 56y

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6'7" regular | 7' Mutation

WEIGHT: 194 lbs | 263 lbs Mutation

EYES: silvery white with amber hue around pupil | Crimson with bright orange hue at the center "Mutation"

HAIR: silver gray

SKIN: pale, caucasian | Pale gray with deep onyx "Mutation"




Extreme Intelligence
With good schooling and tutolage, an ever absorbing mind, keen on garnering knowledge and implementing that knowledge in life, Credius has a sharp analytical and calculating mind that can only be described as brilliant.

Survivor of the Eriaduan Trials
As part of the Eriaduan rite of passage, many of the high class young adult males are required to have survived several grueling tasks to test both their mental and physical capacities and the limits thereof, resulting in those young adults that have passed these trials to embrace the philosophy of viewing their body as their temple and thus never indulging in such vices as gluttony, always aiming to keep their body in prime and peak condition. Thanks to this regimen, Credius has near inhuman strength and endurance due to heavy training regimens ad a healthy lifestyle.

Overpowering will
Born with great, untapped potential, Credius can bend the force to his will much easier than most, allowing him to use very complicated and high level force powers with much less strain and backlash than regular forcewielders.
Unlimited potential [Mutation]
Due to having been infected with the blackwing virus and consequently caused a mutation within the strain with his own concocted viral suppressant, Credius has turned into a being aking to a force vampire who has a virtually unlimited apetite and hunger for the Force in allits forms and is capable of theoretically adding unlimited amounts of power to his already insurmountable regular potential.
Superhuman strength and senses [Mutation]
Due to his force-vampire mutation, Credius' physical strength has risen beyond that of human comprehension and his senses have grown much keener and more accute than humanly possible, giving him almost supernatural strength and reflexes.


Viewing himself as a superior being, Credius can be quick to anger when he makes mistakes or flawed calculations, resulting in violent outbursts that usually flare up and die out quite quickly. However, he tends to end up being a sore loser and someone to hold grudges far longer and more serious than most.

Credius has no regard for life whatsoever beyond his own, always fond of playing with other people's hearts, minds and bodies to varying degrees, resulting in him to lack empathy towards others and come off as a somewhat cold and sinister person. Though this may inspire fear, it will not easily inspire love except for those of similar spirit and mind.

Substance abuse [removed due to Mutation]
The greater one's emersion in the force, the greater one's degradation. In Credius' case, this is formed in a constant pain akin to being rheumatic, which he combats through the heavy use of high dosage painkillers either through consumption or injection, making it almost impossible to even spend a single day without having taken his 'meds'.
Constant hunger [Mutation]
His only way to sustain his form is by consuming vast amounts of the force on a regular basis, for if he does not consume either the force, the lifeblood of others, etc, he will start aging rapidly, being consumed by his own mutation until he turns into nothing more than an undead husk of himself or worse yet: dust.


Credius is a tall, 6'7" human male of athletic build with a somwhat pale complexion. His face is adorned with a silver gray mane, his eyes have almost white irises with a strangerly vibrant amber hue around his pupils. His facial hair is either neatly trimmed or simply non existant, always making sure he is well groomed when appearing in public. Usually making sure he is dressed in the finest silks, satins and leathers available, accentuating his physicality with tight fitting clothes similar to military uniforms or the garments of high ranking officials. Almost always sporting a cape or cloak to compliment or in some cases hide his build.

Born fifty four years ago as the son of Decius Nargath and Vilmina Tarkin, Credius had the luck of being the first born of a wealthy and powerful family in the Eriadu society. With the family's long standing bonds with the Tarkins, who were the leaders of Eriadu society, a grand life of wealth and power had been foreseen for the young child.
As all children on Eriadu, he'd be sent to the Academy, where a militaristic upbringing was seen as a necessity rather than a luxury of choice. Excelling in his classes and even graduating as valedictorian of his year, Credius' future seemed to be bright, but first he needed to pass his trials, as part of the local culture and tradition. Though in his youth, he had already shown signs of being sensitive to the force, he had never seen any use for it besides the usual pranks on his rivals in school or small menial attempt of manipulation among his peers. However, during one of these trials, where he was ordered to pass two days and two nights on the infamous Spire without any help, any food or resources beside a single ration and a spear, Credius soon found himself confronted with an enormous Eriaduan rat colony infesting his path to the top of the Spire, unable to pass through the ravenous horde of dangerously hungry little critters, Credius in a moment of forced emersion and overcome with a plethora of wild emotions which he had no experience with, reached out to the critters' minds through the force, completely dominating them and while he could've simply dispersed them, in his rage and utter disgust for the creatures, he forced them all to throw themselves onto eachother, until not a single one was left. It was from this point on that the young man saw the capabilities one could have with the force and thus begun his fascination with it.
When he had passed his trials, Credius could live a life of relative ease within the eriadu ascendancy and though he opted not to join their military, he managed to hold large political sway after the untimely death of his father at the hands of rogue elements in the ascendancy. However, after but a few years in this life, the pull for power beyond the political sphere was too great, thus began a decade worth of travels and study, while he left the Nargath House in the hands of his capable mother and younger brother Willhuff (who was indeed named after his mother's great ancestor).
His travels first brought the young man to Coruscant, where he hoped to find information on the force in the old imperial library which had now been renamed and had banned a lot of its more controversial works to a restricted section. After some swaying through monetary means, with a bribe here and there, the young Credius managed to get his way into the restricted section which held many great works written by old jedi masters of repute and tomes even of more...disputable sources. Alas, though much information on the force could be found, it was not enough and the writings were no more than tales and crude thesis' on the intended subject, lacking any true immersive teachings which he sought after. Though by a stroke of luck and perhaps fate, he managed to get his hands on a jedi holocron pertaining teachings of the old master K'krukh. Absorbing these teachings and learning a great deal from the information stored within this holocron, Credius' path continued to far out worlds in the galaxy. However, the greater his understanding of the force, the deeper he felt that he could not be satisfied with the dogmatic approach of the jedi of old. His own arrogance and lust for power in the force easily pointed him into a different direction...
It was about eight years after he had managed to find the Jedi holocron, that on the planet Onderon, the now fully adult Credius managed to uncover writings of the ancient monarchy of the planet, preceeding the dynasty of beastmasters. Though the knowledge granted to him was limited, the accounts chronicled in the dusty old tomes he had found, told of sith who revelled in their connection with the dark side of the force, unimpeded by any dogmatic stance and with as sole goal the acquirement of power for the sake of power through any means necessary. Using this knowledge, Credius traversed to Korriban, deep in the heart of Sith territory, to try and find that which he sought: knowledge and power. Eventually, the young man caught the eye of Darth Alepsis, a sith knight of great repute in her day. Though she was not much older than he was, she took Credius under her wing and began with emersing him in the teachings of the Sith. However, even though master and apprentice, the pair grew to eachother not on an emotional, but on a physical level, strengthening their bond and their teamwork even more.
Darth Alepsis taught him much and taught him well. She instructed the young man in various forms of lightsaber combat, noting that he excelled in both sorisu and makashi, which he turned into a hyberdized version to truly make his own, adding in elements of various other forms to better suit his needs. Eventually, rather than using the old idea of facing a jedi and making their lightsaber bleed, Credius opted to create his own, unique lightsaber under the guidance of his master. Eventually though, after many years of being thought in the ways of the force, Credius found that Darth Alepsis had nothing left to teach him and as such, he killed her during what was supposed to be a simple training exercise, surprising her with his unbound ferocity and cruelty, yet as Darth Alepsis lay dying, she let out a satified chuckle and dubbed Credius Darth Halcyon, as testament that in him she saw a great return to the halcyon days of the old sith ways.
After this, Credius, now formally known as Darth Halcyon within the Sith Empire, rose through the ranks through numerous campaigns and expeditions, such as the quelling of Krayiss II, Gravlex med and so forth, eventually becoming a fully fledged Sith Lord with a reputation of being pragmatic, ruthless and someone who desired results rather than glory. He however did not forget his bonds to his home and though on the other side of the galaxy, surrounded by enemy factions, Credius never faltered to maintain his influence on the politics of the Eriduan Ascendancy, ambitioning a partnership between his old and his new home to crush the enemies in between.

As time passed by though, Credius found himself in a more precarious situation, supporting a small core-located faction called the Corporate Protectorate, Credius began to lay the foundation of an industrial powerhouse both upon his own planet and upon the core world Xa Fel. Through several machinations he managed to rise in rank and status within the protectorate, only to see it fall to its knees after the reorganizations coming at the hands of Savri Sal II Savri Sal II which lead to the protectorate's downfall.
In the meantime, the Eriadu Ascendancy fared no better, as it was gobbled up into the Confederacy of Independant Systems, hastily returning home with his Testudo fleet to try and grab control of the unexpected take over, the Marquis was confronted by the then nightsister and knight obsidian Vytal Noctura Vytal Noctura and one of the two Exarchs of the massive galactic faction Adron Malvern Adron Malvern who with swift action and cunning show of power managed to outmaneuvre the marquis. With but a simple exchange of words and oaths of loyalty, Credius was given the right to be the absolute authority upon Eriadu as Viceroy of the planet and thus became a representative within the assembly of viceroys at the behest of his home. However, to his own dismay, the nightsister Vytal Noctura was given the order to keep an eye on the newly created Viceroy, which with her eventual ascension to Nightmother would seemingly become a serious point of contention.
Not long had he been Viceroy of Eriadu, or Credius started to design plans to expand his power considerably, the first of which was to make an agreement with a former colleague of the Corporate Protectorate to take over her business and to consolidate her holdings and his own into a large galactic conglomorate business under the name of Nargath & Zanareth Umbrella Corporation, which bore her name as it was a way to honor the deal made with former consul of the protectorate Ari Zanareth.

Expanding his influence even more, Credius in his position as Viceroy of Eriadu managed to convince the Vicelord Darth Metus Darth Metus to allow him to take on the expansion of the entire Eriadu system to become his Viceroyalty, making Credius effectively the first Viceroyal to call an entire planetary system his domain. In the meantime, the shrewd politician and businessman managed to start drawing up the plans of a system wide defense force. It is alsoduring this time that a certain ambitious Anzat managed to catch his interest, after having this particular force sensitive go through some trials, Credius revealed his true nature to this particular man, who in return revealed their nature as an anzat and managed to be granted the rank as Centurion Maximus within the Viceroy's very own personal elites; the Valkan Guard. A position Detro Detro didn't seemed to dislike as the arrangements for his inauguration were made instantly.
With the Corporate Protectorate gone and his own interests within the core region growing, Credius managed to become part of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, joining the prestigious corporate union with N&Z Umbrella Corporation and now belonging to the rather unique group of individuals and companies who hold a stake within the ever expanding economic powerhouse.
Raising the stakes, Credius managed to get into the upper echelons of a small faction called the Directorate, which though hated by many in the core region, seemed to be the perfect project for the man who sought to expand his power on the galactic stage. Through various large scale projects and contracts, Credius managed to buy out one of the Directorate's suppliers in return for a membership within N&Z's board, this act also seemed to galvanize the viceroy's own influence over the Directorate.
Under the guise of his Sith lord persona of Darth Halcyon, Credius yet again encountered the now Nightmother of the Mandragora; Vytal Noctura Vytal Noctura after having felt a disturbance or rather an emergence within the force in the form of the ancient sith lady Sabine Delacroix Sabine Delacroix . With an intellectual discussion ensuing on who this sith lady would accompany and support, Credius sadly seemed to have lost this competition and despite being an arrogant and highly selfconscious man, he reluctantly agreed to the sith lady's choice. However, upon leaving the surface of the planet Nathema, the sith lord vowed not to let the nightmother or the ancient sith lady rejoice in this perceived disrespect towards him.
Not much later, a supposed rebellion on the recently obtained planet of Attrissia demanded Credius attention in his guise and position as Confederate Viceroyal. Hastily gathering a few squadrons of his Valkan guard and sending a message to the Directorate for possible aid, the Viceroy of Eriadu found himself quickly thrust into a situation he had not expected, as it appeared that Atrisia was under the assault of something far more devious than just any old, simple rebellion. A more potent and virulent strain of the notorious Blackwing virus had been unleashed upon the planet and was ravaging not only its populace, but also the confederate presence.
Alas, as all good things had to come to an end, so too did the mutation he wound up creating within himself by accident ruin his further political growth and careerwithin the Confederacy of Independent systems. Dragged into the foolish notion and self serving acts of the Confederacy, the then Viceroy of Eriadu rejected the edict of CIS first and got hounded by the inquisition when he could not reveal the fact that he had a blackwing mutation contracted after the events on Atrisia. Having to leave CIS space in disgrace, his house fallen under the heel of the Confederacy and businesses stolen by competitors and former allies, Credius enacted his plans to further expand his influence over the imperial directorate, eventually managing to seduce enough of its members to disregard the chairman of the directorate's acts as treason towards them.
Utilizing this new group a a cover for the dreadful mutation and the concurrent detoriation of his physical stability, Credius and his new associates managed to set up a government of their own within the Unknown regions, calling themselves the Zweihander Union, which was founded on the principles of leaving no man behind and sharing the prosperous nature of this new government with its people, yet in truth it had become a highly autocratic collectivist state, indoctrinating its ever growing populace into the near worship of its leaders, utilizing the industrial power of the N&Z Umbrella Corporation to further enyhance the Union's power, all the while having the entire faction act as a front for the now Chancellor of the Left's ultimate goal: to obtain a power and a body so wildly beyond humanity that he could very well call it transcending into godhood.

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Force Abilities


-Darth Halcyon [Former]
-The Hunger| Gold Mask

- Senior Sith Lord
-Blackwing Mutation

Force Power|Force abilities

Force Power:

Midichlorian count: 17,000 | Unmeassured and unstable in Mutation

Standard Force Abilities:


Rare Force Abilities:


Unique Force Ability

Force Vibration: Utilizing extreme controle over the force, the user is capable vibrate the force itself at an incredible speed, making it so that it sounds as if the force itself screams loudly in pain and agony when it would be used at full force. This vibration is capable of shredding metals, disintegrating stone and erasing living beings that have no force sensitivity, but aren't force dead.
Knowledge level:

Force Vibration Pulse: Same as Force Vibration in the sense that it forces the surrounding air laden with the force to vibrate at insane speed and intensity, which would then unlike the regular vibration technique, be let out in a violent shockwave which depending on the mastery can reach from but a few meters to easily dozens upon dozens of meters and can deal anything from light wounds to full disintegration depending on the mastery of this technique.
Knowledge level: Acolyte

Lightsaber Combat Styles

Form I Shii Cho | Knight
Form II Makashi | Lord
Form III Soresu | Knight
Hybrid Form - Muscetta [makashi|shii-cho|soresu] | Emperor
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