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Arms Dynamics

Chris Walker

Knight in shining plasteel


Image Source: Me!

Canon Link: No

Primary Source: No


Corporation Name: Arms Dynamics

Headquarters: Nothmir

Locations: Nothmir


  • Armour
  • Weapons
  • Starships
  • Vehicles
  • Msc. Military Hardware


Arms dynamics was created as a weapon foundry to suit the needs of both officers and their enlisted men. After prototypes were used to great effect during multiple skirmishes in the unknown regions, they made their first advent into the known galaxy. Weapons manufactured by Arms Dynamics have an emphasis on stopping power and accuracy. Weapons often include small tweaks for specific situations or hybridized and experimental tech to give them an edge in combat. Armour is commonly powered (usually under the "Reactive" designation) and some include powerful shielding systems that give wearers incredible durability.

Starships are always clad in an outer protective shell of plasteel over layered quadranium plating that gives good protection for its weight and volume. Large capital ships with ranks of broadside guns and batteries of lances are supported by extremely agile gun-corvettes. Fighters carry moderate armaments but the company's gunships depart from the dropship hybrids often seen in other parts of the galaxy, still with a shining plasteel plate keeping them looking sleek.


After being controlled by the Cviro family on Nothmir the remaining member in the family died to a bounty hunter's cycler rife, leaving the company to a distant relative, Chris Walker. Being a fairly low ranked officer in Nothmir's Navy and his inexperience leading anything bigger than a squad of starfighters, the company nearly collapsed due to the unmanageable issues it had acquired over decades of poor management. These were so bad that the Ministry of Industry on Nothmir took direct control and slowly moved control to the young officer. After a dip in its' success, the company is slowly beginning to rebuild.

Updated May 18, 2020
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