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Approved Tech TunnelNet VPN

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Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
TunnelNet Virtual Private Network

  • Intent: To provide the open market with its very first virtual private network.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Aegis Systems
  • Model: TunnelNet Virtual Private Network
  • Affiliation: Open market, Aegis Systems
  • Modularity: Not modular. Minor browser configuration options.
  • Production: Mass Produced
  • Material: Programming language, coding, third party (Aegis Systems) cloud resources.
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality - Every bit of data transmitted or received by the host device is encrypted using advanced algorithms. This ensures that unauthorized persons or attackers will not be able to see the data, only encrypted and garbled data.
  • Integrity - Going hand in hand with confidentiality, this VPN protects all data in motion through encryption. There are also additional runtimes that run in the background to monitor the stream and notify the user should there be any breach in their connection.

  • [+] Tunnel - The TunnelNet VPN provides all applicable users with a facet to access the greater HoloNet. Using tunneling protocols to bypass censorship laws and encryption to prevent unauthorized viewing and alteration of data, the TunnelNet offers ample protection and peace of mind to all of its users.
  • [+] Flexible - It's software; able to be installed on a number of communication systems, often being comlinks, laptops, computers, and other mobile devices that access the HoloNet.
  • [-] Latency - Due to the extra hoops and bounds the TunnelNet has to get through, there's oftentimes some degradation of network performance. Comlink applications might have messages sent or received a few seconds later, streaming videos may take longer, etc. More often than not, this is just a minor inconvenience but its uses in law enforcement and the military can have dire consequences.
  • [-] Jamming - Just because someone can't view or access your data doesn't mean they can't deny your access to it. The TunnelNet will have absolutely no effect on comlink or communications jammers of any kind.

Freeing the HoloNet is Aegis Systems' mission. Protecting users and their data, allowing them to bypass any electronic censorship laws, and providing high quality services is what they've recently packed into their latest invention. Engineered by some of the galaxy's top network architects and protocol junkies, the TunnelNet VPN hits the galactic market with gusto. Coming in weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions, this software can be installed onto nearly any communications devices and provide you with an encrypted down- and up- stream of data.

The two primary functions of this VPN are confidentiality and integrity. As for confidentiality, all data in motion is encrypted the second the program recognizes the network's activity. These encryption algorithms have been designed and engineered by Aegis Systems to be some of the most advanced and hardy standards to date. By using tunneling protocols, the TunnelNet will also allow the user to bypass any restrictions on their network and securely access whatever they wish on the HoloNet. Secondly, the integrity portion of the software is owed entirely to its detection runtimes. These background programs run constantly, scanning your traffic for any external breaches or for addresses that don't match up. If one of these is detected, TunnelNet will notify the user in the event this does happen.

Quite clearly, Aegis Systems has designed this software to be easily accessible. It can be purchased and downloaded from their Holosite and easily be installed on any communication device of your choosing. It's nothing too extreme, just a reliable and secure middle-man that will allow privacy-minded citizens, journalists, activists, and also law enforcement & military operators to access the HoloNet.

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  • Minor formatting changes/grammar fixes.
  • Fixed broken affiliation link.
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