• The League of Voss was a resistance organization formed from the dissolution and relocation of the Silver Jedi Order. Disillusioned with what they saw as ‘giving up the fight’, the League were hardliners and militant Jedi Masters that remained behind after the majority of the Order left Voss and moved to Kashyyyk. They were wholly dedicated to continuing the war against the Sith Empire, and, due to their lack of resources and a full-fledged military, resorted to guerilla tactics and less-than-ethical forms of war to combat the rising tide of Imperialism in the Tingel Arm. Though they painted themselves as liberators and freedom fighters, their frequent disregard of civilian casualties had led many to view them with scorn and derision.

    At their height, the League was led by a Triumvirate of former Silver Jedi figureheads; Jedi Master Kokkim, Fleet Architect Nomdi Lumohd, and General Carwil Lodelon. Under them were regional commanders and warlords that controlled and maintained their own resistance cells, operating independently yet still answering to the higher authority of the triumvirate. They pulled their fighting force from the dozens of star systems that had been left stranded in the wake of the Silver Jedi's withdrawal, many of whom were utterly terrified at the capacity for cruelty and destruction the Sith possessed. Fearing that they could be at the receiving end of Sith reprisal, these star systems willingly conceded control of their local militias to the League.

    Yet for all of their zealotry and tenacity, the League was ultimately ground down by the sheer might of the Sith war machine. Unable to face the Empire in open battle, the League was forced to rely on deceitful tactics to strike back at the Empire and their sympathizers. This cutthroat extremism eventually drove many systems in the arms of the Empire, who above all else desired order. Through a protracted campaign, the League was systematically broken into isolated pockets of resistance and destroyed. The League's eponymous headquarters, Voss, was attacked and occupied by the Sith Empire, leading to the League's first dissolution. A short-lived reunification happened on Mon Cala, but that too was defeated by the Sith Empire. All three of the League's founders and leaders were killed during the course of these campaigns; General Lodelon on Raxus Secundus, Jedi Master Kokkim on Voss, and finally Fleet Architect Lumohd on Mon Cala.

    Following the League's defeat, the Empire passed several ordinances outlawing any remaining League sympathizers and worked to uproot any cells attempting to relight the fire of resistance.

  • Though the Sith Empire controlled the majority of Sith in the galaxy, there were still those fringe organizations that had either rejected the Immortal Emperor's call for unity or had outright ignored it. One of these groups called themselves the Jen'ari and outright claimed the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, which was currently being held by the Immortal Emperor of the Sith Empire. There were no overtures of diplomacy or reconciliation, the Sith Empire pursued a policy of extermination against any and all groups that contested their claim of Sith hegemony. Driving the heretics from Sith-Imperial space, the Empire pursued them across the galaxy and into Chiss space. There, a battle was fought to rid the Chiss Ascendancy of Jen'ari influence, with the Empire proving victorious against the heretics and the Chiss who supported them.

    After negotiating a treaty between the Sith Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy, the Sith again chased the Jen'ari to another corner of the galaxy near Hutt space. It was in that lawless reach of space where the final battle was fought, the Jen'ari ultimately being destroyed and their worlds razed to ash. Though not all Jen'ari were slaughtered in the pogrom, the Empire had ruthlessly dismantled their power so that they could never rise again.

  • Strife has riven the Mandalorian people. Their most sacred world is now grasped in Sith talons, broken and bleeding their lifeblood; beskar. The Clans are in disarray, with some pledging fealty to the Sith while others are uprooted or destroyed. From the shadows emerged a savior, calling themselves the Dabida Yalilyr; the Force Hunters. Once they had been Ra Vizsla’s most stalwart supporters, driven into exile following the Red Coronation. For years, they had languished on the fringes of civilization, fighting a guerilla war against an enemy that outclassed them in virtually every field. Now, drawn to the chaos like vultures, they fill the vacuum left behind by the Clan’s fragmentation. Rejecting any and all possibilities of conciliation with the Sith oppressors, and rejecting the tenets held by the now-defunct Mandalorian Clans, the newly formed Neo-Mandalorian Crusaders seeks to reestablish the Mandalorian Empire first created by Ra Vizsla; their patron icon.

    The Neo-Mandalorian Crusaders are led by the Oya'karir Naor, a position that is comparable to the position of Mand'alor in contemporary Mandalorian society. This position is currently held by Volru Skorr, and under him are a council of four Warmasters who oversee the group's simultaneous crusades against the Sith and other perceived enemies. Only true Mandalorians may count themselves among the Crusader's ranks, those that are wholly dedicated to the group's dogmatic view of the Resol'nare and their staunch rejection of the Mandalorians who had been a part of the previous Mandalorian leadership and those who currently kowtow to the Sith occupiers.