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  1. Varus Vraks

    Trakaton Sub Prep

    FORTRESS ATRUM OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the homebase of Darth Trakaton on Sarrassia. Image Credit: Artstation I, Deviantart, Artstation II Canon: N/A Permissions:s [Please link any Marketplace purchase or similar approvals to use other Writers' content as part of this...
  2. T-229

    Public Reclamation

    Nyemari - Old Imperial Military Installation "P-please, sir. There's no need for any of this. We don't know of any facility, the Empire hasn't been to Nyemari in ce-" The old man's words were cut short as the butt of an ancient and scoured E-11 rifle struck him squarely across the jaw. A loud...
  3. Michael Barran

    Faction Banners of the Fallen II [EMPIRE]

    Intro Post NIRAUAN -PEARL OF THE UNKNOWN FRONTIER- Population (858 ABY): 20,000,000,000+ Population (880 ABY): 1,500,000+ Darkness awaits.... Amassing from formerly-defeated corners of the Galaxy, bolstering other Shadows. They have come for the Hearts of Imperium. Outposts between the...
  4. Caoimhe Crannach

    Private Ghosts of the Empire: Meeting in the shadows

    Location:Telos IV Allies: Michael Barran FN-999 Laine Gowrie Aoki-Barran Mira Mari Aoki-Barran Elise Vizsla Tulan Kor Velran Kilran Abraxas Colt Argilac Tristan Evore Enemies: Neutral: Equipment:Equipment In Bio Song: Highland Sights She adjusted the uniform again. It had been some time...
  5. Aculia Voland

    LFG Feeling a little "lost" finding a place for your Imperial character? Consider joining the Empire of the Lost!

    What is the Empire of the Lost? The Empire of the Lost is an Imperial faction made up of a coalition of Imperial Remnant, Eternal Empire, and Elysium Empire members and refugees who have come together to restore order, law, and prosperity to their region of the galaxy. They have their capital...
  6. Aculia Voland

    Major Faction Application Empire of the Lost

    Name: Empire of the Lost. OOC Hierarchy Aculia Voland >= Jegy Sesara > Tibera Jessen IC Hierarchy (Listed in Order of Importance): Grand Moff The supreme authority of the Empire of the Lost, the (npc) Grand Moff is elected by and is the final arbiter of all decisions made by the Moff...
  7. Alasdair Voland

    Factionalism within the Empire

    Factionalism Within The Empire. Although acting with a unity of purpose when a decision has finally been made, the Empire has internal divisions within its ruling council over how best to move forward reestablishing order and security in the galaxy, and there is often fierce internal debate...
  8. Aculia Voland

    LFG Minor Faction Ad- Empire of the Lost

    Hey there everybody! I don't have amazing art or photoshop skills to dazzle you with, but what I do have is a willingness to collaborate, a determination to be active, and fun story ideas! What is the Empire of the Lost? A coalition of former Imperials and displaced refugees rallying behind...
  9. Damien Vourc'h

    Character Damien Vourc'h (Auroch Team)

    AUROCH TEAM Vourc'h's Protégés I. GENERAL INFORMATION Auroch Team is a sui generis unit, supposed to play the role of a commanding clique for the officers who serve within the Second Anaxsi Free Brigade's 7th Regiment. The squad consists of the reunion of its Colonel, its Lt.-Colonel and its...
  10. Spirit of Virtuosity

    Dominion The Thirsting Thyrsian | GA Dominion of Thyrsus

    Thyrsus Inner Rim The beauty of Thyrsus was a duality of the harshness of the sun that baked the sand dunes and the unyielding determination of its people. The history of the people of Thyrsus is one of struggle and scars that stretch across generations. Concerns echo among the citizenry that...
  11. Âkuanam Rafthis

    Character Âkuanam Rafthis

    Âku Alias Scourge of Korriban Class(es) Admiral Flagship Lanvarok Birthplace Korriban Age Adult Personality Traits Greedy Wrathful Deceptive Education Traits Sith Education Lifestyle Traits Oppulance Always Plotting Commander Traits Organizer Rank(s) Admiral Faction(s)...
  12. Erskine Barran

    Faction Banners of the Fallen I [EMPIRE]

    INTRO Noris (Fallen Planet) Broken Heart of the Frontier Population (Pre-War Years): 17,475,498 Population (Prior to Recolonization): 37 Hold the Line Die Like a Hero Make Your Escape Aid the Wounded The last objectives of a doomed planetary-defence contingent. The last options it's heroes...
  13. Argilac

    Private Glorious Spring

    OUTFIT: x TAG: Aoki-Barran Mira | Cataca Atra | Imperial Knights LOADOUT: in bio ANOBIS, BRIGHT JEWEL SECTOR, MID RIM, SUMMER 879 ABY "I have never advocated for war except as means of peace, so seek peace, but prepare for war. Because war... War never changes. War is like winter, and...
  14. K

    Character Kallirróē Vrenth

    NAME: Kallirróē Vrenth FACTION: The Empire - Imperial Security Bureau (877 ABY), Independent (900 ABY) RANK: Operative (877 ABY), Direct-Action Consultant (900 ABY) ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil - Pellaeonist SPECIES: Human HOMETOWN: Mygeeto CURRENT RESIDENCE: Bastion (877 ABY), Mygeeto (900 ABY) AGE...
  15. Second Sith Empire

    Second Sith Empire

    "The only way for you to learn from your mistakes, is to feed from them." -Darth Laesis
  16. L

    Minor Faction The Solaris Empire

    FACTION SHEET: Faction name: The Solaris Empire Faction leader/leaders: the Imperator stellae/Eternal Emperor Military organization: Imperial Military Faction Hierarchy: The Eternal Emperor, The High Justice, Solaris Council, Exarch, Adjudicator, Marquis, Paladin, Electus Persolem, Knight of...
  17. Darth Empyrean

    Populate Empire Made Whole | SO Populate of Yvara

    The streets of Jutrand, while never quiet nor calm even during the harshest of crackdowns and patrols, was more vibrant than ever with both crowds and activity. Starfighters flew over various parts of the city, experienced pilots performing impressive maneuvers or making brilliant displays with...
  18. Trajan Fett

    Character Trajan Fett

    WARLOCK Music BORN IN WINTER Aliases WARLOCK-91 Class(es) Fighter Soldier Scout Birthplace Concord Dawn Age Early Twenties Personality Traits Lone Wolf Chip on Shoulder Resilient Education Traits Tough Soldier Lifestyle Traits Gallant Scrappy Rank(s) SGT, Forward Observer...
  19. Erskine Barran

    Faction Home of the Brave II [THE EMPIRE]

    An-Cridheachan (The Heartlands) Ancestral Homeland of the Woad-Macushla Regional Temperature Avg. (Summer): 27°C (80°F) Regional Temperature Avg. (Winter): -13°C (8°F) Distance to Nearest Ocean: 643.9km Moods have somewhat improved since the previous great gathering of Imperials on...
  20. Davin Jusik

    Private Interstellar Blues- Empire Welcome

    Pockets of unfathomably distant light shown through the dark blackness of the void that enveloped the viewport in front of Jusik. Rows of chairs, unicolored in a grayish tone sat unfilled around white tables. It was only 0230 Much too early for most, besides an occasional technician or trooper...
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