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  1. Heath Valhoun

    Private The finest Jewlcrafter in The Empire.

    King's Quarters, HMS Unity , The Elysium Main Fleet King Heath Valhoun, First King of The Elysium Empire, sat behind a cherry wood desk, stained black and then glossed over with resin. The desk was facing the main entrance to the wide, 30ft x 90ft room. The walls were plain gray durasteel apart...
  2. Paranoda the Hutt

    Mancheron Association of Food & Beverages

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Credit to Creator Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: The Mancheron Association of Food & Beverages otherwise known as The MAFB. Headquarters: Primary Headquarters on Darvannis. Main Branch Offices in the...
  3. Commodore Burtch

    Approved Lore Elysium Empire Navy Marine Corps

    Troops in their standard issue armor Officers Helmets OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an Marine Corps for the Elysium Empire Navy Image Credit: (X) (X) Permissions: (X) Links: RP: A Soaring Investment GENERAL INFORMATION Army Name: Elysium Empire Navy Marine Corps...
  4. Commodore Burtch

    Codex Denied please delete and review the lore submission instead thx

    Troops in their standard issue armor Officers Helmets OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an Marine Corps for the Elysium Empire Image Credit: (X) (X) Role: Marine Corps that Answers To The Elysium Empire Navy and Protects The Fleet Permissions: (X) Links: RP: A Soaring...
  5. Lark

    Private One Last Drink for The Empire

    Lark was drunk, and therefore in the only state of mind in which one would ever willingly discuss philosophy. With smugglers and pirates and surviving Sith soldiers he danced and sang on Thule, if some lost Jedi wandered into the tavern they might believe that the Sith had not yet fallen. The...
  6. Isla Draellix

    Dominion Foundations of a new empire | Ashlan Crusade | Hex above Koboth

    Foundations of a new empire The newly embolden Ashlan crusade had gone from strength to strength, recruiting new members and launching its first offensive actions into Sith space. But every empire needs to be built on strong foundations. As more systems join the fold, and an official area of...
  7. Frank Sterling

    Approved Starship Eternal Empire Breaching cruiser

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a mass producible cruiser for Purchas from Hades Corp Image Source: https://vaktovianempire.fandom.com/wiki/Badanov Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: long range missle battery, point defense laser cannon, boarding torpedo's...
  8. Ty Sibo

    Faction Prison break [Eternal Empire]

    Sirens blared within Eternal Empire's Prison shouts of the various Inmates rushed down the halls as explosions and screams resided down others. In the Choas was the being responsible Glowing blue misty hues residing in the back of their sockets as they martched down the corridor having retreived...

    Approved Tech Eternal Empire AWS

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: to make a multi function weapon system based off of the DC17m. Image Source: DUST 514 wiki Canon Link: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/DC-17m_Interchangeable_Weapon_System/Legends Permissions: N/A Primary Source: PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer...
  10. Darth Maladroth

    Faction Sith Eternal │ State of the Empire

    Korriban Dresdae 864 ABY It was no mystery, the economy of the Sith Eternal was suffering. Billions of credits in debt with a deficit only making it worse, heavy losses on Ossus, and no industry to begin to turn the tides on what occurred. Without final word on the invasion of the Peridian...
  11. The Elysium Empire

    The Elysium Empire

    The Basics: The Elysium Empire is a collection of refugees, Imperial descendants rescued from the Unknown Regions, and Imperial Revisionists that follow King Heath Valhoun in an effort to unite the galaxy and end the seemingly eternal warfare across the galaxy by any means necessary. The...
  12. The Sith Empire

    The Sith Empire

    SOON Come hang out in the Sith Empire Discord:
  13. Eternal Empire

    Eternal Empire

    ADMINS Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir (Owner) || ZOCOM || Broka The Hutt || Alli Vern || Ivixa Nera'kas Creative team Taozi Fuyuan || Lilanna Kelamvor || Aximand Sicarus
  14. New Imperial Order

    New Imperial Order

    [ Anthem ] The spiritual successor to the Fel Empire, the New Imperial Order was formed in defiance of the Zambrano Dynasty at the reins of control to the Sith Empire. Comprised of Sith defectors, Imperial Warlords and peoples in exile, the New Imperial Order is a government which operates...
  15. Z

    New Group Created - The Yuuzhan Vong Empire

    Zhaelor Anor has created a new group called The Yuuzhan Vong Empire. The Yuuzhan Vong Empire is the invasion force that has reached this galaxy, having traveled from another over several millennia through the intergalactic void, following civil war that devastated the Vong's homeworld. The...
  16. M

    Dominion This Is The Time (TSE Dominion of Tammar Hex)

    THIS IS THE TIME There was no rest for the Empire, to expand endlessly across the stars and submit countless worlds to its rule was a task that required tireless work and a devotion to order. An Empire by definition sought to expand and, with the reignited conflicts with the Silver Jedi to...
  17. Carnifex-Demiurge

    TSE Goodies

    Equipment Armor Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons Sith-Imperial Military Uniform Sith-Imperial Legionnaire Combat Armor Sith-Imperial Legionnaire Alpine Combat Armor Sith-Imperial Legionnaire Reconnaissance Armor Sith-Imperial Armada Flight Suit Naya Service Dagger SI-HB-2 Power Mace...
  18. Shran

    Clash of the Titans

    It had certainly been an interesting day to say the least. Shran still had much that he wanted to discuss with [member="Cedric Grayson"], which is why he was glad to get word that the new Imperator had requested his presence in his office within the senate building. Despite his contempt for the...
  19. Shran

    Looking for People to Start Faction

    Hey guys. Like many of you, I've been on Chaos for many many years. In fact, I think overall I've had several different characters on here for the past 10 years. So naturally I have been part of many different factions, probably some of the same factions the rest of you have at the same times...
  20. Shran


    When creating a character, I often times create what I envision to be a pretty awesome character. Who doesn’t? But recently I’ve noticed that as awesome as my character seems to me, it’s almost as if he exists in his own little bubble in the sense that I never created a family for him. Now, my...