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Approved Vehicle Sith-Imperial Waveskimmer Aquatic Assault Vehicle

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The Two Who Were One
  • Intent: To create an aquatic assault vessel for TSE
  • Image Source: Click - Wookieepedia
  • Canon Link: AQ-5 Waveskimmer
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Classification: Aquatic Assault Vehicle
  • Role: Aquatic Combat
  • Size: Average (14m in length)
  • Weight: Average
  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimal Crew: 3
  • Propulsion: Air Lift Engines
  • Speed: Fast
  • Maneuverability: High
  • Armament: Average
    Medium Blaster Cannons [2]
  • Light Blaster Cannons [2]
  • Concussion Torpedo Launchers [2]

[*]Defenses: Average
  • Deflector Shields
  • Reinforced Hull

[*]Squadron Count: Average
[*]Passenger Capacity:
  • 28 Troopers

[*]Cargo Capacity: Average
  • Target Identification Network & Advanced Targeting Computer
  • Basic Hazard-Control Systems
  • Basic Communication Array and Navigation Systems
  • Rangefinder and Targeting Scope
  • Integrated Ionic Insulation
  • Oxygen Scrubbers
  • Aquatic Vehicle: The Waveskimmer excels at one field of battle, and that is on the open waves of oceanic worlds or even worlds with large enough bodies of water. It can, as the name implies, skim across the top of oceans at breakneck speeds to chase down other aquatic vessels, or to patrol the sea lanes of local commerce.
  • Durable Armor: It takes quite a few hits to take down a Waveskimmer, for their armor was designed to be light enough to stay afloat in open water and not be taken down by a lucky shot.
  • Single Specialization: While the Waveskimmer is exceptional in the open ocean, it obviously cannot serve any purpose on land or in the air. Nor is it great at navigating freshwater rivers, and it can be beset at times by extremely choppy sea weather.
  • Susceptible to Underwater Attacks: The Waveskimmer is not a submersible, it is an ocean surface assault craft. It cannot attack anything under the water, and in that same vein is especially weak against enemies that come from below.

The Sith Empire held domination of both earth, air, and space.

Yet when it came to the vast briny deep, its hold was tenuous at best. The military strategists of the Empire understood this weakness, but for months had done little to mend this breach. However, as the Empire would learn to discover that many of its enemies sought the sanctuary of the cold depths to escape Imperial retribution from above, it began to reevaluate its stance on aquatic vehicles.

The first of these new line vessels to come into service was the Sith-Imperial Waveskimmer, a relatively simple design that went back centuries. It was composed of a single fuselage and two exterior wings that angled down and ended with an advanced airlift engine on either wing. These engines allowed the Waveskimmer to glide over the water's surface very quickly, making them the fastest land vehicle in the Sith Empire's arsenal.

Upon completion, these Waveskimmers were deployed to every world with a sizeable body of water, and new bases were constructed to house entire squadrons.
Not open for further replies.