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Approved Starship Baras-class Star Destroyer

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B A R A S - C L A S S
S T A R - D E S T R O Y E R


  • Classification: Fleet Carrier
  • Role: Fleet and Starfighter Carrier, Command Ship, Planetary Assault Transport, Long-Range Fleet Support
  • Length: 1520m
  • Width: 580m
  • Height: 320m
  • Armament: Average
    • [12] Long-Range Quad Turbolaser Cannon Turrets [Fire-Linked, and Fast Track Mountings]
    • [12] Long-Range Dual Ion Cannon Turrets [Fire-Linked, and Fast Track Mountings]
    • [44] Dual Turbolaser Cannon Turrets [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
    • [44] Dual Ion Cannon Turrets [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
    • [6] Assault Concussion Missile/Torpedo Tubes [Turreted; Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mountings, and Variable Payload]
    • [44] Automated Quad-Laser Cannon Turrets [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
    • [44] Automated Antimissile Octets [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
    • [44] Automated Rapid-Fire Point Defense Cannons [Fast-Track Mountings and Fire-Linked]
    • [44] Nanomissile Blister Pods, with Seeking Anti-missile Interception Protocols. (Thirty Nanomissiles per Blister)
  • Defenses: Average
  • Hangar Space: Extreme
    • 15 Squadrons
  • Hangar Allocations:
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive: Yes
  • Hyperdrive Class: 2.0 Class
  • Standard Damage Control and Hazard Systems
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Navigational and Avionics Systems
  • Standard Sensors and Targeting Systems
  • Standard Communications Systems, Holonet Transceiver and Encryption/Decryption Networks with Military-Grade Keys
  • Standard Environmental Control Systems
  • Standard Tractor and Pressor Beams
  • Standard Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Standard Anti-Ion Emission Tracer (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking)
  • Standard Relativistic and Shift Shielding
  • Carrier: The Baras features two large lateral hangar bays that extend from one side of the star destroyer to the other, connected together by a series of internal corridors that could ferry ships and other material between the two bays. This feature alone elevates the Baras above other destroyers of its class as the premier carrier for the Sith Empire.
  • Low Speed & Maneuverability: The Baras is slower than other destroyers its size, with its primary purpose to be a slow and often stationary fighter carrier to support other more heavily armed and often quicker starships during fleet engagements.

The Baras-class was designed shortly after the creation of the Ascendant-class to compensate for the latter's complete lack of fighter deployment, with this new design being focused solely on acting as a carrier. Four hangar bays, two-port, and two starboards comprise the center of the vessel allowing for a large number of starfighters and other small vessels to be housed within and rapidly deployed at a moment's notice.
Because of its role as a carrier, the Baras-class possesses little anti-capital weaponry, focusing more on anti-starfighter and lighter turbolaser batteries to combat enemy fighters and smaller frigates and corvettes. Thus if isolated by larger and more powerful warships the Baras-class is most certainly doomed, which is why it never travels alone and is often found alongside one or more Ascendant-classes.
With both the Ascendant-class and the Baras-class working in tandem, the Sith Ascendancy possesses the capability to launch dedicated strikes against any of its enemies and ensure their destruction with a brutal synergy between the two Star Destroyers.
As the Sith Ascendancy transformed into the Sith Empire, the Ascendant and Baras Star Destroys were gradually relegated to minor support roles. Eventually, the Ascendant destroy would be phased out completely while the Baras continued on as a destroyer-class carrier, filling a support role between the smaller cruiser carriers and the larger battlecruiser carriers of the Sith Armada. With the conquest of Mon Cala, many Quarren engineers and starship architects came into the Sith Empire's possession. They enhanced the hangar bays on the Baras, turning four separate bays into two ship-width bays that passed through the midsection of the vessel, much like the ancient Providence-class Dreadnought.
The Baras carries a complement of sixty-four Dominance starfighters, forty-eight Tuk'ata interceptors, twenty-four Jurgoran bombers, and sixteen Ajunta starfortresses. Alongside this fighter complement, the Baras carried a fleet of vehicle and troop transports such as the Mastodon-class Troop Transport, Orenth-class Heavy Walker Carrier, and the Phi-class Heavy Dropship. The interior holding bays of the Baras could be used to store hundreds of vehicles and dozens of walkers. Typically crewed by twenty-thousand officers and technicians, the Baras could also operate with a crew of only four-hundred if necessary.

Edited Hangar Space

Changed Manufacturer
Changed Affiliation
Changed Production
Changed Materials
Changed Length
Expanded Armament
Expanded Defenses
Changed Hangar Space
Changed Maneuverability
Changed Speed
Changed Special Features
Added Advanced Systems
Edited Strengths
Edited Weaknesses
Edited Description

Added Permissions
Added Primary Source
Changed Model Name
Changed Materials
Added Role
Changed Length
Changed Armament
Changed Defenses
Changed Hangar Space
Changed Hangar Allocations
Changed Speed
Added MGLT
Added Maximum Atmospheric Speed
Added Primary Hyperdrive Rating
Added Secondary Hyperdrive Rating
Added Engine Units
Added Secondary Propulsion Method
Added Primary Power Plant
Added Secondary Power Plant
Added Passengers
Added Crew Complement (Optimal)
Added Crew Complement (Skeletal)
Added Escape Craft
Added Cargo Capacity
Added Consumables
Changed Special Features
Changed Advanced Systems
Changed Strengths
Changed Weaknesses

Changed Image
Edited Manufacturer
Edited Model
Edited Material
Edited Hangar Allocations
Removed Engine Units
Removed Primary Power Plant
Removed Secondary Power Plant
Removed Passengers
Removed Ground Vehicle Complement
Removed Crew Compliments
Removed Escape Craft
Removed Cargo Capacity
Removed Consumables
Added Hyperdrive
Edited Standard Features
Changed Advanced Systems
Changed Strengths
Changed Weaknesses
Added to Description
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