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Approved Starship Autarch-class Siege Breaker

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The Two Who Were One

  • Intent: Replace an older TSE Battlecruiser
  • Image Source: Click - EC Henry
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Siege Platform
  • Length: 4500 meters
  • Width: 2410 meters
  • Height: 452 meters
  • Armament: Extreme
    • [2] Orbital Autocannons
    • Turbolasers
    • Ion Cannons
    • Missile Launcher Banks
    • Antimissile Octets
    • Point-defense Laser Cannons
    • Tractor Beams
  • Defenses: Very High
    • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Deflector Shields (Ray, Particle, and Concussion; Overlaid)
    • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Ionic Shielding
    • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Armour and Hull Plating
    • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Internal Autoblasters (Retractable Plating)
    • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Internal, Retractable Bulkheads, Bunkers, and Shields (Interior Defence)
    • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] EWAR, Electronic Countermeasures, Chaff, and Flare Launchers
  • Hangar Space: Average
    • 25 Squadrons
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighters: 20 Starfighter Squadrons
    • Support Craft: 5 Support Craft Squadrons
  • Engine Units: Battlecruiser-class Ion Engines - Four Large Drive Units, Six Medium Drive Units
  • Primary Power Plant: Battlecruiser-class Hypermatter Annihilator Reactor
  • Secondary Power Plant: Solar Ionization Conversion Modules with Retractable Agrinium Collection Arrays
  • Passengers: 13,000 Soldiers
  • Crew Complement (Optimal): 114,000 Personnel
  • Crew Complement (Skeletal): 3,500 Personnel
  • Escape Craft: Innumerable Saviour Pods and Ejectable Lifeboats
  • Cargo Capacity: 50,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Consumables: Twenty Years
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Damage Control and Hazard Systems
  • Standard [BattlecruiserClass, Military-Grade] Life Support Systems
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Navigational and Avionics Systems
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Sensors and Targeting Systems
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Communications Systems, Holonet Transceiver and Encryption/Decryption Networks with Military-Grade Keys
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Environmental Control Systems
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Tractor and Pressor Beams
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Ion Emission Tracer (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking)
  • Standard [Battlecruiser-Class, Military-Grade] Relativistic and Shift Shielding
  • Siege Battlecruiser: The Autarch primarily serves as an orbital siege platform for planetary assaults. Two orbital autocannons serve as the primary weapon to fulfill this role and are capable of cracking shields and obliterating unshielded fortifications. These cannons can be turned against other capital ships to devastating effect.
  • Powerful Offensive Weaponry: Besides its role as a siege platform, the Autarch is also a dedicated ship-to-ship battlecruiser with a vast array of offensive weapon systems to pound enemy ships into space dust. Heavy turbolasers, ion cannons, and concussion missiles account for only a small amount of the weapons capable of being levied against the enemies of the Empire.
  • Unwavering Defenses: Coupled with the extensive weapon systems is a series of intricate and all-encompassing defensive shields, point-defense cannons, and a reinforced hull capable of taking a firm beating and still trucking on to dish out just as much punishment as received.
  • Slow: All of those assault systems doesn't leave a lot of room for powerful engines, and the Autarch tends to move at a snail's pace when not traveling through hyperspace.
  • Bridge Tower: The Autarch has an exposed bridge tower rising up from the mountainous superstructure. This leaves the bridge open to direct attack.
  • Rear Blind Spot: A staple of Imperial Star Destroyer design is the forward offensive mentality, meaning that the ship's rear is woefully unprotected by the Autarch's weapons. Of course, this can be mitigated by placing smaller ships at the rear, but on its own, it has little to no means of warding off rear assaults.

The Sith Empire had always made great use of powerful battlecruisers designed as mobile weapons platforms and siege engines, particularly when dislodging well-entrenched enemies in the Core region such as the Alderaani and Commenori. But, the current battlecruisers that fulfilled this role for the Empire were beginning to show their age.
They needed to adapt, they needed to be improved.
The Autarch was the solution. Though it was built upon the same principles as its forebears, the Autarch differed with a vastly streamlined hull design and better managed internal systems that reduced space and made operation smoother. A pair of powerful orbital autocannons dominated its ventral hull, which could be angled and rotated to attack nearly anything situated below the lateral line of the battlecruiser.
As the Empire switched gears into its next phase of expansion, more and more Autarchs were put into production to phase out the aged siege battlecruisers in the Empire's possession.

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