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  1. Darth Sinestruss

    Campaign Reign of Terror [WotS Story][All Jedi & Bounty Hunters Welcome]

    WHAT IS "REIGN OF TERROR"? Reign of Terror is a multi-thread story campaign that will pit the assassins of the Sith Hounds (and their hired Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters) against Jedi across the galaxy. All Jedi from every Light Side Faction are welcome to participate in this story campaign - this...
  2. Darth Solipsis

    Work In Progress The New Sith Order

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To establish a hidden rival to the New Jedi Order within the Brotherhood of the Maw and function as a Sith infiltrator group for Galactic Alliance rp. Image Credit: Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: GENERAL INFORMATION Organization Name: The New Sith...
  3. Jerec Yularen


    Nothing much to say. Subaccount created for clarity through ann-csilla.
  4. Darth Sinestruss

    Order of the Sith Hounds [Roster & Missions Board]

    ORDER OF THE SITH HOUNDS ASSASSINS OF THE SITH WARLORDS [LORE SUB LINK] Decree of Founding by the Dark Sovereigns "By anointment of the Dark Sovereigns, the Order of the Sith Hounds has been formed with the express purpose of hunting the enemies of the Sith Warlords Covenant and...
  5. Darth Voyance

    Major Faction Sith Villains Wanted! [Warlords of the Sith]

    JOIN THE COVENANT OF SITH WARLORDS AND BECOME THE VILLAINS OTHER HEROES FEAR! Warlords of the Sith is a Sith Faction that puts emphasis on helping new and long-time Sith RPers develop their nefarious powerbase and link up with the rest of the site as villains for site stories. Because what's...
  6. Darth Sinestruss

    Work In Progress Order of the Sith Hounds [WotS]

    ORDER OF THE SITH HOUNDS ASSASSINS OF THE SITH WARLORDS OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify the official faction lore of the Order of The Sith Hounds in preparations for major intelligence and assassin missions for the Warlords of the Sith Image Credit: Order Crest: Sith...
  7. Darth Maliphant

    Faction The Strength in Pain │ Sith Eternal

    The Royal Academy Korriban 865ABY The days at the academy had grown relatively quiet after the invasion of Ossus. With so many of the acolytes brought from the security of Korriban to the frontlines to help strengthen the weakpoints of the Eternal's crusade down the Permian Hyperlane, there had...
  8. Alexis Solis

    Unreviewed Sith Recon Fox Troopers

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a specialized line of troopers for the Sith Legion under the command of Tara Willows Image Credit: LINK ; LINK2 Role: This unit will protect and serve under the rule of the Sith Lord they’re assigned to. Permissions: N/A Links: Sith Empire Factory...
  9. Darth Maliphant

    Faction The Enemy At Home │ Sith Eternal

    Korriban 864 ABY Approximately 1:30AM Other than a small blinking red light illuminating the interior of the Adonis, the gathered agents were subject to little more than darkness. The rumble of the engines shook through the superstructure of the vessels, and every few moments the inertial...
  10. Kalt Bruq

    Private The Force Shall Free Me

    House Tremiru Compound 864 ABY, Prior to the events of Stability For My New Empire Kalt meditated inside the training center of the House Tremiru Compound. He had been tasked with greeting one of Alina's newest recruits, Xian Xiao, a former Jedi Padawan. From what little he understood, she...
  11. Sith Resolve

    Major Faction Ziost Remains Defiant (TSE Ziost Victory)

    They came around the bend To assault us again But through the fog and all the smog Ziost Stands Again! Join The Sith Empire Today!
  12. Xurux Jeshal

    Private A Victim of Circumstance

    He watched the ship go down through his binoculars. He'd witnessed an explosion of some kind in the sky above Endor's cool forests. He'd come to that particular planet because the only real threat were big beasts, and maybe the occasional Ewok, and Ewoks weren't like wookies, more like teddy...
  13. Kascalion Giedfield

    Dominion Helfrost | Dominion of Helgard | Warlords of the Sith

    //CHAPTER THREE// LOCATION: X STORY SET-UP: Once more, WAR has come to the frozen grave-world of Helgard. The great devastation known as the Warlords of the Sith have long sought to reclaim the world of Helgard under the Sith banner and add its people to their ranks. Such mighty warriors are...
  14. Zeptepi Zambrano

    Public Furlough to TARIS

    Alina Tremiru War. Non-stop work. For the youth, it is an awesome means to grow, but too much of even a good thing can wear down other aspects of one's spirit. The youth were granted a short leave from their stations among the military ranks to blow off steam. Anger is a great means to...
  15. Alisteri Haxim

    Kerstas: Alisteri Article 03

    One week after the events of the Ziost Invasion... The Dark Wonosa Cult gathers on the streets of Kaas city to mourn the fallen, and pay homage to the brave volunteers that attempted to free New Adasta from GA occupation... There had been an even greater turnout than Alisteri and his...
  16. Darth Voyance

    Work In Progress Jenakaar-Class Star Destroyer [WSD-I/WotS]

    JENAKAAR-CLASS WARLORDS STAR DESTROYER (WSD-I) OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To produce a Mass Production Ship-of-the-Line for the Warlords of the Sith Armada Fleets Image Source: 1 2 3 Canon Link: Harrower Class Dreadnought Resurgent Class Star Destroyer Permissions: N/A...
  17. Kascalion Giedfield

    A1. Sith Order of Convergence Roster [Always Updating]

    Crusade Master (PC) Darth Vinaze Crusade Master (NPC) Mazuu Tuhn - Once a proud and noble Sephi of the New Jedi Order, the now corrupted Mazuu Tuhn leads the Convergent Order in Darth Vinaze's absence. Where many of his subordinates lead with brutality and viciousness, Mazuu Tuhn instead leads...
  18. Alisteri Haxim

    Approved Lore The Holocron of Seeping Darkness

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide a method for my character and his cult to learn about basic Sith Alchemy and Sith Sorcery Image Credit: @CineCaptures: This tweet Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: The Dark Wonosa Cult, Bind Them, Alisteri Haxim, Sith Alchemy, Sith Sorcery...
  19. Prowler

    Character Prowler - Assassin of the Sith

    Host Body
  20. Ishani Sibwarra

    LFG Tiny Sith looking for misadventures

    I made this character on a whim. She's a Sith alchemist, not really much of a fighter, but when she does fight it's with lightwhips attached to her hair. She's also got some personal conflict stuff going on with her upbringing that I can work with, and is very socially awkward/a bit of a...