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Approved Tech Sith-Imperial Legionnaire Reconnaissance Armor Mk. I

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Sith-Imperial Legionnaire Reconnaissance Armor Mk. I


  • Manufacturer: Sith-Imperial Corps of Engineers
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire, The Sith-Imperial Legion
  • Model: Sith-Imperial Legionnaire Reconnaissance Armor Mk. I
  • Modularity: No - components cannot be swapped out due to the integrated low-sensor profile system, however some specialist field equipment can be mounted on the exterior of the armor (e.g. expanded expeditionary backpack, additional blaster powercell holsters, designated marksman macrobinoculars).
  • Production: Minor
  • Materials:

  • Classification: Reconnaissance armor
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Average
    • Kinetic: Low
    • Lightsabers: Very Low
    • Sonic: High
    • EM/Ionic: Low
    • Cold protection: Average
    • Heat protection: Average
    • Sensors/scanners: Very High


  • Versatex/shadowsilk blend thermoguard bodyglove - designed to minimise the senor profile of soldiers operating in the field based on the principle of low observability. The unique proprietary fabric blend of the bodyglove, created by Liquidity Textiles, minimises the wearer’s heat signature, absorbs sensor signals, masks life-form and bioscan readings, and dampens sounds. The fabric is highly effective against civilian-grade scanners and a wide area military-grade scanners, returning either a nil reading or readings not interpreted as sentient. Focused military-grade scans are likely to detect the sensory ‘blackhole’ created by the bodyglove and raise an alarm.
  • Lightweight gammaplast alloy helmet - provides reasonable protection to the wearer’s head, and contains various sensors and rangefinders useful for intelligence gathering.
  • Lightweight betaplast alloy armor plates - provide minimal protection against enemy energy and projectile weapons. The armor is intended to deflect grazing shots and allow the wearer to exfil to safety, rather than offer protection during sustained frontline combat.
  • Spunplast gloves and boots - offer a lighter and quieter alternative to the armoured boots of standard Legionnaire armour.
  • Survival kit - allows the wearer to operate independently behind enemy lines without supply for extended periods while undertaking reconnaissance operations.

  • Strike from the shadows - the unique Versatex/shadowsilk blend material used in the construction of the thermoguard bodyglove minimises the observability of the wearer to most sensors designed to detect enemy forces. The materials masks, disrupts or absorbs commonly used sensory wavelengths, returning nil sensory results or results not normally associated with military forces. It is designed to allow the wearer to establish observation points close to or behind enemy lines and remain undetected while gathering intelligence or acting as a marksman.
  • Wide ranging - the reduction in armor compared to the standard Legionnaire Combat Armor allows the wearer to move more swiftly and cover greater distancing which allows for extended patrolling.

  • I can see you - while designed to defeat sensors, the armor is not a stealthsuit and can be observed with the naked eye, cameras or macrobinoculars. Legionnaires wearing the armor must rely on contemporary forms of camouflage and concealment to avoid visual detection.
  • Paper thin - favouring speed over strength, the armor offers minimal to poor protection against energy and projectile weapons. Lightsabers can make quick work of the armor plating and body glove layers due to a lack of any beskar or phrik, giving Force users an advantage in combat.
  • Circuit breaker - the armor is highly susceptible to EM/ionic attacks due to the unique properties of the fabric blend which limit the ability of sensors to detect the wearer.

The Reconnaissance Armor Mk. I was developed to enhance the ability of Legionnaires to operate behind enemy lines. While the standard Sith-Imperial Legionnaire Combat Armor Mk. III was designed for brutal frontline combat, the reconnaissance variant emphasises speed over great distances and a low sensor profile to better support of intelligence gathering and assassination missions.

Sith-Imperial military scientists contracted Liquidity Textiles, renown for their development of bespoke innovative fabrics, to create a robust bodyglove with a low sensor profile. Versatex/shadowsilk blend minimises the wearer’s heat signature, absorbs sensor signals, masks life-form and bioscan readings, and dampens sounds. Lightweight alloy armor plates are affixed to the bodyglove to provide limited protection against enemy weapons, while an expanded survival kit allows Legionnaires to operate without resupply for extended periods.

The armor is being rolled out to scouting, pathfinder and sniper units. Additional sets of armor are stored at regional Sector Group hubs and can be requisitioned by commanders to suit operational parameters.
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