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Character Jedi Knight, Caedyn Arenais




NAME: Caedyn Arenais
SPECIES: Commenori/Human
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6 ft/182.88 cm
WEIGHT: 90 Kilograms
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Caucasian


Caedyn Arenais was raised by his parents who were advocates for peoples rights, freedom, justice and peace. As a young boy, he was encouraged to be empathic and compassionate, to respect others regardless of their differences and to avoid becoming judgemental of others. In his entrance to the Je'daii Order, he was then introduced to the nature of the Force and became interested in the spiritual, coming to perceive the Force as a guiding presence for which all things were bound.

As a Jedi Knight today, Caedyn has undergone a great deal of experience and personal growth, yet he remains a caring and friendly individual who would sooner seek a deterrence to violence wherever possible. As a member of the Order of the Silver Jedi and a faithful servant of the Force, he holds no bias towards those of differing alignment or origin; For example, were a practitioner of the Darkside to stand before him and do no wrong, Caedyn would see no reason to act, unless however, they were to commit an immoral or unlawful act which would require his intervention.

As an individual, Caedyn doesn't lack self-esteem but rather expects too much, and is too hard on himself, seeing the Galaxy for the chaotic state that it is in, often dwelling on the need for change and yet struggling to come to terms with the uphill battle that is required of those seeking to advocate for civilian rights and peace through democratic values.

Alongside his perception of the state of the Galaxy, is the state of the Jedi who are so varied, spread out across the Galaxy in numerous different organizations and branches of what he believes to be too focused on what differs between them, as opposed to the common goal and dreams for the future that they share.

Upon meeting Caedyn, the average person would likely be greeted with a warm welcome and friendly smile. Caedyn is most commonly seen to be wearing the traditional Jedi apparel, those being a hooded robe, tunic and leggings of simple color and fashion, with leather gloves and boots to complete the set. His dress-wear can however vary depending on the conditions of his assignment or missions in the field.


Jedi Knight
Monarch of Mnemosyne

House Arenais
The Jedi Praxeum
The Rimward Trade League

The Confederacy of Independent Systems



FATHER: WolfMortum WolfMortum
TWIN SISTER: Loreena Arenais-Valhoun Loreena Arenais-Valhoun
AUNT: -Shelved- -Shelved-
UNCLE: Bastin Arenais
COUSIN: Saraya Arenais Saraya Arenais

JE'DAII MASTER: Eliphas Dune Eliphas Dune



Trained in the art of physical and mental discipline by the Je'daii Order during his younger days,
Caedyn Arenais has exceptional endurance and mental fortitude.


The discipline of Force Mastery and the second of Caedyn's predominant paths of his Je'daii training,
through this, Caedyn has become a skilled Force User.



Caedyn Arenais is prone to expecting more from himself despite the accomplishments he has achieved in life.
His actions in the field of service to others may at times be overshadowed by his self-consciousness and lack of self-worth.


Caedyn's life has taken many turns and his skill set and traits are varied.
Unfortunately, due to being so diverse, he has not yet achieved mastery of any particular field that he's studied.


INTEGRITY: Caedyn considers himself to be a man of integrity, doing his utmost to carry himself with a high standard of moral conduct. He strives to be an honest and reliable influence on those whom he meets.

COMPASSION: He is someone who genuinely cares for others, doing his best to prioritize the needs of others before his own, often going out of his way in his duty as a Jedi Knight in order to serve those in need of him.

SPIRITUALITY: Caedyn perceives the Force to be a guiding and active presence in life, seeking to serve the Will of the Force through his duty as a Jedi. His faith in the Force is the largest influencing factor in his life, alongside the upbringing, he was given by his Parents and Je'daii Master.

HUMILITY: Caedyn holds himself accountable for his mistakes, not afraid to admit when he's made a mistake for he believes this to be part of what makes a good man. He strives to consider the minds and views of those around him and does his best to refrain from judgement and bias.


FORCE ALIGNMENT: Lightside of the Force

Jedi Padawan | Jedi Knight | Jedi Master

Tactus Otium: ||| ||| |||
Altus Sopor: ||| ||| |||
Force Jump: ||| ||| |||
Force Speed: ||| ||| |||
Tutaminis: ||| ||| |||
Telekinesis: ||| ||| |||
Force Stasis: ||| ||| |||
Telepathy: ||| ||| |||
Curato Salva: ||| ||| |||
Force Light: ||| ||| |||
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  • 836 ABY - Twins Caedyn and Loreena Arenais born on Commenor to Kay and Veiere Arenais.
  • 848 ABY - Caedyn Joins the Je'daii Order at 12 GSY.
  • 848 ABY - Caedyn is apprenticed to Asha Hex.
  • 853 ABY - The Commenor Systems Alliance falls to The Sith Empire.
  • 855 ABY - The Je'daii disband.
  • 856 ABY - The Sith Occupation of Commenor is defeated.
  • 856 ABY - Caedyn joins the Order of the Silver Jedi.
  • 859 ABY - Caedyn begins work under the Outer Planets Alliance.
  • 859 ABY - Caedyn establishes The Jedi Coalition in the Outer Rim Territories.
  • 861 ABY - Caedyn returns to the Order of the Silver Jedi.
  • 864 ABY - The House Arenais Humanitarian Trust is established.
  • 864 ABY - Left the Order of the Silver Jedi.



Today, Caedyn Arenais remains a Jedi Knight and servant of the Galaxy, seeking to bring what good that he can to those afflicted and vulnerable to the greater political powers that be, those alike The Sith Empire, The Bryn'adul and Imperial dictatorships such as The Eternal Empire.

In his fight to bring peace and stability to the Galaxy alongside so many other good and selfless others, he is known to be actively serving within the Order of the Silver Jedi and The Eclipse Rebellion alongside his Sister, Loreena Arenais-Valhoun Loreena Arenais-Valhoun .

As the Executive Holder of the House Arenais Humanitarian Trust, Caedyn has utilized his families extensive funds and poured them into numerous services and organizations promising to counter the damage of corrupt and tyrannic military establishments, going as far as to found the Jedi Requisitions Package to further finance and support all active Jedi branches and personnel across the Galaxy in their plight against the Sith and in service to the innocent.

Additionally, due to the actions of their late parents Kay Kay and WolfMortum WolfMortum , Caedyn and his Sister have become the defacto Monarch's following their parents' deaths, now positioned as the leaders of a constitutional monarchy over the planet Mnemosyne. However, due to their past growing up on Commenor and witnessing its Invasion and subsequent occupation by the Sith Empire, he and Loreena Arenais have tried to keep their ties to Mnemosyne quiet and beyond the knowledge of the public spotlight.
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