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Approved Tech CS.38 Tactical Side-Arm.

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  • Intent: To create a signature Side-arm/Tactical Pistol for Caedyn Arenais.
  • Image Source: Click Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A.
  • Restricted Missions: N/A.
  • Primary Source: Blaster Pistol.

- Laser sight.
- Extended Magazine (27).
- Red Dot Optical Lens.
- Tactical CS.38 Silencer.

  • Classification: Blaster Pistol.
  • Size: Small.
  • Weight: Average.
  • Ammunition Type:
- Standard 10mm Casings.
- Hard-Point Slugs (Full metal Jacket).
- Hollow Point Slugs.
- Incendiary Rounds.
- Non-Lethal Stun Rounds.
  • Ammunition Capacity: 15 rounds per standard magazine (27 Extended Mag).
  • Reload Speed: Average.
  • Effective Range: Personal.
  • Rate of Fire: Low - Average (Burst Fire Modification).
  • Stopping Power: High.
  • Recoil: Average.

  • Hard-Point Armor Piercing Ammunition.
​Hard-point rounds are cased with Turadium bullet points for maximum penetration, designed for high density surfaces such as walls and personnel armor or combat attires.
  • Heavy Impact Hollow-Point Ammunition.
​Hollow-point ammunition is designed for maximum effect on sentient targets and is considered to be low-explosive, high impact ammunition. These rounds do not contain explosive ordinance but create a similar effect when impacting with a target due to the air within the bullet point. Head shots tend to be messy.
  • Incendiary Ammunition.
​Designed for pain, not pacification, these flame rounds contain small portions of napalm that ignite the target on fire. The bullet itself does not carry the significant metal to be considered lethal yet the over-all effect is the same in the end.
  • Burst Fire Modification.
​This weapon attachment allows for the release of three rounds per pull of the trigger and attaches to the under-barrel compartment. Due to the placement of this modification, the burst fire modification cannot be paired with the CS.38 Silencer or Laser Sight weapon Mods.
  • Non-Lethal Ammunition.
​Small electrical discharge rounds designed to incapacitate and non-lethally take-down the target. These flat-headed projectiles are capable of emitting an electrical pulse throughout the body of the target it comes into contact with, yet can also be used on firearms and other electrical equipment, possibly disarming or temporarily disabling them depending on the standard of technology fired upon.

  • Strong variation of Ammunition types offers adaptability in the field of combat for numerous results and mission types.
  • The CS.38 Tactical Silencer ensures premium stealth and the complete nullification of sound when the firearm is fired.
  • Each Ammunition type must be changed via Magazine and cannot be utilized simultaneously.
  • Burst Fire Modification requires a specific weapon attachment that is not compatible with the CS.38 Silencer or laser sighting.


House Arenais is the business front for the Commenor Systems Alliance's royal family, responsible for the contracting of a plethora of high-end archetypes and organizations that have contributed to the CSA's arms-tech division, the military and privately financed organizations such as the Knights of Commenor. Though small, the House Arenais has the means and credits to offer it's members the best that the Commenor dollar can buy and thus we have the CS.38 Tactical Pistol designed and made specifically for the young Caedyn Arenais, Son to the High Queen of the Systems Alliance and heir to the throne of Commenor.

The CS.38 Tactical Pistol is a fair size for any single-handed fire-arm, carrying quite the punch in every projectile fired, it's velocity is of a high standard and when combined with the armor piercing rounds, it is a weapon to be feared by many. The Pistol offers a small variety of attachments fit for both reconnaissance and open-field missions, whether requiring finesse or going in all guns blazing, it is the personal side-arm one could want in a fight.
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