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Approved Lore House Arenais Humanitarian Trust

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Caedyn Arenais

House Arenais

  • Media Name: House Arenais Humanitarian Trust.
  • Format: Family, Non-Profit Group Legal Contract & Trust Account.
  • Distribution: Unique.
  • Length: Long.
  • Description: The House Arenais Humanitarian Trust is a legally bound account for which all assets and services financed and provided by House Arenais have been filed under, thus allowing the appointed Trustee all rights of ownership and management of said assets and services, and ensures that all provisions remain under the possession of House Arenais, passed on from one generation to the next.


Private Residence:
Civilian Locations:
Organization Locations:
Military Locations:
EVENTS (Optional)
The Wedding of Loreena Arenais and Curtis Learchin was an eventful ceremony in more ways than expected. Not only did the wedding go splendidly but it also revealed to the twins Caedyn and Loreena, three unexpected members of House Arenais they had never met before; Bastin who is the Brother to their father, the late Veiere Arenais, and his Wife and Daughter, Rowena and Saraya Arenais.
Uncertain of the validity of their claim to be family-related, Caedyn and Loreena Arenais would get to know their new Uncle, Aunt and Cousin over time; However, unable to shake the sense that something felt off and due to the timing of their arrival just as the twins had inherited the monarchy of Mnemosyne, Caedyn was convinced of the need for a Family Trust, so that all of the assets and services provided by or manufactured by House Arenais would be safely secured within a legally bound trust fund. This way he could be certain that the House Arenais name be upheld, and the legacy of their parents Kay Kay and Veiere Arenais Veiere Arenais continue to benefit the good people of the Galaxy.


The House Arenais Humanitarian Trust contains a list of all current Assets founded, purchased or constructed through the House Arenais Family, in operation within the Galaxy today. These assets are being drawn into the secure, legally binding trust account, in order to ensure their continued services after the death of the primary trustee, Caedyn Arenais, for which the control of all assets under the trust account would be transferred to Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais .

A trust agreement is a legal document that defines the rules intended by the trustor or grantor who originally owns the properties by which shall be held in trust by the trustee for the benefit of the grantor or trustor's beneficiaries. The usual objectives of the trust are to ensure that the assets of the trustor or grantor shall be managed properly and shall not be spent thriftily by the beneficiary by appointing a trustee to manage the assets known as a trust for the beneficiary's benefit. This also helps in avoiding probate. This is in a general sense a contract where it shall be the obligation of the trustee to secure the well-being of the trustor's beneficiaries upon the death of the trustor until such age where it is believed by the trustor that the beneficiaries are capable of managing their own finances. Source.

1. Authorized Assets.
2. Assets Vested In Trust.
3. Value Of Assets Determined By The Superintendant.
4. Vesting, Varying, Exchanging Or Withdrawing Assets.
5. Powers And Authority Of Executive Trustee.
6. Accountability Of Trustee.
7. Intent And Purpose Of Company.
8. Payments On Account In Interest Of Real Estate.
9. Exercise Of Rights Attached To An Asset.
10. Statement Of Assets.
11. Access.
12. Compensation Of Trustee.
13. Interest Of Finance Held Within Trust.
14. Termination.
15. Appointment Of New Trustee.


The House Arenais Humanitarian Trust was first founded by Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais following his and his Sisters inheritance of the Monarchy over Mnemosyne in 864 ABY, under the advisement of legal counsel and approved following its submission, a legally binding contract that cites all assets and shares of shared organizations be held within the trust, kept securely within the ownership and control of the family, House Arenais.

Assets included within the trust pre-date as far back as the establishment of the Commenor Systems Alliance by some years, covering the previous humanitarian aid and services of Caedyn and Loreena Arenais' parents, Kay Kay and Veiere Arenais Veiere Arenais , and will continue to expand as new services and familial assets are submitted under the family trust ahead of the signing of the contract.

In the event of Caedyn Arenais' untimely death, his sister Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais will assume full control of the House Arenais Humanitarian Trust as the Primary Trustee and Holder of the account.
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