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I, Silver Jedi

  • Gravity: Standard.
  • Climate: Temperate.
  • Primary Terrain: Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Tundras, Forests.
  • Atmosphere: Type I.
  • Capital City: Port Solaris (World Capital).
  • Planetary Features: Five Independent States/Countries presiding over each terrain type (Greenland, Mountain Rockies etc), unified under a Global Governing Body.
    • Ovates (Earth): Agricultural land, farms, pastures and vast greenland.
    • Pleroma (Islands): Made up across various islands surrounded by an ocean separating them from other countries.
    • Asphodel (Mountains): Compassing a vast line of Mountain Rockies and hardened plateau which is the source of mineral exports.
    • Chīmalmā (Desert): Comprised of a vast barren desert wasteland making life difficult yet livable through the shared resources of Mnemos.
    • Vellichor (Forestry): A country covered in forests and vast natural wild life, the best region for hunting.
    • Port Solaris (World Capital): Port Solaris is one massive City-State which see's the greater majority traffic and trade import/export between Mnemosyne and the greater Galaxy.
  • Major Locations: The world is divided up into five countries, each with a Capital City and Prime minister that presides over and cares for each region under their leadership. These five countries each hold different terrain, bringing various different hardships and bounties of the land. The following countries represent each element of Mnemosyne:
    • Ovates (Country).
      • Madalitso (Capital City).
    • Pleroma (Country).
      • Seirra (Capital City).
    • Asphodel (Country).
      • Agares (Capital City).
    • Chīmalmā (Country).
      • Tulpa (Capital City).
    • Vellichor (Country).
      • Hesikos (Capital City)
Ovates: The Capital City is Madalitso, which is structured more like a vast village as opposed to a high tech City the likes of which you'd find upon Coruscant. Surrounding Madalitso is miles upon miles of greenlands, fields and pastures of which have been taken up by farmers of various types. food products such as dairy and meat are a massive export products provided through Ovates, and the lifestyle across the country is simple and humbling, living off of the land as opposed to consisting of advanced technologies and first world pleasures of convenience.
Pleroma: The Capital of Pleroma is more akin to one vast Island Resort which is centered within an ocean of numerous other islands. The climate across this country is warm even within the winter, and water sports are a popular pass-time where as fishing is the major business and trade across the region. Pleroma serves as the vacationing hub of Mnemosyne and is sustained by a wealth of tourism aiding the economy across the various islands.
Asphodel: The Capital Agares is situated up high upon the greater peaks of the Asphodel Rockies, a vast mountainous region smaller than the other countries yet consisting of various caverns and tunnels driven throughout the mountain interior. Mining is the primary income and exportation coming out of Asphodel as various minerals such as durasteel and aluminum are made from the stone and crystals harvested. A specialty from this country are the Kyber crystals that attract the attention of Force Users and are therefore sold at a greater expense than all other products.
Chīmalmā: The Capital City Tulpa is centered within a vast and barren desert land where dunes are all that the eyes can see spanning miles of terrain. The climate here is extremely hot and anyone wandering the plains without a source of hydration is likely to collapse of exhaustion after prolonged activity. The local populace of Chīmalmā: are splintered across the land situated in various villages if outside of the capital itself. Competitive fighting is a much beloved sport here due to the hardened lifestyle the people have become accustomed to. Chīmalmā is also the provider of some of Mnemosyne's greatest soldiers and military servicemen, strongest and most proud among all of the people.
Velichor: The Capital Hesikos is the one and only city situated within Velichor, a land where dense forestry covers all and surrounds the hidden City. The vast land here is filled with a variety of wild life and gives plentiful game for hunting, skinning and leatherworks while the tree's provide no shortage of lumber for which Hesikos might expand or otherwise export to other regions and worlds in trade.

Mnemosyne is a World with a significantly large population, welcoming a diverse range of cultures and species despite the majority being Human or Near-Human sub-species, there is little fear or concern of xenophobia here and for the general public, all are accepted within common Mnemos Society.
Each of the five countries provide their own benefits and difficulties, as well as unique locations to be visited by locals and the tourist economy. The populace of each country seem to be individually shaped or molded by their different climates/surroundings which has given Mnemosyne a rather diverse set of cultures and behaviors among locals.
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic.
  • Culture:
Mnemos across the divided world is fairly similar in general theme despite the countries various differences in climate and demographics, the majority of the population is Human or Near-Human, yet the Populace is most welcoming of visitors and the tourism industry that often helps the financial economy of Mnemosyne thrive amidst other greater established trade worlds nearby.
There is a shared love and feeling of patriotism among the Mnemos, although nothing close to being overzealous or any sense of superiority over other worlds, the Mnemos simply have a fond appreciation for the nature and people they live alongside. Villagers or City Residents live with a strong sense of unity and companionship, often going out of their way to help support their neighbors during times of hardship.
With regards to various age groups and day to day living, there is great emphasis and priority put in the integral upbringing of children as they are seen to be the future of Mnemos society. Education to youth is fully funded by the higher tiered Government in order to support families regardless of their financial circumstance. While this has a large impact and drain on the over-all economy, the costs of this are seen mainly in the lesser Military capabilities compared to other Nations.
Alternatively, all persons above the age of 70 Galactic Standard Years also receive subsidized health care at a far lower rate than the general population; A pension agreement is also in place so that by the coming of 70 years, they are then given a funded salary to live upon, dictated by the amount of tax paid over their working lives. The Elderly who have lived out the majority of their years are looked upon with great respect and appreciation, where as they are then given more time to make the most of their days free of the need to work for a living.
  • Government:
Mnemosyne's Government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. The head of state is represented by the leadership of the over all parliament, made up by the five prime ministers from each country, working under a Governor General who speaks for, and represents the Monarchs of Mnemosyne, the Royal House Arenais.
As opposed to a Full Monarchy led World, the Monarchy of Mnemosyne is given discretion in their exercise of authority and the Nations are governed through the Government body being run by the Governor General. This allows for the Monarchy to reside upon Mnemosyne with a far less authoritative capacity, but may live out their lives, rarely intervening in politics or matters of government unless absolutely necessary. Such examples where intervention may be required from the Royal Family could be issues ranging from Government Corruption or a Coup d'etat, etc).
From the World Capital of Port Solaris, the Council of Mnemosyne is formed by the Governor General as well as the Prime Ministers of each Country surrounding the Capital, (Ovates, Pleroma, Asphodel, Chīmalmā & Vellichor). The Council forms the upper tier leadership of the World and is supported by a Senate made up of various political parties who vote on issues of importance to the World's economy and peoples. For each individual Country on the other hand, the Prime Ministers stand at the head while supported with their own regional advisors. In total there are five Prime Ministers, while the Governor General acts as the Sixth for the Capital.
Mnemosyne is a World of several significant income sources supporting the five various countries, their individual economies that make up the overall wealth of the Nation.
Pleroma for example is largely financed through it's tourist and vacationing hotspots, attracting a wide variety of visitors to it's beach resorts and warmer climate; However it is also the primary source for Ocean Products exported to the mainland and other Worlds. Alternatively, Ovates is the agricultural base for all of Mnemosyne tending to vast land and animal farming. Produce from the sector is Mnemosyn's greatest resource being sold to the market, and exported offworld earning much of the overall financial economy coming in.
Due to the government funding for education, society on Mnemosyne is supported and encouraged to produce independence and positive work ethics within their young peoples. Unemployment is generally low and subsequently resulting in a significantly wealthy financial economy, especially without a focused and large financial capital being put into the military sector, this leaves more room for the betterment of societal standards upon Mnemosyne.
  • Stability: High.
The state of Mnemosyne Society is built upon a foundation of virtues (Compassion, Understanding, Independence and Perseverance). Because the young receive a high standard of education, they are less likely to be forced to fall into criminality to get by. Mnemosyne's crime-rate is rather low, and while there are disturbances to the peace from time to time, the people are relatively peaceful and supportive of their Communities.
Each Country boasts it's own authoritarian police force otherwise known as the Criminal Investigation Bureau (C-Sec for short). These agents and officers of the law keep the peace within their jurisdiction/Countries and help to ensure the laws are maintained for the safety of the people. During times of greater emergency however Mnemosyne may sometimes need to defer to the Silver Jedi Concord for assistance when it comes to matters such as Force Users and Hostile Governing Agencies beyond Silver Space.
  • Freedom & Oppression:
Mnemosyne is relatively free of oppressive rule or behaviors often seen of other more imperial worlds; The people are led under a democratic body of Government and society is encouraged to uphold values of good standing (Compassion, Multi-culturalism).
Civilian rights are a high priority, the governing body making sure to enable the people with all the rights that would see them live out a high standard of living. Education is well funded for and there is no shortage of work to be found. Discrimination's at an all time low.
The Slave Trade is explicitly illegal and any perpetrators will serve a high sentence if found guilty, for the act goes against everything the people's government and laws stand to represent.

  • Military: Low.
With regards to the local defense force, Mnemosyne does have a Military Presence however it is lower on the priority list compared to issues of civil and societal standards, the living conditions of the people.
Situated upon the Moons of Mnemosyne (Mahina and Maan), are two Military Installations where the training of troops are provided both for ground and naval focused fields of warfare. Compared to other Worlds however, these are likely smaller by comparison and Mnemosyne has otherwise looked to the Silver Jedi Concord for protection within Silver Space.
  • Technology: Galactic Standard.

House Arenais was established during the years of the Commenor Systems Alliance where Kay Kay and WolfMortum WolfMortum were officially wed. Kay Arenais had previously been dubbed the Queen of Commenor and soon after Veiere took up the mantle of King alongside her. However, Commenor as it turns out was not their only investment during these years, as Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais and Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais would later find out following the death of their Mother and the inheritance of her final Will and Testament.

Enclosed alongside their Mothers Will, was the documentation proving their Parents to have also been tied to Mnemosyne in which they helped to establish the governing presence there, ensuring that it could operate independently without Veiere and Kay needing to be present or involve themselves in political affairs unless it was absolutely necessary.

Following the invasion of The Sith Empire against their Home World of Commenor, Kay and Veiere decided that it would be safer to keep their involvement a secret in order to protect the World from suffering the same fate due to it's connection with House Arenais. Following the loss of Commenor, Veiere Arenais joined the Order of the Silver Jedi and from there was able to offer Mnemosyne further protection through patrol of the region and keeping tabs on the Argos Sector within Silver Space.

Following Veiere's death at the hands of Darth Prazutis during the battle of Bimmisaari, the estate and authority of the Royal Family of Mnemosyne remained within Kay's possession, however she retained the secrecy of the fact until her death where the twins Caedyn and Loreena received the news as the last remaining members of the Monarchy.
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Hey Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais , sorry for the delay in reviewing this! It’s been a busy week.

First off, this was an incredible read. You’ve put a lot of hard work into this and it's really interesting from the perspective of someone who’s only been around for you roleplaying Caedyn to see where this awesome family come from.

Permissions | You’ve written “to be added” here, are there permissions to add or was this left in by mistake?

Major Locations | This section could do with a little filling out, but I’ve written some hopefully helpful things on what I mean by this in the subheader for “Demographics” down below.

Major Imports | What does misc trade entail? I’m not really sure what you mean by “credits” either. I think I understand your meaning by it, but it’s an assumption, so some more information here would be really useful! If I’m reading this sub at a glance this section looks a little blank, it doesn’t really explain much.

I’d also love to know a little more about their tourism here too. Though I do feel like this is more of a point for the exports section as well as imports. What kind of tourism does Mnemosyne thrive off? The demographics section does a great job of this, but I’d love to see more detail in regard to this too.

Major Exports | If you could throw up a link to Kyber Crystals (I think that’s what you meant by Kyber, please correct me if I’m wrong). Just for crystal noobs like myself who might not know what Kyber is! I would also like a little more detail here but I’ve explained myself a little further below!

Demographics | This is a really in-depth description and I’m very impressed with this section overall! While the first half of what you’ve written hits the template’s description on the nose, the rest of it could be really helpful elsewhere in your sub. The stuff you’ve overviewed for each country and their capital is a perfect example of what I’d like to see in the major exports and the major locations sections. The subheaders you have for each country here would be a much better fit in these sections if you wanted to simply copy and paste them there, but it’s totally up to you!

I can see each country has their own little economy and their own way of life that shapes their day to day lives. Their location and what they have available is a major factor they use to their advantage when it comes to trade and commerce. These things can be outlined in the major exports section. It doesn’t have to be quite as detailed and it’s totally up to you how you go about this. You could make a little list for each country or list the most valuable exports. There’s so much creativity here it can definitely be shared about a little!

Where they are on Mnemosyne has clearly played a large part in what they’ve chosen to focus their efforts on. Perhaps they even design their architecture to fit that life? Do they have any major buildings or important areas in them? Little descriptions of the countries themselves, their terrain and architecture and places of importance, can be outlined in the major locations section. You’ve already written some really expansive descriptions of the scenery and the general environment of each country. It would be fantastic to see you showing this off in section too.

Freedom & Oppression | It looks like this section has been mistakenly missed!

I hope this makes sense but as always feel free to tag me if I’ve overestimated my explanation abilities xD (Happens more often then I’d like). This is a really amazing planet already and these changes are basically more aesthetic and template-based than actual changes to the planet itself. I know they might take a while to implement but they’ll definitely go a long way to making it a little more streamlined in terms of the way it’s read. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

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A lovely addition to the Codex - Very well done!

There's just one small thing:

1.) Major Exports: You'll need to define what "metals" exist per the template. Common materials and ores should be listed, unfortunately, we need to know what kind of metals exist. If they are undiscovered you can add them to the unexploited resources section.

Major Exports: Minerals (Kyber Crystals, Durasteel, metals etc).
Major Exports: [ What does the planet produce and bring to the galaxy, note that not all planets have to produce things. They can be barren or have riches yet to be discovered. Common materials and ores should just be listed (Ex. Durasteel ore), while anything special or rare should be linked. ]
Let me know when you're ready for me to take another pass.

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