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Character Ryv Karis, Sword of the Jedi

Name: Ryv Karis

Sword of the Jedi
Jedi Knight
Rank: Knight
Species: Kiffar
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180
Skin: Honey
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Black
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Knight
Force Alignment: Light

Jason Todd - Jensen Ackles
Theme: Twenty One Pilots - Goner

  • Innate Ability: As a force-sensitive Kiffar, Ryv possesses the gift of Psychometry.
  • Knight Training: Ryv has grown within the Jedi Order, attaining the skills and position of a Knight.
  • Hot Streak: Ryv will charge blindly into danger to protect someone.
  • Imposter Syndrome: No matter how much he succeeds, Ryv truly believes he should've died on the floor of his apartment when he overdosed. His successes are solely by luck or due to everyone not yet realizing how awful he really is.
  • PTSD: This one is self-explanatory.
  • Mister Save the Galaxy Part II - Electric Boogaloo: Ryv shoulders the burden of all galactic failings. In his mind, he should be able to save every life and redeem the greatest of evils. A true Atlas Personality.
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Act I: Humble Beginnings
  • Black Boots: Called out to the field for the first time, Ryv put boots to the ground and fought beside the Imperium, now Core Alliance.
  • There is Only Peace: Brought beside his master, Cedric Grayson, Ryv was introduced to the unification efforts by other Jedi. Though unsure of those gathered, Ryv decided to stick around and help make the dream a reality.
  • There is Only Knowledge: Step one of Peace's reinstitution, Ryv put together a proper cleanup effort to bring the Jedi together once more. Through his efforts, he even managed to begin building up proper relationships among the order.
  • Move like Water: Wandering upon a class held by Aaran Tafo, Ryv joined the younglings and reviewed his shii-cho lessons from years prior.
  • Dominion of Kesh: Called to aid the people of Kesh, Ryv joined Loske in the planet's desperate defense.
  • Run Foerost Run: Answering his master's summons, Ryv joined a group training session to take on his master. Cedric handled the onslaught, forcing the kiffar to engage his first force meld.
  • Darkness Rises; the Battle of Kintan: Unrelated circumstances brought Ryv to Kintan, only to come face to face with the most horrifying event of his life. Faced with death at the hands of the Sith or abandoning the people of Kintan, he took on a Sith Lord.
  • The Scars of Kintan: After the battle of Kintan, the Jedi Order stuck around and made an effort to help rebuild and bring the people of Kintan together.
  • Ruins and Robots - Part One: Dude Where's my Holocoron?: A cleanup job with a group of friends quickly turned into a life or death struggle in the depths of Peace.
  • Size Matters Not: With Ryv's masters unable to make time for him, he began making time for a bit of solo training. Having found Sev in his usual room, the duo managed to get in a good sparring match with Ryv walking away better for it.
  • Starlight, Starfight: Seeing Loske on Peace, Ryv joined her and Maynard in putting together a proper ship for himself.
  • Broken Light: Wyatt and Ryv took a trip to republic space, hoping to take a powerful dark side artifact home with them to Peace.
Act II: A Trip to the Nether
  • Blackwing Down: Sent ahead of the Imperium's forces, Ryv explored an abandoned star destroyer while hunted by some monstrous creature.
  • Overture: A mixture of Blackwing and the effects of the nether brought Breental IV low as the population found themselves slaughtered, turned, or traumatized in the event.
  • Abaddon's Gate | Chaos Rising: Still evacuating the populace of Breental IV, the Imperium found a massive portal to the nether opening above the planet. Monstrosities of various sizes flooded out to further terrorize the planet.
  • The First Steps: Called in by the Alliance to mediate the beginnings of a proper alliance, Ryv found himself ill-prepared for the innew workings of government.
Act III: Goner
  • Don't Let Me Be Gone: Nightmares of Kintan assailed Ryv for weeks after the planet's assault. Unsure of what to do, the kiffar approached Auteme and sought out the comfort of his friend.
  • There is Only the Force: After a brief vision of his captured friend, Lanik, Ryv woke the station to plan a rescue mission for his fellow padawan.
  • Operation: Save Lanik!: Joining the rescue of Lanik, Ryv and many Jedi of the order assaulted a star destroyer over Ventooine.
  • Behind the Sun: Captured by imperial forces during the Lanik rescue, Ryv finds himself in the clutches of a senile Sith and his imperial master.
  • Brothers All: Alone in a prison camp on Concordia, Ryv finds himself fighting to survive and escape among a prison population out to put the Jedi down.
  • Damsel in Distress: Unlikely Friends: Lost in Sith Space, Ryv finds himself dragged to Dromuund Kaas. Narrowly escaping the confrontation, he ended up coming face to face with someone in need of saving before his departure.
  • Knock Knock, Open Up the Door it's Real: Finding himself back on Concord Dawn after a week away, Ryv strikes out to find himself a warm meal and keep his head down at all costs.
  • Let's Dance: Invited to a concert hosted at a powerful Sith Lord's party mansion, Ryv has followed his latest companion, Zhani Amadine in hopes of keeping an eye on the wayward Sith.
  • Far From Any Road: Called back to Concord Dawn by the force, Ryv has followed the beckoning call to the site of a devastating incident.
  • Take a Day to Break Away: Having returned from months locked away in Sith custody, Ryv reached out to Auteme in hopes she'd meet him on Tython to discuss his feelings after it all.
Act IV: Business as Usual
  • Jedi Jubilee: Returning from what could potentially be the worst six months of his life, Ryv has decided to enjoy a date night with his boo on Thustra.
  • Barash: With months away from the homefront, the Jedi Knight stopped in to see his comatose master for the first time in a while. A pleasant surprise turned into an awkward conversation as the group of friends had to catch Cedric up to speed on the state of the 'Imperium.'
  • State of the Jedi: Pushed into action once more, Ryv joins the Jedi Order on Coruscant to discuss the dangers of the galaxy.
  • Station of Solace: Following through with a promise made to the Silver Jedi Order, the newly minted Sword of the Jedi strives to maintain the peace on Peace.
  • Scourge of Glottal: With another planet set in the sights of the Bryn'adûl, the Sword of the Jedi leads a group of Jedi against the xenophobic menace in hopes of saving as many lives as possible.
  • Going for the Head: With trillions more dead, the Jedi meet aboard Peace to determine the best way to deal with the Bryn'adûl.
  • Lazy Sunday: Months away from Peace did much to Ryv's skill as a Jedi, though it also piled up a backlog of work for the young Jedi. Being able to steal away and enjoy some R&R was exactly what the kiffar needed.
  • Valor on Vulpter: As Galactic Alliance officials find themselves captured by a group of radical nationalists, Ryv finds himself aiding in the negotiations to launch a joint attack to bring them home.
  • Bryn'ing Down the House: After returning from a successful mission on Vulpter, Ryv earned himself a few days of peace before racing off to capture the fearsome Tathra Khaeus.
  • Trouble on Tython: Called into action by the budding Galactic Alliance once again, a trip to Tython has left the Jedi Knight on the lookout for a supposed assassin targeting one of the many guests visiting Ashla's Embrace.
Act V: V for Valiant
  • Atlas: A relaxing day to play catch up with a close friend turns to a painful display of emotion for Ryv.
  • Weight of the Worlds: Led by great guilt within himself, Ryv seeks out one of his charges, hoping to make amends for his failings upon the battlefield.
  • Starbird: With the Core Alliance and High Republic officially declaring themselves the Galactic Alliance, Ryv finds himself seemingly trapped on a world he once called home.
  • Crossroads: Called into action to deal with the Blackwing infected gen'dai on Kuat, Allyson Locke proceeded to let Ryv down over and over again.
  • ILUM: I Love U Metellos: Due to a spotty history by the modern Jedi, Ryv finds himself called before the senate to speak on behalf of the New Jedi Order. He works to integrate the Order into the Galactic Alliance, though he finds staunch opposition by the corporatist party.
  • Schism's Dawn: Leading the Jedi forces beside the New Imperial Order against the Sith-Imperial Regime on Muunilist, the Sword of the Jedi stands side-by-side with Lucien Dooku against insurmountable odds.
  • Tales from the Front I: A Sudden Sunrise: Returning from a series of night raids against Sith-Imperial forces in Harnaidan, Ryv seeks solace from the constant battles within the solitude of his room.
  • Bearing Down on Botor: Fresh from the front, Ryv works alongside some familiar faces to break the Coalition's hold on Botor.
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