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The Complete Galactic Guide to Famous (and Infamous) Families, Clans, and Dynasties


A - D

House Arenais
  • Veiere Arenais (x)
  • Kay Arenais (x)
    • Son - Caedyn Arenais (x)
      • Asaraa Vaashe (Significant Other).
    • Daughter - Loreena Arenais (x)
    • Son - Bradshaw Ku (Adopted) (x)
    • Daughter - Rae-Anna Ku (Adopted) (x)

The Dray family, an obscure family of Force-users of Zeltron decent.
  • Magena Dray [Matriarch]
    • Aspen Dray [Eldest Son, CSF Officer] - Currently active writer
    • Nekana Quane/Dray [Eldest Daughter, Sith Acolyte] - Currently active writer
    • Kestrel Dray [Twin Daughter, Jedi Knight, Lupine - Highly Probable ties to the Van-Derveld's] - My character, currently active.
    • Kenara Dray [Twin Daughter, Dark Jedi, Lupine - Highly Probable ties to the Van-Derveld's] - Currently active writer
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E - H

  • The Ee'everwests, one of the Royal Houses of Naboo.
    • Main Family Line:
      • Teyla Ee'everwest [Middle Child, Adopted, Previous Handmaiden, Jedi Padawan]
      • Alora Ee'everwest [Second Eldest, Current Heir] - Active Writer
      • Osenia Ee'everwest [Youngest, Burgeoning Artist]
      • Kintel Ee'everwest [Eldest brother, Previous Heir, Died recently]- Was played by Judah Lesan's writer.
      • Sarnae Ee'everwest [Née, Aureus, Matriarch, Died Recently]
      • Jagen Ee'everwest [Patriarch, Died Recently]
    • Secondary Family Line:
      • Vere Ee'everwest [Née, Cortaé]
      • Ilrian Ee'everwest [Younger brother of Jagen]
      • Nazaro Ee'everwest [Elder Son]
      • Amidia Ee'everwest [Younger Daughter]
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U - Z

  • House Solidor
    • Iedolas Solidor - Patriarch, Dark Jedi Master, Grand Duke of Valythor and High-King of Kaikielius.
    • Vayne Solidor - Eldest Son, Dark Jedi Master, Heir Prince of Kaikielius.
    • Ashelia Solidor - Eldest daughter, Dark Jedi Master, Heir Princess of Kaikielius, Knight of Obsidian.
    • Lunafreya Solidor - Second Daughter, Dark Jedi Master, Duchess of JanFathal for NIO.
    • Daedalos Solidor - Fifth Son, Dark Jedi Knight.

House Verd of Mandalore - Mandalorian clan.

House Zambrano - Family of Emperor Carnifex and a whole lotta other people.
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