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Character Joza Perl

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Perl​

  • LOYLATIES: The Outer Rim Coalition, her family
    RANK: Rogue Master
    SPECIES: Half Zeltron, Half Corellian Human
    AGE: Rude
    SEX: Female
    HEIGHT: 5’8" [177 cm]
    WEIGHT: 130 lbs [59 kg]
    EYES: Green
    HAIR: Deep red
    SKIN: Pink
    BIRTHPLACE: Indigo District, Zeltros
    LOCATION: Zeltros (Varies)
    LANGUAGES: Galactic Basic, Huttese

    • Passionate
    • Charismatic
    • Ambitious
    • Guarded
    • Protective
    • Checkered past
    • Defensive techniques
    • Force barrier
    • Force bubble
    • Telekinesis
    • Crucitorn
    • Empathy
    • Soresu
    • Makashi

  • Mother: Yulenka Perl
    Father: Zef Halo Zef Halo
    Cousins: Cyran Vaas Cyran Vaas , Taozi Fuyuan Taozi Fuyuan
    Nephew: Maokai Bantam Maokai Bantam

Notable scars/marks:

-Faint diagonal burn scar from a Sith Acolyte on her left cheek.
-Large phoenix tattoo covering her back in black ink, designed to cover previous scarring.
-Small scar on her left wrist from a duel with Darth Pyrrhus.
-Multiple light/med whip scars along her back, thighs and chest.
-Thin whip scar running from her left hip to her belly button.
-Various light incision scars along both arms, armpits and above both breasts from Darth Ax'no.
-Healed saber burn on the left side of her neck.

Ink courtesy of [member="Quint Salis"]:
Other images:

Pre-RP history:
Joza grew up with her mother on Zeltros, allegedly fathered by a human male. She has never met her father, and her mother claims to be unable to recall much about him, citing that they had met only once many years ago. Both Joza and her mother worked in the entertainment district, Joza working as a waitress and a dancer, her mother working as a prostitute.

Growing up, Joza could not fully enjoy the hedonistic and sexually driven lifestyle of her home planet, likely due to her mixed blood. Even as an adolescent she found Zeltrons to be lazy and pleasure oriented, arrogantly thinking that she was destined for something greater. While she did admire the upbeat nature of her planet’s culture at times, and even indulged in it herself, Joza always wanted something more. She had more of a temper than most Zeltrons, and was generally meaner and more sharp tongued than others. Though her peers accepted her and she even had a few friends, she still felt uncomfortable.

As a child she met [member=Jericho], Joza’s first encounter with a Jedi. The man left a strong impression on her, enough for Joza to want to leave her home and follow the same alleged path as him. After discovering that she was sensitive to the force, Joza begged her mother to let her leave Zeltros and study to become a Jedi. Her mother refused, telling her daughter that it was too dangerous for her and that she should be content with life on Zeltros. While that was part of the reason, Joza was all that she had and she didn’t want to let her only child go. Joza continued to push her mother to let her leave well into her teens, until an explosive argument between the two led Joza to finally leave the only home she’d ever known. Though she loves her mother, Joza still holds some resentment towards her.


The young Zeltron would find her start with the Galactic Alliance, quickly and ironically becoming homesick. Jedi training proved to be a good distraction, and soon the Padawan would be thrust into battle. Facing off against Sith awakened a primal fear of death within in her, causing her to either tense up in combat or fight like a wild animal. She’s been learning to gradually center and control herself during a fight, though it is an ongoing process. An encounter on Lothal with a Sith known as [member=Vengeance] helped her to realize this, after soundly defeating her in a fight and giving her a few lessons in Makashi.

She’d also receive instruction from the patient ex-Sith turned Jedi, [member="Krux Mullarus"], who oversaw her during several dueling lessons. After visiting Voss at the suggestion of some of the Sanctum Jedi she met during her time on Sullust, Joza settled into the idea to become a part of the Silver Sanctum Coalition.

Shortly after arriving on Voss, Joza began her apprenticeship under Jedi Knight [member="Dune Rhur"]. The patient Bith turned out to be a good match for the frazzled young Zeltron, imparting unto her both combat skills and a more rounded personality. Through her training as a Padawan, Joza was able to overcome her instinctive fear of battle while retaining caution, and gained a sense of awareness she didn’t have before.


Early on in her Knighthood, Joza successfully obtained Streen’s holocron with the aid of her good friend [member=Nikias] with the intent of learning how to alter the environment.

Quickly after becoming a Knight and no longer under the watchful eye of her Master, Joza began to edge back into the hedonistic lifestyle of a typical Zeltron. Though initially rejected throughout her adolescence, she finds it difficult to resist though the years of self-suppression and chastity. An encounter with [member="Darth Ax'no"] on Voss helped to spurn her regression, leading Joza to believe that she was not as pure as she’d intended to be. Feeling compromised, the young Zeltron began to spend less and less time on Voss and has slowly begun to question the Jedi ways. Giving in to temptation easily, she betrayed the trust of her lover, [member="Haytham Kaze"] and caused their relationship to shift drastically.

Left questioning her life choices, Joza decided to track down her father which ultimately resulted in a tearful reunion with [member="Zef Halo"]. After finding out that the Mandalorian truly loved her mother and wanted to be a part of his daughter's life, Joza and Zef began an awkward yet heartwarming father-daughter relationship.

Falling carelessly further into a hedonistic lifestyle, Joza became easy prey for [member="Cadoc Raal"]. Spying the inebriated Zeltron at a bar on Nar Shaddaa, the Zygerrian slaver charmed Joza into bed before capturing her and selling her to [member="Darth Ax'no"]. Pleased to have the Jedi to herself, the Caprine kept Joza in The Grand Temple of Ax'no where she underwent both physical and mental torture. Eventually, word reached the One Sith that one of their Inquisitors was keeping a Jedi Knight prisoner, and demanded that Ax'no hand Joza over. Shortly before the transfer was to take place, [member="Zylah Dvale"] tipped off the Silver Sanctum that one of their Jedi was being held hostage on Balmorra. Frustrated at the loss of her new disciple, Ax'no released Joza right before the transfer was to take place. Armed with a light saber from the mysterious Sith Knight [member=Rapax], Joza was able to make her escape thanks to the Sanctum engaging numerous Sith and the aid of both Zef Halo and Haytham Kaze.
Dealing with the aftermath of being an Inquisitor's plaything, Joza began to question her own chosen path. Edging closer to the dark side each day, she would lash out and attack at those who tried to help her, including friend and fellow Silver Sorel Crieff. During the Silver Sanctum's invasion of Sith Triumvirate held Ruusan, Joza met with Haytham and his master, Darth Orcus. The pair of Sith attempted to convince Joza to their side, which in turn only served to make her angry and confused. After being shot with the Hapan Gun of Command by Haytham Kaze, Joza was forced to turn to the dark size and attacked Haytham in an unexpected rage, no longer believing him to be the man she fell in love with. When Solan Charr tried to intervene on the lover's quarrel, Joza attempted to kill him for attacking Haytham.

Afraid of sinking any further into the dark side and hurting those she cares about, Joza is currently working her way back into a more light sided lifestyle with the Silver Sanctum Coalition.

[F]= Faction [D]= Dominion [T]= Training [!]=Important

Unsteady Feet
I'm Not as Nice as She Was [!]
Joza meets her father, Zef Halo for the first time, punches him and then starts crying.
Teaching the Wayward Daughter [T]
Joza receives impromtu Mando training from her dad and gets shoved off of a cliff.
Zeltros Ink
On a trip back to her home planet of Zeltros, Joza checks out a local tattoo parlor run by Quint Salis with herfriends.
Show Me Some Skin
Receiving a tattoo from Quint Salis, designed to cover up her back scars.
Which Witch?
Nikias aids Joza on her hunt for Streen's holocron.
You Come Into My House [!]
Things go sour with Joza's Sith lover, Haytham Kaze after he discovers she's been unfaithful.
Phriked Up
Joza and Nikias head to Sekulus to mine for phrik, where Joza's bruises from her encounter with Haytham are revealed inadvertently.
Straight for the Castle
Joza helps Nikias commit regicide on his home planet of Hora.
A Long Way From Home
Meeting Padawan Damien Sinan.
The Beauty of Life and Death
Joza meets with Sith Lord Vengeance again, the two discuss Jedi and Sith philosophy before indulging in eachother.
Night and Day [!]
Joza & Vorian duel Sith Abelain & his bodyguard Blazing Eye over a holocron. Vorian nearly dies, while Joza loses a hand.
The Night Before
Flirting with a young, innocent soldier boy.
On the Prowl
Surprise Bounty Hunting with Mandalorian hunk Khalan Vhett.
Makeover: Clone Edition
Hanging out with the recently unfrozen clone trooper Rook, or Sigma 2734.

The Tantrum
Cat and Mouse [!]
Lured out of a Nar Shaddaa bar and enslaved by Cardoc Raal, Joza would eventually be purchased and tortured by Darth Ax'no.
Voss Launch Party
Performing some fancy dancing on the opening night of Club Voss and meeting gorgeous celebrities.
A Long Journey
Joza seeks out Haytham Kaze to apologize for Nikias attacking him.
The Element of Change
Crystal hunting with Azula Feanor on Enigma Prime.
Full of Actual Fire [T]
Joza seeks out Jedi Master Saki for wind and fire shaping training. The two proceed to bond over the power of Sasori snack cakes.
In Darker Waters Tread
Invited to a surprise dinner with Darth Orcus, her lover's Master. The Sith Lord attempts to sway Joza to see things their way.
The Night of Terror [F]
Liberating Galidraan from a nefarious Sith's rakghoul creations with the SSC.
The Balmorra the Merrier [F]
Escaping Balmorra with the help of the SSC and friends before being transferred from Darth Ax'no's slave to a One Sith prisoner.
Just a Dream
Post Balmorra Rescue, Joza wakes up aboard Haytham Kaze's ship and unable to control her rapidly changing emotions.
Fifty Shades of Crimson [F]
Joza aids The Brotherhood on Mustafar in fighting a Leviathan.
En Fuego [T]
Reuniting with an old Master, Joza and Jericho bond over training together.
Walking on the Sun
On edge from her time with Darth Ax'no, Joza lashes out and attacks her friend and fellow Silver Jedi, Sorel Crieff.
Bad Girl Boogie
After opening her own dance studio, Heartbeat House, Joza holds open auditions.
And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place [F]
Joza makes friends in the TKO while binge drinking her feelings.
We Good Few [D][F]
Mandalorian Empire dominion of Yaga Minor
Abolition is such an interesting word
Joza and Solan Charr track down and kill slavers on Nar Shaddaa.
SSC Invasion of ST Ruusan [!][F]
Joza encounters both Haytham and Orcus who attempt to sway her to their side. Under the influence of Haytham's Gun of Command, Joza is turned to the dark side and attempts to kill her Sith lover in her rage. Solan intervenes in their fight and is almost impaled by Joza's blade out of anger. The group is then swept into The Netherworld, where things get even more confusing.
Shake it Off
Joza instructs galactic celebrity Marzena Choi in the art of Shimmy Fitness.
Face God and Walk Backwards Into Hell
Captured by pirates after a crash landing, Joza must work with her fellow captive (Sith Knight Abelain Narv'uk) to escape.
The Wrong Side of Heaven
Letting her anger out on Nar Shaddaa, Joza encounters Darth Pyrrhus.

The Resolution
Over the River and Through the Woods
Joza meets up with Leina Snowfire and Dune Rhur, her "Grand"Master and Master, respectively.
Square One
Having had enough of her twisted lifestyle, Joza seeks guidance from Connor Harrison upon her return to Voss.
Familiar Shackles
Enslaved to Kossak the Hutt, Joza must endure her servitude and figure out a way to escape, hopefully with a handful of other slaves.
Nar Kreetan Nights
Joza scopes out the local talent and makes a new friend?
Moves I've Never Used
Joza teaches GA pilot Sylvia Nuru how to shake it at Heartbeat House.
Under 12 Parsecs [D][F]
SSC dominion of Kessel Hex, acting as a diplomat.
Connect With Your Friends
Joza auditions for a modeling gig at Spacebook Industries.
Rogue Master:
[F]= Faction [D]= Dominion [T]= Training [!]=Important

While on a ME vacation, Joza meets Alkor Centaris...her husband.
Footprints in the Sand
Joza and Alkor reflect on their new marriage.
Last of the Line
Joza goes to Hora to inform the royal family of the death of their king, Nikias.
Compliments from the Whale in the Back
Ghorua the Shark is looking for information on Nikias...
Hot Coals Beneath my Feet
After escaping the grubby hands of a Hutt, Joza makes her way to Kesh and her friend Solan Charr.
The Right Touch
Back on Zeltros, there's a tattoo shop with an old friend...
New Master, New Adventure
Joza tries her hand at teaching an equine Padawan, Serana.
Second Contact [D][F]
TKO dom of Resu Hex
Music of the Night [F]
Silver Jedi fancy party
A trip to Orax with Zephyr Carrick to go shard hunting.
Whiskey for Two
Upon discovering her pregnancy with Haytham's child, Joza comes across Connor Harrison...
Cell Block Tango
Helping Nico Ike and Lily Hex-Volsh test a flexible dancer's armor.
Every Woman Needs Clothes to Dance
Hellyni agent Atheus has an offer for Heartbeat House.
The Cleansing of Ruusan
A handful of SJ operatives head to Ruusan in order to clean up Triumvirate remnants.
The Breaking of Chains
Helping bust a slaver ring.
Foxy Grandpa
Joza has something to tell her father, Zef.
]The Fugitive: Butcher of Korriban
Joza aids Connor Harrison in retrieving Charzon Loulan, Butcher of Korriban.
Joza purchases a small cosmetics company to absorb into Heartbeat.
Two worlds Collide
Busness meeting with Neldar Poska of Golan Arms and James Justice of Justice Shipping.
The Perl-y Gates
Joza recieves a distress signal from Connor Harrison after his battle with Keira Ticon.
Cut Creases and Winged Liner
Business meeting with Alize Rosenheim of Quaint Gardens Beauty.
Return of the Jedi
SJO dominion of Hast.
Living the Life of Pablo Escobar
During a raid on Voss, Joza goes into premature labor.
Sister, Sister
In helping free captured slaves, Joza discovers her own half sister among them.
An old "friend" shows up at Heartbeat Boutique.
Sia's Song
Joza attends the wedding of Zak Dymo and Sia Ike.
Dominion of Jelucan Hex
TKO dominion of Jelucan Hex.
The Full Reach of the Law
At the request of HK-36, Joza participates in the rebellion of Atrisia on the side of the Galactic Alliance.
What Will You...Become?
Concerned with his previous behavior and upset over a recent raid, Joza seeks out Connor Harrison before he leaves the SJ.
Snell the Flower and Blow Out the Candles
Confused over her own alignment, Aria Vale seeks out Joza.
Snakes...Why Did it Have to be Snakes
SJO dominion of Drongar
In the Case of Deadbeat Sith Ghost Dads...
Siriwook, a demi-wookie seeks medical help from Vhysis Labs.
Jetti delenda est
Mandalorian raid on SJ Ossus.
This Day We Fight!
Iron Empire dominion of Ilum hex.
Sin City
Joza enlists the help of Nima Tann to bust a Nar Shaddaa slaver ring.
Beneficial Company
Something is up with Nate, and Joza intends to find out what.
Low Life
Elliot Locke finds himself in the hands of an angry Zeltron when dining at Igor's Palace.

Leg Day
Joza instructs Laira Vereen (Darkhold) in the art of dance.
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