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Sawa Ike

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō

NAME: Sawa Ike aka Darth Shōjō
RANK: Sith Lord
SPECIES: Energy Vampire/Human (Atrisian)
AGE: 5,500

SEX: Female
EYES: Silver
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White

  • One Sith Mark of Darkness down the length of her spine and spreading out around her waist with a thorny design
  • Black Rose at the small of her back set in her Dark Mark and tinted red against the pale skin.
  • Family Tattoo: A three headed draon, silver, black and red with gleaming scales and clutching a pearl. It is encircling a tiger from the Li-Ves clan as of them all Ike and Li-Ves were there and Sawa got it to always remember [member="Nine Lives"].
  • Memory enhancement:
  • Comprehension:
  • Physical enhancement:
  • Magnify Senses:
    Life Sense
  • Truth Sense
  • Weather Sense
  • Force Sense

Core force abilities:
  • Push:
  • Pull:
  • Speed:
  • Sense:
  • Jump:
  • Throw:
  • Tapas:
  • Breath Control:
  • Adianatic Shield:
  • Taint:
  • Fire:
  • Air:
  • Water:
  • Earth:
  • Combustion:
  • Ice:
AEL/Mohc Extractives 'Dauntless' Combat Blade
  • One fire augmentation
  • One Ice augmentation
Phantom fingers
Imperial Suite - Thoroughly looted. One intact datacard, discarded by a stupid looter, holds the location of the top-secret Styx research base, currently in CIS hands and run by Santhe/Sienar -- people you do not want to piss off. Within a hidden compartment is a manuscript detailing the creation of holocrons -- a very difficult process that Masters often fail.
Holdout Hand Cannon
Warden Cloak
Tri Stunner
Defensive Augmentation Implants - Breast implants with defensive Force powers. [Aurek Series]
Oubliette Satchel
Bodo Baas Gunbelt



Strength: Sawa has an innate affinity to speed up her neural processes and observe/take in large quantities of information. She has spent thousands of years training herself with shaping and a multitude of force skills thanks to her being an energy vampire. She has also learned and developed skills in shaping and manip[ulation. Not claiming herself to be the strongest but she is powerful and understands most of the humans.

Weaknesses: In a near constant state of hunger, Sawa seeks out emotions and the force to feed. er temper and emotions are somewhat underdeveloped from amnesia. [member="Nine Lives"] has fed from her taking away some of the thoughts and memories that she had. Her memories of the past are altered and lost somewhat to forget her.

PERSONALITY: Calm, collected and deeply angry. Sawa is in some ways a contradiction to herself where she feels things and uses her emotions she also has cooled off with age and finds that it is better to have a patience in everything. She can be prudent and ready for the more dangerous aspects of the galaxy. With her enemies she will be more ruthless, with her family and the rare friends she is warm and even kind towards them wanting to ensure that they are happy about it.


Sawa was born on Atrisia thousands of years ago. Growing up in the height of the empire's fuedal years when it was starting to expand its influence with population growth and booms across colonies. Joining and aiding the Republic as well as becoming involved i the politics of the deep core worlds. SHe was raised by her father and mother within the court and later became the companion and friend or at least the confidant of Midori the emperors daughter.

The two of them attended Kuramagi academy a school for the richest and most elite of the nobility. Sawa was assigned to watch and protect her being trained by her father and mother in the matters. There she met others, Akiko a yovshin who served Midori, Xavier although she didn't know who he was at the time and Ni-Ne, the last daughter of her clan. The two fo them changed things... became something more as they met and worked together in the school.

The two fo them went on a journey across Atrisia taking them from the sweeping Nhai mountains and the capitol to the outskirts of the hidden continents and jungles. The villages of the Keisei and island of giant ants. Sawa and Ni-Ne's journey also served for them to bond and plan their experiences across the planet..... finding a way to cope with their families, their growing attachment and friendship that seemed to be becoming more.

The sun drenched deserts were where they changed though, Ni-Ne's mother was returning with a dangerous secret that could smash most of Atrisia's future and the two of them needed to try and find a way to stop her. The two of them needed to do it or find a way to rally others but they had a mission assigned to them by the emperor himself and a chance to well get away from Midori was important for the two of them. Different trials in their experiences as Atrisia itself seemed to be changing.

With what happened to the pair of them Sawa eventually planned to leave Atrisia. to sneak away with Ni-Ne herself. THey would leave together and start a new life but... something happened. Ni-Ne instead fled to the jedi and Sawa was left alone.... finding herself lost and vulnerable she was taken by Xavier and accepted him as her husband. She needed to get away from Atrisia because of what the pair did an he offered to save and protect her.

Sawa eventually came to rule over the necropolis as a god with the Incubus Energy Vampire Xavier, all though their true origins are unknown. Some suspect they come from the void between space where the light of the stars dies out and all is thrown into darkness an ocean of infinite darkness. That creates a theory as to why her species hasn't been seen within this galaxy and their white skin that glows with a tiny star.

In truth she had been changed from an Atrisian noble exiled from her home by the emperor after helping Ni-ne fight her mother and the sacred ancestor. A ship that was one fo the first designed and made to expand atrisian interests within the Unknown regions. She was transformed and became with Xaviers child. the only child he would give her. Aoi their daughter but after this she realized his plans in luring jedi to the world.

With them came Ni-Ne... a child who and she was surprised to see Sawa once again. The two of them squaring off and when Ni-Ne was captured, her people killed... Xavier had planned something dangerous and that made her hatred and blood boil over. Slaying her husband to protect Ni-Ne and using her influence to hide the truth. She kept Ni-Ne alive while experimenting on her and letting her anger out. THey had made a plan, they had planned a future.. they had....

Her thoughts had changed at the end of the century though and where she had hated she pitied and held Ni-Ne as the painkiller would put her to sleep to finally rest. It failed, Ni-Ne had taken to the experimentation and the turning.. Sawa's inability to turn her into what she was. To force the life they had wanted together upon her resulted in Ni-Ne scrambling her mind and ripping away memories of them being happy.

When Xavier died reasons unknown, she was left to rule over the world alone. Even with her unnatural beauty and powers over desire, She couldn't curve the wants of the people, and slowly everything descended to anarchy and she was forced to flee and hid in the tombs of the world. Without a way to feed, she began to dry up and slowly mummified, a process taking decades. The pain was immense and she can still feel it in her bones.

While she slept in the bowls of her former palace, above the world went trough a death and died as the worlds of the galaxy sent their dead to them and buried it within the planet wide graveyard. The bone worms would devour the bodies within a few years leaving little left except another empty grave. The planet developed a religion of the dead and after untold years the began to praise their fallen gods once more.

The high priestess Yasmeen who was a zealot and Melodie of Yavin VIII began a search to find their fallen gods and when she found her hiding place Yasmeen laid her out within the chambers of the temple and attempted to revive her. All her efforts failed and the order waited for decades and kept the faith that she could be reborn. The resulting process banished the sleeping Sawa's memories and locked away the location of her true home world.

It wasn't until several centuries later when the new priestess Rashida discovered that Sawa responded to the dead and could in effect raise animals and bodies that came in close contact. By stealing and infusing the energies of the body.(force) She believed that only the powers of the fearsome Xavier could fully resurrect her. No one had learned in years that he was dead and her Onna ocntinued to protect the sacred ancestor itself hiding it away while she and Ni-Ne slept.

More centuries past and still the world died, the dead were brought and the worms ate. The priestesses prayed and appointed their newest leader a woman named Seraphina. Seraphina felt the call of her lord and prepared for his arrival. What came was the war general Zeik and with him he brought Xavier powers over the dead. When she was finally brought back by Aoi with her grand daughter Elise it was revealed that Sawa had killed Xavier.

Awakened the sith lord spent her time returning to power. Allowing herself to recover and feed upon everything that was brought before her. She could feels oemthing in the back of the universe where she was moving when the sith emeraged and Sawa spent the next centuries mastering her darkside prowess and powers. She worked to become a powerful sith lord in her own right and to empower herself on Atrisia.

Ike Family: My family, older then many think... some believe and hoped we were just an upstart family from Atrisia but few could understand the breadith of our past and history. I have lived many centuries and seen many of my family expand and go outwards. From Atrisian nobles tied closely to the Emperor to families that have expanded to other worlds and systems spreading us out. All trace themselves home.

[member="Nine Lives"]: Someone.. someone ancient. Ni-Ne was a friend once, a close friend when we were in the Atrisian academy and at court. When she was offered a chance to join the jedi and myself married.... I begged her to run away together... She refused and then returned only to be hunting me down. I reacted badly and she may be my one real regret of the last five thousand years.

[member="Maple Harte"]: A bounty hunter that I have met, she is quite talented and she loves the feeling of the darkside within her. So much so she has slowly been twisting maybe. Time will tell after what happened with Maranon.

[member="Kurenai Yumi"]: My great Granddaughter who fled after her mother tried to fight me. A great deal has happened to bring her and her children back into my lives and it is rather exciting... strange even to meet one so.... young but she has seen a different life.

[member="Xi Rell"]/@Natalija: My apprentice when she listens and pays attention to her master properly. A brute of a woman but she has potential to become a powerful instrument of destruction... oh the plans that might come from it.

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