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Magena Dray

Major Faction


OOC Account

Social Information

Name: Magena Rose Dray
Alias(es): Leta Thaxton
Birthworld: Zeltros

Homeworld: Tralus
Current Locale: Port Haven
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Gender: Feminine
Marital Status: Single - Non-Monogamous
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: N/A
Force Alignment: Neutral
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Face Claim: Rachel Morteson

Physical Information

Species: Zeltron
Sex: Female
Physical Age: 29
Actual Age: 47 [Spent some years as a Hutt's trophy in carbonite]
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Colour: Magenta
Hair Colour: Lavender
Skin Pigmentation: Pink


Theme Songs

Just Like Fire [Lite em' up]



Hrethrik Adair
Draven Quane

Ignasius Van-Derveld Ignasius Van-Derveld
Judah Lesan Judah Lesan
+Countless Others

Randil Dray [Father]
Radana Thiled [Mother]
Felicity Rainflower [Sister]
Livian Charteuse [Sister]
Erix Thiled [Uncle, Deceased]
Yasmin Perris [Aunt]
Yazmeen Perris-Thiled [Cousin]
Nekana Quane [Daughter, Estranged]
Kestrel Dray [Daughter, Estranged]
Kenara Dray [Daughter, Estranged]
Aspen Dray Aspen Dray [Son]



Chameleon Effect
The kind of person who can embody or conform her attire, attitude, or style, just to fit in at any given moment, to the point of flawless perfection.

Sex Appeal
Decent genetics and a sprinkling of pheromones is a dangerous combination, she's not beneath using her natural assets to get what she wants.

Master Escapee
She's gotten herself into enough situations that she's become quite good at thinking on her feet and improvising to figure her way back out.

Telepathy. Empathetic. Astrogation/Navigation.


Force Ability
She has a few tricks up her sleeves, having learned some force abilities from a young Judah Lesan.
It's enough to give her the element of surprise, but not enough to hold up against a full-fledged force user.


Patience is a virtue, but not one of hers. It's likely she's the person hollering explicits out the window about your flying ability.

Nobody is perfect and Magena doesn't try to hide her flaws. Opinionated, and always ready with a defiant verbal retort. She never learned how to keep her tongue locked behind its pearly gates and it's landed her in hot water on more than one occasion.

Mediocre Aim
She does alright when hitting stationary targets that she can line up, but moving targets are much more difficult.

Do not count on Magena to bail you out if you're in a pickle. She only ever looks out for number one. Very few are an exception to this rule.

She is slender and graceful with unblemished skin that is a light-pink hue. Next to your average human, she is quite exotic, with hair that falls in amethyst cascades and clear, deep-pink eyes. Like most Zeltron, this mouthy seductress isn't afraid to show off her curves and enjoys wearing revealing clothing, even in impractical situations. There are certain assets every woman is endowed with and she's learned to make the most of them.


[Bio Update Coming Soon...]
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Major Faction


OOC Account
[member="Judah Lesan"]
Well, well. If it isn't scruffel-muffin! Long time indeed. I knew eventually you'd come back...can't live without me, can you? :p ;)

[member="The Matador"]
Think you got 'em, now down, boy. :p

Siyndacha Aerin

[member="Judah Lesan"] [member="The Matador"]

Pathetic, the both of you.


*gives 'come hither' look and beckoning finger*