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Kenara Dray

Kenara Dray



Social Information
Name: Kenara Dray
Homeworld: Unknown
Current Locale: TBD
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Dark Jedi Knight
Force Alignment: Neutral to Dark


Physical Information
Species: Zeltron/Unknown
Sex: Feminine
Age: 25
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 129
Eye Color: Dark Pink
Hair Color: Black/Dark Brown
Skin Pigmentation: Olive with a pink hue


None at the moment




There have been a few, but none worth mentioning

Radana Thiled [Grandmother]
Randil Dray [Adoptive Grandfather, deceased]
Father [Unknown]
Dray [Mother, Unknown]
Kestrel Dray [Sister, Unknown]
Nekana Quane
[Half-Sister, Unknown]



Living on Hoth will take a toll on most people, but Kenara eventually learned to thrive in the harsh conditions.

She pays close attention to the little things, especially when it comes to people. She's learned to read body language and while it's not with the fluency of a Lorrdian, it still provides her a wealth of information.


+/-Adrenaline Junky

Like her twin, she can't resist a challenge, but she also lives for any and every opportunity to get her adrenaline pumping. Sky diving, cliff diving, rock climbing, etc...she's yet to meet an activity she won't try.


While she learned to direct her temper growing up in the harsh conditions on Hoth, it isn't always under her control. She's got buttons that can be pushed, to send her into a spiral of destruction.

-Bitter Heart
Bitterness festers in her heart because of her mother's actions in abandoning her to servitude on Hoth. As a result, she's closed it off tight and let it wither in her chest. It can easily be exploited to make her doubt herself.


Kena has a tall, lithe form, with slender muscles sculpted from her years of indentured servitude on Hoth. Dark locks crown her head, and dark pink eyes gaze out of an expressive face, plumps lips often set to a knowing smirk. She prefers simple clothing tailored to fit snugly against her figure, and considers make-up mostly unnecessary. Having been born in space and spent a decade living in servitude on Hoth, she hates the cold and is perpetually covered up.


Kenara and her twin sister Kestrel were born to Magena Dray aboard her personal starship. It is unclear which system the ship was located in at the time, and as such, they have no official birthplace or even birth records. Magena kept many things from the girls, including the identity of their father, and they remained as hidden as possible aboard her ship for the first few years of their lives. Neither one stepped foot on any planet until the age of five, when their mother realized that they would not be safe with her much longer given their Force sensitivity.

She tore the twins apart and sent Kestrel to Tattooine, while she sold Kenara into indentured servitude on Hoth. She was sold to a clan of salvagers who lived and worked near the area known as the Starship Graveyard on Hoth. There was little comfort to be had, and she was treated as a commodity instead of a living child. Kena was set to work immediately, being assigned to tasks appropriate for her size and strength, and given a small sleeping space in the corner furthest from the central heat source. She was perpetually cold and always hungry, for both food and some manner of affection - the latter of which she never received.

Kena grew into a young woman under these conditions, her Force sensitivity growing as the years passed, her mind and powers shaped by the terrors she'd endured. She learned to be quiet, to keep to herself, and that she could rely on no one save for herself. People were just a means to an end, and she used them as such when she turned fifteen. Released from her servitude, she left Hoth as soon as she found passage off-world, and spent the next few months traveling the starlanes until she was discovered by a Dark Jedi Master. He molded her into a warrior and trained her until Knighthood, when he fell in battle on Manaan. She has wandered the stars on her own ever since.
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