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Nekana Quane

Nekana Quane


Social Information

Name: Nekana Quane
Alias(es): N/A
Title(s): N/A
Place of Birth: Zeltros
Current Residence: TBD
Prior Residences: Nar Shaddaa, various other shadowports
Sexuality: Pansexual; Non-Monogamous
Gender: Feminine
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Knight
Force Alignment: Dark

Physical Information

Species: ½ Zeltron | ½ Human
Age: 31
Sex: Female
Height: 167.64 cm [5'6"]
Weight: 70.3 kg [155 lbs]
Eyes: Dark Pink
Hair: Lavender Purple
Skin Pigmentation: Pink
Playby: Lauren Calaway



Inon [Former Master]


Radana Thiled [Grandmother]
Randil Dray [Adoptive Grandfather; dec.]
Draven Quane [Father]
Magena Dray [Mother; unknown]
Kestrel Dray [Twin to Kenara | Younger half-sister; unknown]
Kenara Dray [Twin to Kestrel | Younger half-sister; unknown]

Killian Quane [Uncle]
Erix Thiled [Great Uncle; dec.]
Yasmin Perris [Great Aunt]
Yazmeen Perris-Thiled [1st cousin, once removed]


Nature’s Gift
As one of Zeltron blood, Nekana is equipped with potent pheromones, and possesses the innate telepathic ability to project emotion, as well as read and feel the emotions of others - a trait that is bolstered by the Force, an avenue by which she has learned to manipulate those very emotions.

Other Strengths TBD


Optional Attributes TBD


The Drugs
Nekana has been acquainted with recreational substances from a fairly young age, but it wasn’t until her late teens that addiction set in - an unfortunate hazard of a life lived in shadowports, when not aboard her father’s ship, and her increasing freedom to be outside of Draven's supervision. Later, try as she might under the edict of her master, addiction wasn’t something Nekana could beat, but something she came into being able to manage, with the aid of the Force. However, if cut off from the Force in any manner, her coping mechanism (read: the ability to detoxify poisons in the blood) would become unavailable, and ‘Kana would be at the utter mercy of her addictions.

Other Weaknesses TBD


Though she is only half-Zeltron,‘Kana is every bit a visual specimen of the vibrant-skinned species. She cuts a lithe, narrow-waisted figure, and her curves are modest, just right: neither large, nor small.


Instilled with much anger, and being a nigh-incorrigible enabler, ‘Kana is every bit the product of a terrible father and abandonment by her mother (or so she was lead to believe). A life spent growing up in the underbelly of the galaxy, amongst smugglers, bounty hunters, drug dealers, and more that ‘better people’ would designate as scum has also went a long way into forming her psyche, making her cunning, ruthless, and never shy about using all she is and has available to her for her benefit, or for shets and giggles. Training in the ways of the Sith has only served to sharpen her.


Nekana Quane was born as a product of a liaison between a young Magena Dray and the scoundrel Draven Quane, and was taken away to be raised by Draven, with Magena being told by her own father that the infant had died. As the daughter of one such as Draven Quane, Nekana had little in the way of a childhood, and was more a tool of, then a business partner of her father as she grew, and was instilled with the belief that her mother had abandoned her, and that the woman was nothing of worth. ‘Kana and her father often butted heads, but kept it together most of the time.

At 22 years of age she encountered a force user that claimed to have known her mother, told her how much she looked like the woman, but her long-formed opinion of the woman only lead her to be angry, biting, and dismissive of him, and she told him to feth off, leaving in a storming huff.

Not long after, the biggest fight she ever had with her father ensued, and she left his company too, flitting from port to port and stewing in her own emotions for weeks, most of it spent in a drunken and drug-induced stupor. Until, that is, she was made to come out of it, and introduced to the life of a Sith, by the Lord of Lust himself. It was under his tutelage she remained, until she ascended to the rank of a Sith Knight, at which point she struck out again on her own, as having a master over her had chafed for long enough. She set out once again, but in that solitary time, she found something new in herself, something she craved that she had left behind - power was a seductive thing, an addictive thing, but so was her master. So could she be.

It would take much gnawing of her lip, much wrestling with that aversion to being so beholden to another, before she would put her wants and desires above her foibles, but with time, the want for more could pull her back. Would pull her in.

But until then, what's a girl to do with her time?

Nekana Quane

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I gotta wonder if you're as hot to the touch as you look...

Zenva Vrotoa

The Blood Matron
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Yes l can! Yes l can! Yes l can!

[member="Isaiah Dashiell"]

Careful Pup, my bite is worse than your bark. ;)

Now boys! Stop playing around in [member=Nekana Quane]'s bio! Shoo! Sorry for the disturbance, Darlin'. We'll leave you be. Won't you, boys. See how that wasn't a question.
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Hey, hey...

Now, hands off my Apprentice.

...I don't like sharing.

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Nekana Quane

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...I like sharing.

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I'm still hotter than you. Literally, my stomach is magma.

[member="Nekana Quane"] [member="Inon"]
Don't worry, pink isn't my colour.

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Red things tho...