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Invasion Great Balls of Fire | Agents of Chaos invasion of CIS-held Rodia and Talay

Human Replicant Droid

LOCATION: Talay - [Inside Station/Headed Toward Alt CIS Squad/Command Center]
OBJECTIVE: Shut of the signal - Defend
WITH: Ares Stone Ares Stone + [OPEN]
WEAPON: DC-17 [Canon]
CIS ALLIES: Damsy Callat Damsy Callat Tien Ulinesque Tien Ulinesque Ciri Jade Ciri Jade
AOC ENEMIES: Aiofe A'Dess Aiofe A'Dess + [OPEN]
Electric jade photoreceptors flickered while the holo-feed let her view the male humanoid that was her was intended. His features were balanced and equally proportioned, though, there was a particular slant to his brow that allowed her to make mostly correct calculations about his region of birth. An almost coquettish smirk touched pale pink lips that had been designed for sass and sin. He was a soldier. She would most definitely be the processing power of this operation. Muscle, indeed.

He had been speaking to a droid that was far less of a free-thinker than she was before landing. The wireless data-stream passed through an invisible band fed her the information she lacked. His habits. His words—The way he moved and spoke. Small things. Autonomous responses. Unruly waves crashed against the base of the relay and the HRD found her focus.

Perhaps her employers had intended that she fly with an adjunct. Protection. A pilot.

Didn’t they know that her reaction time was more precise than his would ever be?

“A pressure system is moving in. It’s coming across the water from the north.”, she relayed, briefly, without bothering to explain that the droid he’d offered the details to before had been an efficient snitch. They were kindred. Athena held more in common with a toaster than she did with the soldier that was laughably placed to keep her from termination. “Something large, of the many, has disrupted the natural order. Strong but vertically shallow systems have been pressed down from higher altitudes along the northern hemisphere. There is a displacement in precipitation that has left an upper level disturbance.”

All of these fancy words meant only one thing.

“Something has risen.”

Something that did not belong on Talay. With more data of the localized area, or direct feed from a satellite, she might have been able to discern that it was a massive Confederate Fleet. Athena had a job to do. Work, to complete. She was not aware of the actions the Droid Nation intended to execute save for the fact that the relay required maintenance. “We should move.”

“Nice arm, champ.”

It wasn’t hard for her to see what didn’t belong. Even beneath the armor. It was an older model stood out more than anything else. “But that thing reads like it was liberated from battledrioid scrap. You should consider an upgrade. Your financial accounts are in order. At least, what you’ve claimed. Apply for a credit loan before the Galactic Credit shifts in value again.”

It would. It always did. Especially, when war was afoot.

From the readings she’d been taking in? This was no small-scale tussle. The purple-hearts would be picking up ship pieces from the orbit of Talay for years to come. She watched the man stand and secure his helmet and cut her feed with the droid at his side before departing her own ship fully while letting precise feed carry her across the landing pad. This place was a bit of a mess. New tech meets old tech. Patch jobs everywhere.

Soldier began looking for a way in. She rolled mechanical eyes and approached what appeared to be a wall of nothing. It didn’t really look like a door.

Athena let her hand lay on a hidden panel that would lead them inside the relay station and it began to light up whilst she interfaced. “We are not alone. Friendly forces.”, Athena relayed to the one called Ares Stone Ares Stone whilst her eyes flickered. They were granted access. Doors that didn’t require physical keys were easy enough. Especially, because she had been uploaded with every access code required.

The chittering noise came from deep within the compound. It was loud. The poor human didn’t seem capable of hearing it scream. It was all Athena could hear. He asked if she could locate the signal and if she had access to blueprints. Her head cocked to the side for a moment. “I can. And I do.”

Yes, she could hear it. Yes, she had schematics. Well. As much as she could gather. Intel was…Sparse.


A portal whirled to life and opened for the pair. His equipment seemed faulty and a simulated sigh passed through her lips. “0 BBY sent a holo, Soldier. They want their tech back.”

Their friends had more back up than they did. A whole team, by the looks of it.

Athena wondered if she ought to have felt offended or proud.

There was something else. Feedback. This station had lost most of its power long ago and therefore many of its systems were offline. She couldn’t see what crept in from below. Didn’t know. Athena was partially blind to the lower levels (
Aiofe A'Dess Aiofe A'Dess ) by the very nature of her incredibly intricate composition. She wouldn’t have been able to hear what Damsy Callat Damsy Callat reported were it not for the comm she had been given. “If I were with the tactical team I would search for the heart of the station. Keep watch. There are things I cannot see.”

Technology called to her. Shadows, ghosts, and enemies in the dark beyond did not.

So, they walked.

The station was in a state of disrepair. It saddened Athena to see technology that had been abandoned and forgotten. Much like the monolithic rings of KDY that had been thrown to the planet. They decayed in plumes of debilitating radiation. This wasn’t quite the same travesty—But force-feeding power from one place to the next was annoying. It made it easier to open doors and access panels but it was only temporary. Dangerous. “Our friends move up. We will need to find another way.”

Athena plotted a course. Stairs.

“This is Athena. I am on my way with an escort. ETA…Twenty. Thirty minutes.”

The encrypted comm memo was sent through the airwaves to the rest of the Confederates ( Damsy Callat Damsy Callat Tien Ulinesque Tien Ulinesque Ciri Jade Ciri Jade ). It would be good not to take a blaster to the chest on site. It may or may not cause internal damage to her, but, it would be costly. No dress would ever look pretty again with a burn hole to her metallic sternum. Then how would she dupe clients?

Athena reviewed the terrain again.

They were partially blocked in some places but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t climb over. Athena placed a hand on the smooth stone of a dusty fallen pillar and vaulted over it. She slid low, ducking down, so as to avoid hitting her head on a fallen beam. “You will make it through this crawl space. Only, barely. Please do not be claustrophobic at this time. If the walls feel like they are closing around you and your chest grows tight—Remember, you must breathe.”

There was a slam from somewhere inside the facility.

Athena paused. Her audio receptors were quite sensitive and the sonic emissions came from below. Not too far below either. There were definitely people. Not the tactical team. They didn’t bear the same signatures. She could only assume that these were the individuals Ms. Callat had seen. She also caught something else out of the corner of her eye. Movement. But, without substance.

A trick of the light? She frowned. Athena, much like the others, was not fond of this station.

“What comes from beneath is not ours. I calculate that they will catch us rather quickly if we do not make haste.”

And if he didn’t keep breathing so loudly inside of his helmet.

Did he want them to be caught?

Athena sighed. Humans.
Coopers Cooler

Post : 8
Equipment :
Aranov'kad, Morden, Ysalamiri

Let's see how this goes, he had thought.

Kaine poured the tihaar, as the music changed. Dianah took up her glass, and made her toast. Kaine smiled and nodded in gratitude.

In apology? He didn't know. He felt a little guilt for what he was about to do, but more than that, he felt resolve. Duty came first. Mandalore came first. Metus wasn't here, but Kaine could make him regret that fact. He'd resigned himself to the fact that the sweet Lady Dianah, charming and beautiful, would need to be sacrificed.

In his right hand, Kaine took up the shot glass.

To making new friends. He returned the toast.

In his left, Kaine took up his Aranov'kad, which he'd taken out while he had been rummaging behind the bar. As he moved the shotglass towards his mouth, watching Dianah, the hilt came above the bar, the near emitter pointed across the bar.
Kaine took the shot, and made his move.

In a single motion, Kaine activated the forward blade and swept it horizontally left to right, glowing black tip thrust forward aimed at the lady's very pretty neck. A decapitating slash, if it connected truly.

Kaine's mind emptied of all conscious thought now, giving itself over to combat. Just in case the lady's head remained on her shoulders, she was likely to object.

The old Mandalorian was ready.

Darth Miseria Darth Miseria Aselia Verd Aselia Verd Saram Kote Saram Kote
Dark and dangerous wrapped in cute and bubbly.

L O C A T I O N | Equator City - Flip Credit Casino
E Q U I P M E N T | Armour - Lightsaber - Boots - Wrist Saber x1 [One Destroyed in Invasion of Ryloth] - Water of Life x5 - Raxus Relief Gas x5
A L L I E S | Aselia Verd Aselia Verd - Saram Kote Saram Kote - The Confederacy & Friends
E N E M I E S | Kaine Australis Kaine Australis - Agents of Chaos

Friend. My. Shebs.

Miseria was almost surprised. Almost. Just as she tilted her head to throw the tihaar down her throat, the flash of something dark and dangerous cast a shadow on the ceiling. Not knowing what it was, and being in the extremely vulnerable position of having her neck in open view, she could have only assumed the worst. Miseria threw herself backward, completely dowsing herself in her shot glass of tihaar in the process, taking several large steps that would hopefully get her out of danger. They did… somewhat. She felt the sudden burn of something indescribably hot. A flash of searing pain followed that was only worsened by her slip with the tihaar.

“You just… had to ruin it.” Miseria lifted an arm to wipe the spilled booze from her face. The burn of his saber had singed the flesh on her neck, she could smell it, even over the potent stench of alcohol. “Alright.” She grinned, the same hand reaching for the hilt of her own saber. “Let’s play.”

The blade should have burst into light, with an obnoxious, almost blinding fuchsia hue, but it didn’t. Because at the same time, her other hand rose, causing a sudden rumble to drown out the irritating beat of music. Miseria was well practiced in telekinesis. It was her father’s forte, and in her earlier days Miseria had clung to him like fruit to a tree to learn all she could from him. Now accomplishing the force move was like walking in the park on a summer day. Easy.

One by one, at first, the heavy bottles of alcohol nestled against the shelves behind the bar began to fly at Kaine. Her aim was random, but it was on purpose. Before too long, a torrent of them rained down mercilessly on her target. The coloured glass shattered across the top of the bar, across the floors, over every inch of shelf, covering everywhere in a fine mist of sickly sweet booze. If any of the bottles found their mark in his flesh at all, all the better, but for now they served as a simple distraction.

Miseria donned her helmet, forcing them over her curls until it clicked into place. Her saber finally burst into life, dousing her in vibrant shades of electric pink. Aselia. Saram. Close in on my position. The Butcher of Eshan is here. Fortunately, though her supply of bottles was rapidly growing thin, her heavy use of telekinesis would hopefully cover up the fact that she reached out to the group on the roof. Do whatever you can. He can’t leave here alive.

Forgot to colour some speech!
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Coopers Cooler

Post : 9
Equipment :
Aranov'kad, Morden, Ysalamiri

The old Mandalorian was ready. Or so he had thought.

His slash connected, but not enough. Osik!

He ducked behind the bar, and then it began to rain booze. Not in a good way. Bottle after bottle, some of them rather heavy and still full smashed onto Kaine. Some broke, those hurt. Some didn't, those hurt worse.

Kaine swore, unclipping the twin hilts and igniting the second blade.

He concentrated for just a moment, ignoring the rain of alcohol and glass as he sent a telepathic command to his Morden. The simple creature only understood target and distance, but that was more than enough.

<<Her. Two meters.>> A telepathic command wasn't the Force, so she wasn't liable to sense any communication from Kaine.

She would sense nothing other than the Living Force flowing into him as he vaulted high into the air, up and over the bar, rounding off in the air to come down facing Dianah, black blades held outward.

It was strange to be in a suit, and not beskar'gam, but here he stood.

It was never going to work out, love. It's better this way.

Kaine waited for the Morden to circle around and bring Dianah into its sphere of Ysalamir influence. He watched and waited, glowing black blades ready.

This he understood. Combat was what he knew best.

Aselia Verd Aselia Verd Saram Kote Saram Kote Darth Miseria Darth Miseria
Dream weaver
WIELDING: 4 Whimsy Knives, 1 Nastirci Combat Knife, 2 HG-88 ‘Big Iron’ Hand Cannons -(One has Glitter Bullets) 5/6 Verpine accessory shot ion tag round, 1 R12 LMG, (6) of Chaos Gas grenades, (4/6) of Elemental Grenades, Pouch of Vita Stones, A couple candles in separate pouches
Phase II Haywire Armor with no helmet on top of UL-13 Corporis Skin Suit with helmet
Iskaayuma, Leaving the factory district
ALLIES: Agents of Chaos, Strike Team Bluebell

The woman huffed, and doubled over after a majority of her energy was spent. She desperately wanted to tear the helmet off and gag and make all sorts of nasty sounds to get the sick feeling out of her gut. To get the exhaustion out of her with the proverbial cleansing that her body demanded. The air scrubbers inside the helmet were doing little to aid that when her mind was...brushed against.

Today was a field day for strange feelings. And this was just adding to it as her eyes searched around for a moment before shaking her head. Feth this was a weird day. She slowly controlled her breathing, having run a triathlon in record time she felt before trying to return that feeling as best she could. It came back to Domino Domino as more of a feeling rather than full words. A feeling of want, to be safe, without the hint of words. Like feeling wrapped in a familiar blanket, or tucked away in a safe spot at home. She could not yet return the words, but hoped the feeling was enough as she cast a glance behind her.

Force this was a strange day. Shot at by feth knows who, running as fast as that, and now people...doing mind magic. She would have to say something to Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter about this at some point. That woman knew the force, then again it seemed Domino did as well.

Location: Rodia
Wearing: xxx
CIS: Muad Dib Muad Dib | open
AoC: Alwine Daye Alwine Daye | open

A grin fitted itself on The Demon’s lips as Muad Dib Muad Dib answered him. The man was truly a testament of insanity, how the Agents of Chaos ever thought they would keep him contained was a marvel. The story of his escape was one Daegon would have to hear again. It showed, once again, how foolishly unorganized chaos truly was. That was the reality of chaos itself. It was destabilizing. An organization which thrived on nothing but would eventually fall upon itself, falter from within. Normally Daegon would be content to patiently await the day these terrorists tore themselves to pieces, but not after what they had done to Derek Dib Derek Dib , nor what they had done to Seraphina Corvinus. This was not about the Confederacy.​
This was personal.
Daegon looked to the forces he was given, and the basilisk which landed. While it was not a sentient steed, it would do. The thought of riding into battle with his crimson bladed lightsaber in hand was a comforting thought. While the command he had been given would ensure the creatures which were stampeding in their direction would be dealt, Daegon knew it would allow him to keep the chase. Alwine Daye Alwine Daye was close. He could feel it.​
It was as if he could smell it on the air. Whether it was hers or that of those that accompanied her, it mattered not. Daegon used it, absorbed it, as he allowed it to fuel his power. The combination of his hatred for the woman which had nearly killed the two people closest to him, and the fear of those being chased, made the perfect amplification. They would suffer, all of them, but not before dealing with the threat which faced them now.​
“To this skies then,” Daegon nodded as he mounted the mechanical steed.​
Dib did not wait for Daegon to finish his response before charging ahead into the fray. A chuckle escaped his lips as once again the man proved the lack of his mental stability. Who ran into a bombardment? It was Daegon’s turn as he pressed the Knights Aegis ahead.​
“Kill every last one of them,” he commanded.​
The task would not prove that difficult as the ships which provided the fire power from above took care of the majority of the creatures. Their screeches and screams could be heard as many burned alive or were dispatched by the explosions which manifested around them. Daegon did his best to move ahead between the beams of heated plasma which fell from the skies above. Those which did not die by the laser fire fell by Daegon’s blade, or the knights which followed him. None before him would survive, the rest which were not, they would be left for Dib.​
Daegon would not allow Alwine to escape, not again.​
He pressed ahead until he found their resting place. Once again he was too late. Two paths lay ahead, but which one did Alwine take.​
Closing his eyes, the Sith Lord reached out with his senses once again.​
She was alone.​
He smiled.​
Turning to the Knights he pointed them down the path the others had taken.​
“No mercy. None of them are to be left alive. They are in league with the woman who tried to kill your master. Some of you were there when the order was given for them to surrender. You saw with your own eyes that Gabriel Volturi Gabriel Volturi attacked some of your brethren with the force, slamming them into the wall, gripping them with his invisible talons when all of them could have complied. There had been no need for violence that day. They chose it. They shot Derek Dib. They rejected mercy then, so they shall not receive it today. None of them are to remain alive.”
Daegon leaped from the iron steed, sending it ahead with coordinates which should drop it right in front of the woman he was chasing.​
< “Come to my location. I have found her trail once more.” > The words pressed into Muad Dib’s mind as Daegon pushed the force to his legs once more.​
“I WILL FIND YOU,” he shouted hoping Alwine was close enough to hear him. “YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!”
His bellow rippled with force. While he was not a master of the skill, the dark side made him stronger. His voice was dark, dissonant. It lacked the entrancing and melodious tone which Seraphina Corvinus Seraphina Corvinus boasted. It was just as destructive, however. As he screamed through the woods, Daegon watched the path clear before him. Trees and branches parted as though the hand of god had once again parted the great sea. She would not be able to hide for long.​
Ryloth and Siskeen would not forget.​
Daegon would not forgive.​

Willam Forlon

Rogue General

Location: Rodia System, AoC Carrier task force, Impellor-class Battle Carrier Bullseye

Objective: Engage Confed forces above Rodia.

Allies: Any AoC forces

Enemies: CIS Forces Sabine Delacroix Adron Malvern Adron Malvern

Squadrons formed up and moved off away from the fleet formation towards the Fleet now approaching from the world. Token looked at the display and the two leets now moving to destroyer his group. It was clear that the intelligence department of the AoC was incompetent. They should have known the location of the super destroyers at least. He knew he would be facing opposition, but there was never supposed to be this much of a fleet presence at Rodia. he made a mental note to add that to his post-action log. The ship shook as a salvo of missiles slammed into the shielding. he looked at the display then to the hologram and gave orders. "Focus fire on the lead ship in the formation," he ordered watching the ships moving from the world towards his group. the combined ships of the fleet moved their focus to the led ship in the formation approaching from Rodia's low orbit. The group had chased a group of corvettes down into he world and it seemed has dispatched them and were now moving to have a go at Fodders fleet.

"Sir, one of the Pickets are requesting an urgent channel be opened." said the communications officer from somewhere behind Token. He sighed and replied. "Tell them I will contact them at my earliest convenience," said Fodder as he continued to watch the holographic display of the battle. "Sir they say it is important something about an odd reading..." Token turned and scowled at the officer "Tell them we are trying not to die and that when I am able to speak with them I will call them" shouted Token. The communications offered shrugged and killed the channel. Token turned his attention back to the display and the battle raging in space around him. He would have to reprimand that ship's commander when they returned home. Interrupting him in the middle of a battle. What could be so important that it needed his attention in the middle of a battle? Token shrugged of the thought and went back watching the battle unfold.

Carrier Line

1 @ Impellor-class Battle Carrier "Bullseye" (A88/S79)

4 @ Proclaimer-class Star Frigate #1 A100/S93 #2 A88/S67 #3 A99/S45 #4 A36/S12)

Skirmish Line

4 @ Procursator-class Skirmish Destroyer #1 A89/S8 #2 A45/S9 #3 A100/S87 #4 A68/S90)

Attack Line

4 @ Victory-class Light Star Destroyer #1 A100/S45) #2 A76/S95) #3 A45/S68) #4 A79/S56)

4 @ Invincible-class Fire Support Cruiser #1 A67/S86 #2 A45/S77 #3 A96/S45 #4 A100/S88

Support Line

2 @ Proclaimer-class Star Frigate (#1 A97/S88, #2 A100/S89)

1 @ Abolisher-class Containment Cruiser (A100/ S100)

2 @ Indictor-class EWAR Corvette (#1 A97/S99, #2 A85.S56)

Picket Line

2 @ Kantos-class Heavy Frigate (#1 A88/S95, #2 A94/S68)

3 @ Vigil-class Light Frigate (#1 A100/S95, #2 A94/S65, #3 Destroyed)

3 @ Vigilance-class Heavy Picket (#1 A88/S75, #2 A93/S79, #3 A54/S28)

4 @ Intersector-class Patrol Picket (#1 A95/S94, #2 A87/S91, #3 A98/S100, #4 A65/S22)

Continued engaging CIS forces.
Targeted lead ship in Sabines formation and concentrated fire on the vessel
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Tyrant Queen

Location: Weapons Factory District, Iskaayuma, Rodia
Callsign: Alpha Actual
Squad: Alpha Quad, 10 Dauntless Commandos
Equipment: Project Xiphos Armor | Modular Tri-Blaster | Micro Light Shield | Bayonet | Cryo Grenades | Fragmentation Grenades | Thermal Detonators | Comlink | Raxus Relief

Allied Command: Confederacy of Independent Systems
Hostile Command: Agents of Chaos

The worst thing about Haastal Verd's expectations of a kill in ten minutes was what he'd probably say if Alpha didn't kill Daiya (though he'd probably settle for Nighthaunter). It was her job not to let her squad get berated because the world didn't kneel before any one person's expectations. Not to mention Alpha would like nothing more than to come out on top in comparison to Omega. Everyone knew Luna Terrik favored them, and that they'd lost their CO on Atrisia -- which only made those can-heads even more dogged. They only needed to look to Haastal for that. Well Alpha wouldn't mind getting a little attention themselves, like any other squadron of Dauntless. They all busted their chops in training and in battle. Here, in the refuse and ruin of galactic civilization (not the veneer they saw walking between market stalls), was their chance to demonstrate their quality.

And the rats weren't holding still long enough to bag and tag them.

With a thwip, the Colonel threw herself over the edge and began a rapid descent below. The other three Commandos with her would follow in short order, though a hair less recklessly. That was fine. Tiria had the experiences of multiple people fueling her reactions. Snap decisions weren't an issue, even if it came down to 'which vaguely defined shape in my periphery do I blast first?'

Unfortunately, the rats had made for the sewer and there was no such body there to soak up some well deserved blaster fire. These people knew how to keep Tiria from earning another promotion.

Someday she'd be the Grand Mashal, and the Dauntless would be hers to command. Once Tiria discovered the monster that had nearly wiped out her race -- that of the creature that had telepathically bonded with the Human-like woman people knew -- a little convincing would be all she needed to crush them under her heel as they'd sought to do all those years ago. But none of that was going to happen if she failed in her mission.

To witness the destruction of your civilization and be left the only survivors forced to eke out a living, alone in the dark... some would have been driven mad with grief or rage. Not her. Not... the Overmind. Much time had passed before another creature disturbed its grounds. Its chance had come, and she had seized. It was many more years before Tiria Reinhart graduated the Confederate Academy, years before she proved herself worth of command among the Dauntless, and now she had become Colonel of her own squad it would only be a short time... a little more time... before they would have the resources at hand to find the one responsible; and end them.

It was that which drove her onward. Not lofty ideals, and not even blind rage. Righteous indignation and the refusal to submit to the rigors of time. They were coming. And the rats should be prepared for their reckoning.

Tiria gestured for the street-side teams to redirect themselves to scanning the surface for lifeforms emerging from below the surface. The moment they poked their head out of the rotten depths, the trap would spring shut without hesitation and without mercy.

Those that dropped in around her were instructed to follow her below. The filtration system and HUD would serve them well, and no one was going to open their mouths about the thought of what they might step in. Anyone that so much as gagged over the comlink or bent over was going to be cleaning the waste reclamation unit for the next standard month.

Barrel down, Tiria hopped into the sewer. The second her boots struck the boot, the blaster snapped up. She pivoted in place to check her rear, and then snapped back around to watch her front as measured steps carried her away from the drop for the rest to follow. Yet, their quarry was not to be found.

With the other three covering the area, Tiria crouched down and touched the ground beneath her feet. Vibrations. Movement. The Wookiee alone wasn't skittering away light as a mouse. Factory or escape? She would have expected them to go for the factory despite the overwhelming odds. It's why they'd come here, wasn't it? Terrorists didn't care about out numbered they were. They didn't care how many lived or died. They had a 'message' to deliver, and when they committed to something they followed through. Or was the cause not enough to justify that this time? 'Millions' they claimed; sounded worth it to her, but what did a Hivemind know of such scattered individualistic creatures. But they'd been fleeing along the rooftops in the other direction, or at least perpendicular to it.

Escape. Forward then.

A sharp hand signal had two take to the left of the tunnel, while shed led another along the right. The pair on either side were spread five feet apart, weapons ready. Second the enemy showed itself they were blasting. Friendlies? Yeah, sure, in the sewer. All the time. No, they'd better have passed that little nugget along the encrypted channel if they didn't want shot; there were no friends down here, just walking corpses.

Ironically, in more ways than one.

The squad of four moved forward in search of their prey. Tiria could feel something out of place in the area. Eyes ( Nighthaunter Nighthaunter ) that watched from the dark. It was more than adrenaline or paranoia, but she couldn't say that to anyone else in the squadron. After all, her Force 'sensitivity' was a closely guarded secret. The Dauntless weren't Force sensitives. Neither was she, far as Tiria was concerned. That the Hive operated over some invisible, mystic energy hardly seemed important -- especially to someone with plans to lead soldiers, not philosophical idealists.

Tag: Luna Terrik Luna Terrik | Haastal Verd Haastal Verd | Daiya Daiya | Nighthaunter Nighthaunter

Location: Rodian Space ~ The Veil
Objectives: Support Rodia's defense
Equipment: Crimson Dread, Comlink, Sword, Lightsaber
Tags: Srina Talon Srina Talon Sabine Delacroix Sabine Delacroix Willam Forlon Willam Forlon

Space was eerily quiet, even with the salvo's of turbolaser fire that were being exchanged from one fleet to another. Adron stood silently, his amethyst eyes gazing out at the scene before him. He'd always had some talent when it came to deducing the next move of his enemies, however this fleet commander was particularly hard to deduce, mainly because his movements so far were fairly standard. He was opposing a fleet with the upper hand in firepower and soon with the deployment of the Veil, they would be outflanked as well.

The Super Dreadnaught had led the charge forward and now it stood prepared to fire upon it's enemies. Yet it did not. The lead firing officer for the Veil's gun crews stood closely beside Adron, yet the Exarch did not give the command to fire. Instead he continued to stare out before finally looking to the deck officers before him. "Once we drop our cloaking field, immediately scramble the fleet's fighters, tell them to harass the enemies main line. Now, bring us to grid coordinate, 1748." He said, gesturing towards one of the enemy's Invincible-Class Cruisers.

One of the Battledroids glanced down at his datapad before raising his eyes to look over the scene before him once again. "But- sir...that would mean."

"I'm aware of the order I gave, droid. See it done." The battledroid nodded before turning back to the navicomputer. "Roger, Roger." As The Veil moved closer and closer towards the enemy fleet, Adron spoke softly. "It's our luck that they were not able to notice us yet. The Veil has impressive stealth capabilities, but this fleet is massive none the less." He told Srina, bringing a single hand to brush against the stray hairs of his chin. "We'll have a few moments to rally our shields, however it will be only a moment. From that moment on we will cut through their center line and divide their forces. The Defense Fleet over the planet will take their forward guard and we will sweep up the rest." He said, simply. He looked to Srina Talon Srina Talon with a meaningful expression. "Once we deploy, you must contact Sabine Delacroix Sabine Delacroix and inform her of our plan, also order Marshal Sorenn's fleet to stand down and maintain a defensive pattern over Rodia. We will make quick work of this."

"Ah, it seems we're in position." The Exarch said with some satisfaction.

The Veil had been increasing speed for some time and only just now had they come upon the exposed flank of one of the Invincible-Class Carriers. The Exarch's eyes lit up as he spoke softly. "Deploy."

The Veil's stealth field was deactivated only moments before the ship slammed into the Carrier. The much smaller ship was practically sliced in two as the War Dreadnaught fell from the shadows of space. A massive explosion occurred that Adron watched with some marvel. Streams of white and blue fire exploded out while Adron's hand reached out, curling his fingertips around the sight of the explosion. In the last moment he took his hand back as his voice boomed over the Command deck. "Status report!"

"Sir, all of our escorts are falling out of their stealth fields and engaging the enemy!" One of the signal officers reported back.

"The fore hull has been damaged sir, we took a considerable hit from the impact, however no critical systems are in danger and all levels are holding. There are a few reports of hull breaches but the halls are being sealed off." Another of the Engineering staff droids chimed in.

The Exarch nodded before exhaling softly. "Get the weapons system online, order our escorts to take up a defensive web around us and fire into their assault line." He ordered.

With this, the true battle would begin.

Fleet Action: The Veil dropped it's stealth field, smashing through one of the Invincible-Class Carriers. The Star Dreadnaught escorts deploy beside the Veil, firing into the enemy assault line.

1x - The Veil - Forward hull slightly damaged, Shields down, arming weaponry/defense kit
4x - Whitestar Battlecruiser - Taking a defensive position around the Veil - Shields deployed - Firing at the enemy assault line
Soldier of Fortune

LOCATION: Talay - nearing the control center
OBJECTIVE: Shut of the signal - Defend
GEAR: Standard Armor, 9118 Heavy Carbine, 6 N-20 Baradium-Core Thermal Detonators, RSKF-44 Blaster Pistol
WITH: Athena Athena
CIS: Damsy Callat Damsy Callat | Tien Ulinesque Tien Ulinesque | Ciri Jade Ciri Jade
AoC: Aiofe A'Dess Aiofe A'Dess | open

There seemed to be a delayed echo as Athena began to mention the pressure system. Ares almost rolled his eyes had it not been for the fact the conversation she was relaying seemed to be the exact wording he had used with the droid on the drop ship before Athena had landed.​
There was a reason Ares preferred to work with people. It was harder to relay conversations between them for one. It was a good thing Ares didn’t say anything personal to that droid otherwise Athena would know it. The soldier had a pretty good guess that the HRD had already accessed his personnel file, including the parts that had been redacted to keep his past line of work a secret. Maybe she hadn’t, but with the way she was talking, and behaving, the spectre was almost certain she had. Ares may look like a typical grunt, and was certainly as stubborn as one, but he was a lot smarter than he let on.​
The technology? Okay that was a problem. Since parting ways with his previous organization, he had lost access to all the tech they had provided. What Ares didn’t expect was the pure amount of sass the replicant known as Athena Athena would exhibit. She reminded him of Penny, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. No one had been able to get under his skin like that woman, but he had left her behind when he left the last organization behind. Athena was about to get first hand education on what happened when people came at him with too much sass. She might be a droid, but she looked far too much like a woman for Ares to remember she wasn’t in the heat of the moment.​
“If you’re done snooping around my file maybe you would realize I’ve got a custom on order already, hmmm?”
There was a bit of a bite to his words. Ares wasn’t mean, but he did tend to get snippy and sarcastic around too much sass.​
“Yeah, my tech is old, but it was an arm or fancy new stuff. My division within the Confederacy doesn’t exactly exist, and my technological requirements are not… cheap.”
In other words, Ares had expensive taste. He had been spoiled with his last job, and had not worn the particular set of armor he was in while he worked for them. There was sense of nostalgia as he wore it considering it had been put together piece by piece, paid for by job after job during his days as a freelance mercenary. Those days were behind him, for now, chasing ghosts, monsters, and the things which went bump in the night, seemed to be far more exciting than fighting someone else’s war for them.​
This time as he began to follow the droid his eyes did roll. He was becoming more curious as to why he had been sent on this assignment with an HRD that could clearly take care of herself. It wasn’t until she mentioned there were things she could not “see” that it all made sense. There was something about the station, and perhaps the mystery of the signal itself which may have required his particular area of expertise. Granted, fighting supernatural forces with the weapons they were carrying did them no good. It wouldn’t stop Ares from doing his job, however.​
Ares was glad to be in the station at least. A message from their allies came across the comms. It seemed both of them had taken note. The lifts were not going to work, so the stairs it was. Initial scans of the interior seemed to suggest the base had been abandoned for some time, which did not seem to make sense considering something had been triggered during the evacuations. There was definitely something about all of this which did not feel right.​
The soldier watched the path Athena took through the rubble. She said he could make it, and he nodded as he followed her path. If she said he could fit, then there was no doubting.​
It was tight, but doable.​
“I don’t get claustrophobic, sweetheart,” he said as he finished crawling through the space.​
That was when the slam sounded. Ares jerked his head over his shoulder out of instinct. They were either being followed, something or someone was infiltrating, or… something was terribly wrong.​
Athena seemed to have a handle on the what, to which Ares responded with a nod. They had not time to wait.​
“We had better get moving then.”
Ares pressed on ahead of the rubble. The stairs were still a fair git of a climb considering the rubble which was in the way, and if they were getting flanked the best thing for him to do was keep an eye on their rear as they went. Athena would have a faster reaction time, but it was more important that she make it to the control room to stop the signal.​
“Let’s see if we can make that twenty minutes ten, hmm?”

Willam Forlon

Rogue General
Location: Talay System
Objective: Engage Confed forces above Talay
Allies: AoC Forces
Enemies: CIS Forces John Locke John Locke Kiff Brayde Kiff Brayde Visanj T'shkali Visanj T'shkali

The Fire line sat five hundred meters to the flank of the CIS formation and was now opening up on the fleet. Long-range turbolasers streaked out toward the enemy, their red hue plasma containment crossing the void reaching out to hurt the ships of the CIS formation. Long-range ion cannons aided them, their blue-white energy streeking out hoping to find the enemy shielding. Mass drivers of various types fired on the enemy adding to the barrage they now faced. A flash of bright light lit up the area around the rows of the Auroras as they fired their Energy Torpedo projectors. Energy projectiles instantly crossed the battlefield moving too fast to see striking out at the ships of the Formation under John Locke's command. The light show crossed space between the two fleets as each fired volley after volley at each other. As the Aurora began charging their energy torpedoes for another shot the ISD III finalized its fire solution. A thousand-meter long beam exploded out of the prow of the destroyer as the massive beam cannon fired on John Lockes command ship.

On the far left flank to the CIS fleet, the twelve ships of the picket line formed up and began moving towards the CIS fleet. The combined group fired countermeasures in the form of ionic shock canisters and proximity mines. As they deployed their first volley of countermeasure ordinance the ships broke off from their run and turned to move along the port side of the formation and out past it to move in behind the group.

The main formation of the fleet now had moved up behind the massive battlecruiser using it to shield the lines from enemy fire. The prow of the Bulwark taking the full brunt of the hell of fire from the CIS fleet.

"Move us up Captain," ordered Forlon. The captain nodded and gave the order to the vessels helm officers. The Monstrous Bulwark, which had been firing its retro thrusters to keep the world of Talay from pulling its insane mass in went silent. The hulk lurched and began to move toward the CIS fleet under the pull of the world. The massive thrusters came to life pushing the massive vessel towards the CIS formation. Behind its hull the rest of the formation lay hidden as the group moved every faster towards John Locke's fleet.

"Sir New contact moving up from the planet. Fifteen large contacts of unknown class moving into the low atmosphere of the world." announced a sensor console officer. Foorlon turned his attention to the new set of contacts now emerging on the holographic display. "They have really rolled out the welcome mat here boys. Have the Fire line turn to engage our new friends," ordered General Forlon. The addition of the new contacts put the force they were facing at over three times their number and power. It was not a good situation for the General and his forces. They had come to try to leverage both the organizations to lead the world. Now he was caught up in the AoC's war which he wanted no part of. The new contacts opened up on the combined forces over Talay with formidable energy weapons. The streams and arguing of the beams struck out like lightning at the ships they were now moving to engage. Forlon watched as the ships ascended from the world and moved to engage the AoC.

"Captain, set our course for the middle of the Mister Locke's fleet. Let's go shake hands with the find gentleman."

Fire Line
fired volley of Long Range weapons on Lockes fleet
Fire full salvo from both Auroras energy torpedo projectors
Fire Proton Beam Cannon at Lockes flagship
Changed targeting solutions to T'shkali's fleet
Picket LIne
Deployed countermeasure canisters including Ionicn Charge and Proximity mine
Broke from engagement and moved around Lockes fleet to approach from the rear.
Main Formation
All ships in main information behind Justice hiding in it's protective shadow.
The formation began to move towards Lockes Fleet at full speed.
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Location: Equator City
Equipment: Beskar'gam (Armor)
Enemies: AOC​
Allies: CIS​
Enemy TAG: Kaine Australis Kaine Australis
"You know how the old saying goes, right vod? Hurry up and wait" asked Saram, glancing in her direction momentarily before returning her attention to her rifle. "Udesii, I'm sure she's fine. And I know she'll give us a heads-up in case trouble finds her. Till then, it's our job to make sure she doesn't have to." It wasn't meant as a slight, but rather meant to help assuage her concerns and give her something to focus on to take her mind off any concerns she might have.

Aselia heard the words of her 'vod' even though that word was still a foreign concept for her; it was strange to consider any other Mandalorian 'family' outside her adoptive clan anyways. Part of her hated the fact that Saram felt the need to calm her down, but she also knew that she was right and that getting herself all worked up ahead of the battle had her in the wrong headspace from the start. She took a deep breath and calmly exhaled with a firm nod as she got ahold of herself. She hesitated only for a moment when she spoke her next words, not looking at Saram, but acknowledging her at least in a way that was perhaps more significant than Saram would know. "Vor entye, vod". Aselia stood just as she felt the touch of Miseria upon her mind.​

Miseria donned her helmet, forcing them over her curls until it clicked into place. Her saber finally burst into life, dousing her in vibrant shades of electric pink. Aselia. Saram. Close in on my position. The Butcher of Eshan is here. Fortunately, though her supply of bottles was rapidly growing thin, her heavy use of telekinesis would hopefully cover up the fact that she reached out to the group on the roof. Do whatever you can. He can’t leave here alive.

Aselia did not even need to look when she heard Miseria in her mind. She knew what that meant and without a moments thought she kicked off the roof hard and ignited her jetpack to launch across toward the casino. She quickly drew one of her pistols from the attachment point on her hip as her sensors began to sweep the building for the two life signs, one was Miseria certainly, but there was another. The other was a man a great many wanted dead. She came to hover a distance from the casino. Targeting the roof itself with missile launchers on each shoulder, a volley from each barrel blasted forth. Six missiles flew toward and impacted the roof with a tremendous force to send debris crashing down below, but more importantly so that Saram would have a clear field of fire. "Vod! Let him have it!" she shouted out on comms to Saram and leveled her own blaster at the opening.


Sergei "Jack" Jachovich


Location: Dirt side outside the capital
Task: Enter the dome and seek vengeance
Ally Tags: Millu Lee Rann Thress Felurian Malvern Eenia Vahn Valeria Sempronia Isalor Grathan
Enemy Tags: Gabriel Volturi Gabriel Volturi
TDW Gen-3 Armor System, TDW HARM, TDW L-7, EBFAK, 30lbs of DEX and 6 DEX Satchel Charges, Various specialty munitions including two magazines of High Explosive Rounds, and two magazines of Smoke rounds (No non-lethal rounds), regular magazines are stacked with 1:1 Armor Piercing/Anti-Shield rounds, SYC Smoke Grenades, Flashbangs, 1 Dire Wolf's Fang blade
Theme: Exit Dire Wolf
Sergei had waited for the man to make a move. Any move. Even the slightest hint of a move. And when Voph unleashed his attacks, when Rann had so foolishly charged in, Sergei had stayed his hand. He hadn't moved at all. When they had thrown their full force at the man, he had simply fled, whether of his own volition or not. Which meant to Sergei he wasn't worth wasting a single bullet on him. The entirety of the Dire Wolves present had waited, with baited breath. They waited for the Dire Wolf to engage. To signal them that the fight was on. And nothing happened. The man had simply faded into a shadow, and left. Sergei was visibly shaking as he looked at the space where the man had previously occupied. The coward had run. He'd picked a fight, and ran. Sergei growled in his helmet in rage as he looked at where the promised foe had turn tail and ran. He in fact nearly crushed his weapon in his grip and lowered it slowly. He heard the orders from Voph. He simply nodded and quickly issued his own.

"Dire Wolves, fan out in your teams. Hunt down the remaining enemies. If the dogs flee like the cowards they are, do not waste your ammunition. Tear them apart with your blades or hands. Do not give them a warrior's death. They are vermin, and deserve to be exterminated as such,"

Sergei turned about and motioned for his droid to follow him. His part in this was done. There was no more worthy prey about that was absolutely being jumped on by the Confederacy. The Agents of Chaos had been fools to think they could simply walk onto this planet, announcing their intentions ahead of time, with minimal to no forces to back them up, and just pull out a win. The paltry forces they had brought weren't even worth him trying to chase them down. His men would support other forces in the area, his TCD-1Ds and TCD-2Ds would be terrifying additions to anyone attempting to flee the CIS. Their heavy weapons were designed to utterly annihilate anything not to Sergei's standard, which was pretty high in and of itself. And that wasn't even counting the Dire Wolves themselves. These men and women of his unit were trained to be some of the most terrifyingly effective commandos in the galaxy, armed to the teeth with some of the best technology ever devised. And instead of a battle, instead of the Agents of Chaos providing them a force worth a challenge as their bravado had suggested, they had once again lied. Sergei was sick of their games, how they played at war. How the CIS had even been so gracious to take away the civilians from the planet to make this an even playing field. To take away their precious civilian shields and so called resistance fighters. They'd challenged the CIS and the CIS had directly answered with a force that now more closely resembled the actual fighting strength of the CIS. A force that had no restrictions on it now. And instead of the Agents' bringing something even close to bear, they'd fallen horribly short. If they'd even done a child's level of recon they'd have known how many were here. How many soldiers, combat personnel, and equipment the CIS had brought to bear. That the Agents' thought their forces adequate Sergei didn't know if they were that foolish or insulting the CIS.

Either way, they would die. And to Sergei, there was no point in him getting in other people's way trying to exact his own pound of flesh. He would wait, patiently wait. Someday he'd get his chance. Someday, he'd show the so called Agents of Chaos what they had created on Ryloth. The monster that was now waiting for its chance to repay their so called "kindness". And Sergei wanted the people he killed to know who had sent them to the afterlife, to hell.

The Dire Wolf would send them, and when they all finally got there, he'd even go there to ensure that they would be haunted by his visage and hunted for the rest of eternity.


Warden of the Ice
  • Objective - Regroup Strike Team
  • Location - Dome exterior, nestled in the equipment on the top
  • Gear and Equipment - Armor, LMG, Sidearm, knife, rock, candle, twin lightsabers, various grenades, demolition charges.
  • Allies - Agents of Chaos, Strike Team Bluebell Sasmay Cull Sasmay Cull
  • Post 8
That was quite the level of warm-fuzzies Cull was sending her way. Two things were paramount underlying the message, she was doing her best to hold together, and she wanted to be safe. If the human had known exactly what was going to happen to her, Domino doubted that she'd be feeling so eager for the upcoming trip. Domino had already established her perception of the weave which she now bent and folded, bringing the point where Sasmay was to a point where Domino wanted her until the two were one and the same, a gentle pulse of the force knocked Sasmay from one thread to the next, and Domino let reality snap back to its proper shape as her partner fell through the space between places to appear before her.

"Easy! Easy!" Domino rushed to grab the other woman expecting her to fall, Fold Space was a schutta the first few times until you learned to accept it. A newly awakened Force user who likely didn't even have a grasp on their perceptions would have the experience of both being and not being extra rough. "Helmet off now, it may smell but you don't want to puke in there." From there Domino would try to get her teammate calmed down if she needed it and siting down in some concealment to recover. "Take your time, we're good for now. I'm sorry I left you." Yeah... Her bedside manner still needed work. Hopefully the soldier would appreciate the lack of coddling. Of course the utter slab of metal that was her armor wasn't ever supposed to be comforting. So she was a bit disadvantaged to start with.

Once Sasmay looked like she was doing good Domino would stand up again and begin her limited precog and enhancement meditations again. "Alright, one last thing and then we can go home," she handed Sasmay the first of her demolition charges. "Those factories aren't going to destroy themselves."
Hot Pursuit
Objective/Location: Seek and Destroy - Talay System
Fighter: Phase I “Ballerina” Star Interceptor - Aurora Seven
Onboard Equipment: Phase IX Anti-G Suit | X-8 Night Sniper
Allies: AoC ( Willam Forlon Willam Forlon Salem Norongachi Salem Norongachi Dimitri Lindzinsky Dimitri Lindzinsky )
Enemies: CIS ( Kiff Brayde Kiff Brayde John Locke John Locke @Visanj T’shkali)

There were no words for what she saw next.

As she retreated and positioned her fighter behind the looming mass of the Justice and the picket corvette, her sensor readers began to flash red, as they detected fifteen more Confederate battlecruisers, presumably having ascended from the surface before engaging what was left of the Ravager fleet. With quiet trepidation, Bella watched as the lead Monarch was swallowed by fire and explosions. It was the ship that she had been stationed on when she flew under Phantom squadron during the first invasion of Talay, only a few weeks prior. Fortunately, Phantom squadron had been reassigned elsewhere, but there was someone on that ship who she knew only as an acquaintance, but one that had made an impression on her regardless of their short and ephemeral meetings. As far as she knew, he had been the only other Togruta on the ship during her brief assignment, and it just so happened that he was also the lead technician for her designated fighter.

Bella didn’t know his name, and in all likelihood, she would never find out his fate, but she could only pray to Discordia that he had somehow found a way to escape.

However, that could only happen if she managed to survive what would come next.

Her sensors exploded with red IFFs, and for a few moments, Bella thought they were malfunctioning before she finally saw what they had been processing with her own eyes. The hulking forms of fifteen massive battlecruisers, which were accompanied by a seemingly endless swarm of fighters, materialized in the distance over Talay.

She had initially been unable to admit it, but for the first time in her short life, Bella felt scared.

It was a kind of primal fear, born out of a realization that she was now in the most danger she had ever been, even surpassing the situation she had found herself in during the first stages of the battle over Ryloth. Even so, that battle had somehow turned out in their favor, in spite of the horrific sight the fleet had come back to upon their return to the Scintilla. This time, Bella didn’t see an avenue of victory. Not when they were outnumbered more than three to one, with one of their fleets reduced to molten slag within the initial stages of the battle.

No, this time, there would be no great resurgence to turn the fight in their favor.

Today, when she died, she would do so broken and frozen with fear. They would call her a heroine, who had died fighting a righteous battle against a numerically superior foe, but only she would know the truth of how she had went, which she would take with her to an early grave.
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The Fallen Angel


Captain Maxiulis’s POV

Objective: Collapse the tunnels - LAPW’s
Time: 0034
Equipment: VAARS Rifle, XIPHOS Armor
Ally tags: | Anakwor Farlorn Anakwor Farlorn | Shuklaar Kyrdol Shuklaar Kyrdol | @Sergei “Jack” Jachovich | Draconis Sederius Wolf Draconis Sederius Wolf | BX-72967-RAZOR BX-72967-RAZOR |
Enemy Tags: | Eldoc Quasat Eldoc Quasat | Zaldros Sabolte Zaldros Sabolte | Madalena Antares Madalena Antares | Domino Domino | Gabriel Volturi Gabriel Volturi | Théodoro Théodoro |

The road was proving a bit more..tough to destroy than originally thought. Their original salvo hadn’t cut all the way down into the pipping of the sewer, but the searchlights did pick up what looked like some large cracks running along the top of the pipe. These rodian’s certainly knew how to make some solid infrastructure. Of course, the CIS would be repaying and recreating any damages that were caused by their hunting of the terrorists, so Maxiulis had no reservations for what was to happen next.

They needed to break into that sewer. It didn’t matter how many of these dogs were left, or how many they had brought. Not only had these Agents of Chaos backed and collaborated with some of the worst terrorist attacks to hit the Confederacy in it’s long history, but they had also told them they were on the way. There was nothing more that the Confederacy would like than to capture these men and woman and put them onto trial for their crimes. A few thousand dollars of structural damage to see them captured was something the Captain knew his superiors would see as an acceptable tradeoff.

That was why his next action was held back by absolutely nothing.

“Ulies. I think we’re done playing with our food.” The blonde pilot looked over his shoulder to the Captain with a raised eyebrow. He knew the connotations of the order, and what exactly it entailed. If the scarred man had the conviction, there was nothing this Lieutenant would say, or could say, to change his mind. A smirking nod was his only response, aiming the last four explosive missiles their walkers had at the cracks in the pipping. There was no need for the confirmation to fire. Both Ulies and Chance knew exactly what the stakes were now.

The same, screaming sound echoed through the night as one after the other, the last four explosives missiles were sent into the cracked pipping. Each opened up more and more of the hole, until the last one struck and the Captain was left with a large, few meter-wide hole for the walker to shine it’s spotlight downward.

Maxiulis’s leaned forward in his seat, a wicked grin now spreading across his face at the realization that not only did these dogs have no way to the factory, but they also were trapped between a pile of metal and rock and whatever else was down in that sewers, with their quickest way to the surface having three walkers bearing down on it. “We have them. They have no where else to run, no way off this planet. Today…we make a dent in their efforts to hurt the people’s of the Confederacy.” With all three walkers streaming their spotlights on the hole, and in relation, into it, the scorpions were ready for whatever tried to crawl out of the depths.

Perhaps if they came out with their hands up, Maxiulis wouldn’t order them to be minced on the spot.

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Location: Rodia
Objective: Kill
Gear: Morph Armor, Wolfsbane
CIS: Redd Redd | open
AoC: Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter | Larentia Larentia

Feet landed on the edge of the roof as Gerwald’s blade swung toward his enemy. As he lunged forward, Gerwald could feel the sudden surge of confidence which came from someone using battle meditation.This did not mean Gerwald would suddenly be stronger, but it would give him an advantage. Even as @Scherezade stepped back into the shadow and disappeared, Gerwald knew he needed to be ready for something.​
A force barrier was erected immediately, unsure of where the woman would appear from. Even as she approached from behind him, Gerwald could feel the force wave collide with his shield, pushing him back a couple of feet. He turned to look at her.​
She still carried her knives.​
Gerwald remembered the first time she had set her knives about her as she had done now. It was the night of their hunt, their dance. Things had been simple then, or seemed to be. Gerwald had still been learning what it meant to be among other humans and accepting the nature of the wolf within him. His wolf and his humanity were one, but they had wanted different things, and Gerwald had allowed the wolf to have what it wanted.​
Today that was not the case. The wolf no longer dictated the life he lived. There were other things, other concerns, Gerwald allowed to lead him. Yes, he was still an emotional creature, but he had been taught to channel those emotions, to use them in a way that made him more powerful. As he focused all of his emotions into one singular thought, Gerwald looked the bloodhound in the eyes.​
“I see you haven’t learned anything new. Same tricks.”
His free hand raised, and as it did, debris from the latest explosion lifted and found itself careening for the back of the brunette’s head.​
The other seemed content to remain in a defensive position and watch on as the battle ensued. There was something about her which made him think he should know her, something that made him curious. It was a shame that she had chosen Chaos, that she had not remained with the Confederacy.​
“There is much I could teach you,” he said. “More than this one ever could.”
As the debris advanced, Gerwald pressed ahead. The fan of knives would not stop him. Gerwald had always been a better swordsman. Even without the force this was his element. With speed he pressed ahead, his blades swinging to knock a path forward. If she did not move the debris would hit her, or Gerwald would crash through the fan of knives. Risking damage to his armor in the process.​
“This time our dance will end differently.”
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Location: Rodia {Iskaayuma} - Weapons Factory District - CDC Command Post
Objective: Earth
Equipment: Armor, Assault Rifle
Tag: Luna Terrik Luna Terrik , Tiria Reinhart Tiria Reinhart , Jasmille Kavos, Typhan Berrezz Typhan Berrezz , Safira Varad, Subject 73 Red Nighthaunter Nighthaunter
800,000 Dauntless Commando Infantry Units
4,990 Rodian Peace Patrol Officers
Supporting Armor Units
Supporting Air Divisions

As the darkness in the streets ensued, Haastal and his men moved about at an even space. It did not take long before the indicator on his helmet became illuminated to show that he was nearing his destination. "Perimeter guard, hold here." He muttered out, waving a hand back at his men. The Rodian police team stopped, turning to hold their position at the edge of the block while Haastal moved forward with his Commando team. When he stumbled upon the wounded Omega team, he couldn't help but curse out lout. "Get a set of litters set up, we're moving in five." He told his men before approaching Typhan Berrezz Typhan Berrezz . He moved, keeping his head down as he pressed a hand into the Lieutenant's shoulder. "Yo!" He slapped the side of the man's neck.

"Listen to me. You have wounded and they need to get to the casualty collection point, get your ass there quick." He paused for a moment to glance up, making sure the street before them was clear. "Once you get there, post up and pull security. Six of the Rodian Officers with me will fall into your ranks and give you some cover. Do not stop moving, you hear me?" He said, before pulling back and grabbing Typhan, pulling him to his feet. "Move!" He yelled out, looking over Omega squad for a brief moment before turning back to Typhan. "Get the hell outta here!" He yelled again, turning back to his own men. "Team four, go with Omega, keep them safe!" One of the Rodian officers nodded before turning to join Typhan's squad. They had a number of carrying litters to help transport Omega's wounded soldiers.

"All right, we're moving back to the HQ." He said as he and his men filed back into the street.

LOCATION: Industrial part of the Iskaayuma
WEARING: A fur coat ;)
ALLIES: Gerwald Lechner Gerwald Lechner | BX-72967-RAZOR BX-72967-RAZOR
ENEMIES: Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter | Larentia Larentia

Gerwald was in trouble, that was about as much as she knew and a low growl rumbled from within the wolf as she slowly began to back up. Without opposable thumbs she wasn’t going to be able to get through a closed door and even then it wasn’t going to be guaranteed that there would be stairs leading up to the roof. However there was one avenue that she hadn’t thought of just yet and that was because she was just so new when it came to the force that she had almost forgotten about it. In fact, she wasn’t even sure that she was going to be able to do it in wolf form, but taking the time to shift when Gerwald was so obviously in danger wasn’t an option. By the time she would have shifted, jumped and then shifted again, it just wasn’t an option. It didn’t take that long, sure, but shifting once up there was a risk. Not to mention fighting in human form wasn't an option considering she wasn’t completely fully trained in that.

Sure, she had basic training in some things when it came to the force, but doing even just a jump in wolf form was new to her and was going to be what she figured to be a challenge. Would it even work? The wolf asked herself as she continued to back up until she had a sufficient amount of distance between her and the rooftop to make a jump. If this worked, she’d need so much time to just get over the fact that she was able to do something like this in wolf form. She doubted though that there were a great deal of things that a lupine could do in wolf form, but this just seemed plausible. At least to her anyway. Drawing in a breath, she could see with golden eyes the one that now was attacking Gerwald and another growl rumbled from her. Well, here goes nothing, Redd thought to herself as she began to gather the force around her.

The wolf redirected the force into her paws and prayed to whatever wolf gods were listening that this worked, because if it didn’t she was all out of options. Pausing long enough to stretch and calm her nerves, she finally lurched forwards into a running jump. Her paws thumped against the cement before she launched into a jump. With the force powering the jump it seemed almost miraculous as the lupine flew through the air to the rooftop, but fly she did and she almost felt like a bird in flight. A wolf flying? Was not natural to say in the least, let alone the fact that she had jumped as high as she was. Yet here she was jumping and the wolf almost wanted to bark in excitement.

Front paws graced the lip of the building and her back legs were drawn up so then claws could hook onto the lip as well. Leaning forwards she propelled her form forwards so then not to fall off and as she staggered forward, the wolf steadied herself then. Golden eyes took note of those upon the rooftop then as she circled around. Gerwald was indeed in trouble but he seemed to be able to hold his own against the one that seemed familiar. Redd on the other hand focused upon the other wolf, the one with drawn lightsabers. Instead of attacking, the wolf remained at the ready in case the other lupine decided to jump into the fight with Gerwald. She didn’t want to get into a fight with a fellow lupine, not if she could help it, but she would if she had to.

Padawan: Kyra Perl

Location: Iskaayuma, Rodia
Objective: Defend Rodia, Preserve CiS Space
Inventory: Knight-Errant Armor | Lightsaber
Allies: Asaraa Vaashe
Opposition: Malerina Ka

Caedyn didn't have the chance to greet Asaraa Vaashe Asaraa Vaashe with the embrace that would've typically found the two together once more after such a long time apart; Forever they seemed to be parted by their different paths, her dedication to the people of Confederate Space and his to the Order of the Silver Jedi and all whom lived under their stewardship.

The Light Machine Gun of Malerina Ka Malerina Ka 's opened up in Asaraa's direction just as Caedyn had found his feet, his eyes going wide as he watched his Girlfriend narrowly blocking the volley of blasterfire that came down upon her, whilst some of her droids beyond were taken out, turned to molten metal where their clumsy looking heads had once been.

The Jedi Knight's Lightsaber screamed in it's ignition, a loud snap-hiss and flare of Cyan energy streaming from the blade emitter of his hilt as Caedyn called to the Force, summoning strength to his legs and launching himself into a Force elevated leap.

Asaraa didn't feel her usual self, Caedyn picked up on it as soon as he had neared her. She seemed to be clinging to what little strength she had left, and her aura within the Force felt far weaker than she had in her best of times. The Woman had seen the Silver Jedi victorious through immense battle-meditation, it had nearly killed her back then yet now she seemed even a shadow of her former self that Caedyn remembered from times past. He'd already decided that she was not going to be taking on the brunt of a full physical fight if he could help it. He would save her from that struggle through whatever means he had at his disposal.

The Force carried him across the clearing and Caedyn's descent brought him down alongside Malerina Ka's left side, both of his hands tightly gripping the hilt of his Lightsaber as he pivoted on his heel and turned to bring the blade arcing from the city floor skyward, intent on slicing her fire-arm in half and severing her ranged advantage as quickly as he could manage.