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  1. Solan Charr

    Minor Faction  The Confederacy of the Scar Worlds [Faction Ad]

    THE CONFEDERACY OF THE SCAR WORLDS Our Mission: The Confederacy of the Scar Worlds has a simple set of goals. Rebuild the worlds lost to the scouring caused by the Brynadul. Resettle the worlds lost and create a stronger and more stable place out in the far reaches of Wild Space Remove and...
  2. Confederacy of the Scar Worlds

    Confederacy of the Scar Worlds

    The Confederacy of the Scar Worlds We are the Confederacy of the Scar Worlds, a loose collection of systems looking to retake, rebuild, resettle and defend the worlds left behind in the far reaches of Wild Space. We intend to secure and ensure a unified peoples and defense of those worlds to...
  3. Ascendant Muse

    Faction  Star Temple, Redux || Ascendancy

    Chapter I: The Sun Rises Chapter II: Day of Landing Chapter III: New Thing Chapter IV: Star Temple S T A R _T E M P L E Verun, Shiraya Expanse For seven years, there had been Harmony. Though distinct organizations, the Medjai Order* and the Ascendancy had both been born from a common...
  4. Ascendant Muse

    Mission  The High War: Ariha || Ascendancy

    Chapter I: The Sun Rises Chapter II: Day of Landing Chapter III: The High War: Zion N O R T H P O I N T Ariha, Philistia System Silence was never a good thing. In the wake of the Ascendancy's recent mission to Zion, invaluable truths had been gained. The system which housed the fresh...
  5. Ascendant Muse

    Minor Faction A Tale of Black Nights || The Ascendancy

    V E R A S K ' S_ _S A Y I N G S A Humble Retelling of Our History The Truth was Damning. For seven long years, there had been Harmony between the survivors. When all creation bared its fangs against the settlers of Verun, it was easy for them to band together. Withstanding the hells of their...
  6. U

    United Warlords

    A group of Imperial minded Warlords who have combined forces to matter on the Galactic scale. Currently pooling their resources to make a big splash on the Galaxy. The southern area of the galaxy needs order and the United Warlords are here to give it to them.
  7. Ascendant Muse

    Approved Tech  Warrior's Bond - Ascendant Commendation

    W A R R I O R ' S_ B O N D Mark of Valor OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: An Ascendant commendation. Image Credit: Tanir-Vefa Avci Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Ascendancy Affiliation: The Ascendancy Market Status: Closed-Market Model: N/A...
  8. Ascendant Muse

    Approved Starship  REG-870 Golden Eagle

    R E G - 8 7 0 "Golden Eagle" Starfighter "Our children have looked to the skies with terror and fear. It is shameful that a starlit night inspires anything but happiness and dreams. We will right this tragedy. Take to the skies and make them safe again!"- Dominus Verd, 872 ABY. . O O C _I N F...
  9. Ascendant Muse

    Approved Tech  Project Legion || Regnum Star Combat Armor

    R S C A Regnum Star Combat Armor "My soldiers, hear me! The enemy is hungry for our blood - make them starve. The enemy thirsts for our death - deny them a single taste! Let them feast only on your bolts and steel. Advance!"- Dominus Verd, 872 ABY. . O O C _I N F O . INTENT: Combat Armor for...
  10. Ascendant Muse

    Mission  The High War: Zion || Ascendancy

    Chapter I: The Sun Rises Chapter II: Day of Landing P O R T _L U C K Zion, Philistia System The Enemy is a Body. If you cannot target the Head? Sever the Legs. Since the moment the southern remnant touched down on Verun, the Khanate* had been a persistent adversary. Theirs was a warring...
  11. Ascendant Muse

    Approved Tech  Project LEGION || Regnum Star Heavy Armor

    R S H A Regnum Star Heavy Armor "As we march to spit in the face of Death, mark my words! The stones and steel surrounding Regnum are not its shelter - We are! We are the Wall. We stand between them and the cruelty of this planet. We cannot fall. We will not bend, no matter how loud Death...
  12. L

    Lutrine Confederacy

    The Lutrinians are an interesting race, as a thousand years after they were discovered, they went to war with the Galaxy after a father decided to not let a Jedi take his Force-senstive daughter... by killing the Jedi. Said conflict, called the Lutrine Wars, killed over 100 billion sentients...
  13. Ascendant Muse

    Minor Faction Introducing the MEDJAI ORDER - We Kill Monsters || The Ascendancy

    WE ARE Successors of Knights Obsidian. Wielders of Dark and Light. Slayers of Monsters. Defenders of Mankind. [ Join the ASCENDANCY Today ] [ DISCORD ]
  14. Ascendant Muse

    Faction  The Star Temple || Medjai Order

    Chapter I: The Sun Rises Chapter II: New Thing Views of the Temple: Interior | Dormitories | Archives VERUN, SHIRAYA EXPANSE Seven years after the Fall of the Confederacy It had been nearly a decade. When the vessels first touched down upon Verun, what would become the Medjai Order was...
  15. Ascendant Muse

    Approved Location  Regnum, Capital City of the Ascendancy

    R E G N U M Capital City of the Ascendancy OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To establish the capital city of the Ascendancy. Image Credit: Amir Zand Daily Minimal Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links:The Sun Rises SETTING INFORMATION City Name: Regnum Classification: Metropolis Location...
  16. Collector

    Staff  So Long and Goodnight - Rest Well, Confederacy of Independent Systems

    After over four years of being an active presence on the galactic map, it's time we see the Confederacy of Independent Systems off. Long did they reign, and I'm sure we'll still see more content arising from that member base, be they decked out in purple or otherwise. Join me in wishing them...
  17. Ascendant Muse

    Faction  Benediction || The Confederacy

    Chapter I: Into the Eye Chapter II: From Now On Chapter III: Order-chaos-Harmony GOLBAH HILL, NABOO The terror echoed through Hyperspace. The tears came from nothing. Across the Southern Systems, business was occurring as usual. The children, across the region, were all released from their...
  18. Ascendant Ardor

    Dominion  The Red War: Where Oceans Part | CIS Dominion of Tibrin Hex

    TIBRIN Tibrin. An aquatic landscape of rolling tides and exquisite coral reefs as far as the eye could see. For many, it would appear as a vibrant and wonderful place, with tropical wonders to be discovered both near and far. However, that is not what had brought the Confederacy here. With...
  19. Ascendant Muse

    Faction  Eternal Night [ CIS & EE ]

    Grjótharður, Vengard Many years ago... The name Eternal was tied to the throne of one Kainan Wolfe. From the bosom of the Ancient Eye to the embrace of the Confederacy did he lead his people across the cosmos. Theirs was a different way. One not bound to the perpetual squabble of light...
  20. Ascendant Muse

    Populate  The Red War: PORT NOWHERE || CIS Populate of Farboon

    CHAPTER I: The Red War: Dorvalla CHAPTER II: The Red War: Naalol FARBOON ORBIT With so much chaos in the present, it is easy to forget about the past. Consider the Outer Planets Alliance. They were a unique, unconventional congregation that brought some degree of order to the Western...
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