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Approved Tech Wolfsbane -- Gerwald Lechner's Lightsaber

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Intent: Create a custom lightsaber for Gerwald Lechner
Image Source: Link Here (edits by me)
Canon Link: N/A
Permissions: N/A
Primary Source: Lightsaber


Manufacturer: Gerwald Lechner
Affiliation: Gerwald Lechner
Model: N/A
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Phrik, Kyber crystal, lightsaber components


Classification: Lightsaber
Size: Average
Length: Large


Fractured Krayt Dragon Pearl (Black crackling blade)
Wrapped Hilt Design
Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse
Force Activation (Gerwald only)
Mace Pommel

Can cut through many materials with relative ease
Operates under water
Longer than average blade allows for a longer reach

Cortosis will short the blade if in contact
Longer than average blade makes close combat difficult
Heavier weight makes response time a little slower

Gerwald Lechner constructed his own lightsaber using a fractured Krayt Dragon pearl he acquired on a mission to Tatooine. Having felled the beast, the pearl was taken as a souvenir to remember the monumental task of such a kill. When it came time to construct his own saber, rather than use the standard hilt given to all early Knights Obsidian, Gerwald knew it was perfect for use. What he did not expect was the effects the fracture would have on the blade.

The blade itself emitted a black hue with a white core, but due to the fracture the blade seemed unstable. Rather than the crisp and elegant look that most light and plasma produced, Gerwald’s blade was rough, crackling more like lightning, or a flame, than a solid blade. It suited the lupine. The weapon was both refined and yet wild, representing the dual nature of the man who wielded it. Gerwald was both man and wolf, and his blade spoke to that well.

It boasts a solid construction, using phrik for strength, and made to be heavier than average. Gerwald had been used to fighting with broadswords on Stewjon and wanted weight to his weapon. While he is used to it, anyone else who attempts to wield it would find it heavier than what they are used to. This results in slower response time. A mace like pommel ends the weapon which can turn the hilt into a blunt force instrument. Since the blade itself is longer than average, the lightsaber is not fit for close quarter combat. The mace compensates for this slightly.

Overall the weapon is designed to do two things well, kill and defend. It serves the wolf no other purpose.
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