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Approved Vehicle "Indrastra" Sith Eternal Advanced AT-PW

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A test variant of the Indrastra with non-production weapon systems mounted on the hardpoints
  • Manufacturer: Pillar of Production, Kazqyâtyitkut, First United Astral Engineering (ICly Classified)
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire, The Kainate - Kainate and Sith Empire PC Pilots
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: “Indrastra” Sith Eternal Advanced AT-PW
  • Modularity: Yes; Seat Height and Other Relevant Ergonomic Factors Automatically Adjust to Accommodate Pilots of Virtually All Sizes, Species, and Builds. Various Aesthetic Modifications and Permutations. Variable Weapon, Gas, and Ordnance Loadouts: Two Internal Chin Weapon Hardpoints (One Weapon Per Hardpoint), Two Universal Nano Missile Launchers (Variable Nano Missile Loadout), and Two Universal Gas Dissipation Systems (Variable Gas Payload).
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Quadanium Steel, Durasteel, Titanium, Nykkalt, Dallorian Alloy, Myoflex, Alusteel, Kyber Crystal, Standard Personal Walker Materials and Components, Anti-Ion/EMP Agrinium and Duraplast Faraday Cage Mesh Construction Surrounding Electronics, Gammaplast
  • Evil Bunny: The maneuverability of the Indrastra manifests primarily in its ability to jump in an impressive, powerful, and potentially lethal fashion. The walker’s leaping capabilities allow it to ascend up to fifty meters in a single charged jump, affording the machine awe-inspiring mobility in all terrains . However, the walker is also capable of utilizing such powerful leaps in a directly destructive capacity by executing a “slam jump”, where its jump jets are fired in reverse while airborne to bring the machine back down to earth at violent speed, capable of pulverizing infantry and even tanks beneath its feet. In essence, this allows the Indrastra to act as an engine of shock warfare, disrupting and sowing chaos amidst enemy formations.
  • Thumper: It goes almost without saying that the Indrastra is a heavily-armed machine, featuring a modular armament that is capable of destroying tanks, infantry, and walkers with virtually any loadout. Although it is average-sized for a personal walker, the Indrastra is nevertheless quite small for a walker, standing at a little over half the height of All Terrain Scout Transport, making it an easy machine to underestimate.
  • Jamming Beam: Complementing its offensive armament, the Indrastra’s jamming beam is capable of disrupting the hard and soft-kill countermeasures of a target, potentially disrupting them entirely or mitigating their effectiveness.
  • Stalking Rabbit: A rarity in armored warfare, the Indrastra is also a very stealth-oriented machine, featuring comprehensive sound dampening systems to silence the walker’s movements, hull cooling systems, sensor masking systems, and Nykkalt anti-sensor treatment. In combination with the Indrastra’s electronic warfare and jamming systems, they can make the walker a very elusive target.
  • Field Disruption: The Indrastra possesses an integrated field disruption system which allows the walker to traverse through conventional shields, albeit at the cost of its combat shields.
  • EMP/Ion Disruption: Comprehensive Ion and EMP protection does not make the Indrastra immune to such attacks by any means. Depending on the proximity and power quotient of an Ion/EMP discharge, the Indrastra can suffer a range of deleterious effects, from complete shutdown to temporary system interruptions.
  • Mechu-deru: Often an unspoken weakness of complicated and advanced technologies, the Indrastra is vulnerable to the dark sorceries of Mechu-deru and other technology-corrupting powers. As such, a skilled practitioner of such arts can quickly disable the walker, provided that they have a direct line of sight to the machine.
  • Stealth Cancellation: While the Indrastra can maintain stealth during low jumps (< 10 Meters), jumps which demand that the servos be charged or boosted from the ion jump jets will compromise its stealth via the thermal signatures emitted from the aforementioned systems, affording the enemy a few brief moments where the location of the Indrastra can be pinpointed.
  • Priming Period: Prior to any jump higher than thirty meters in height, the Indrastra’s servos must be charged for at least two seconds. During this period, the walker can not move and as such is more vulnerable to enemy fire due to being a static target, in addition to its thermal signature being visible on sensors due to the heat released by the charging process.
  • Double Saber: In carrying such a large quantity of ordnance, especially with certain loadouts, there is an additional risk of enemy fire penetrating the armor covering the internal hardpoints and maintaining enough power or energy to detonate one of the stowed warheads or ammunition racks. In this event, there is a very high chance that the Indrastra will be disabled or destroyed, given the extreme likelihood of ordnance exploding in sync with the initial detonation. This also applies to the fuel for the walker’s flamethrower.
  • Reverse Charge: The use of the field disruption system against Xythan Force and other reactive shield technologies can have an potentially adverse effect on the Indrastra, as the disruptive energy fields discharged by the field disruptor may be reflected back at the walker, with deleterious results that could feasibly disable the machine.
The “Indrastra” Sith Eternal Advanced AT-PW is a cutting-edge personal walker platform developed as a hyper-mobile force multiplier walker for the Kainate and the Sith Empire, covertly designed by First United Astral Engineering. Featuring a number of comprehensive stealth and electronic warfare systems, the Indrastra is designed as a multirole platform. It can perform well in a number of roles, including as an engine of shock warfare, a tank/walker destroyer, and in various anti-infantry duties.

Of the Indrastra’s features, its most distinct pertain to its jumping capabilities, which effectively allow the walker to ascend up to fifty meters in a single charged jump. While the walker has above-average lateral movement and cockpit rotation, the Indrastra’s maneuverability is invested largely in this area, which a skilled pilot can utilize to create unique offensive opportunities that other walker platforms would be incapable of executing.

While it demands a pilot that is just as skilled as it is advanced, the Indrastra is especially powerful as a force multiplier when harnessed in the right hands.

*See Modularity Section for Information Pertaining to Weapon/Gas/Ordnance Loadouts
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