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Dominion The Red War: Abraxas | CIS

Luna Terrik

The Fallen Angel



Location: Abraxas, ride down to the planet
Time: 1510 Hours
Equipment: Personal XIPHOS armor, BAW-89 Carbine Rifle, Tactical Recon Handgun (2), G-20 Glop Grenade (3), Thermal Detonator (2)
Objective: (1) Establish control of the upper base (2) Get to the underwater elevators (3) Fight through, take control of the underwater storage areas.
Tags: | Tiria Reinhart Tiria Reinhart | Subject 73 Red Subject 73 Red | Frank Sterling Frank Sterling | Rook Heimdal Rook Heimdal | Mitra Fay Mitra Fay |

The calm before the storms that was the rides down to the planet for omega’s used to be such a place of comfort for Luna. It wasn’t as though the Marshal needed anything like that. She had been through enough layers of hell that falling into another one was not something she needed comfort for. But there was something about Granny looking over Sparrow’s armor a final time, or Clerk and Thess arguing over who would end up with more eliminations while Bones just gave her that look that brought a sense of peace to her mind. Something about her squad being together for so long, serving side by side together for so long that pushed her to understand that everything would work out.

At least, until it didn’t. And now, as the dropship lifted out of the hanger of the Lionhearted, she looked to how the squad sat in the ship, feeling another sharp pain in her heart at the sight. The only two to survive Dantooine on the ship, Clerk and Bones, sat off to the side slightly, quietly speaking to one another. The rest of the ship was quiet, devoid of conversations Luna had become so used to. It had been so long since Omega was as shiny as this. If Luna was still here by the end, she’d make sure it was some reflection of the old squad.

At least, the ride down the planet was seemingly quite quick. That was, of course, until the pirates saw just what was heading toward them and turned any semblance of anti air that they had on the approaching gunships. The slight smile that creeped onto Luna’s face at the sight of some of the newest commandos almost get shaken off their feet at the sudden rocking might’ve made her guilty had they been able to see her face, but with the helmet, and with the mindset she current had, Luna really needed a good little laugh.

The moment those guns suddenly stopped firing, for a reason Luna could only guess was their newest sniper, and the gunships touched ground, the smile fell, as it was time to go to work.

Bolts ripped into the troop section the very second the doors slid open, yet they pushed forward immediately, finding what they cover they could from the very angry and defensive pirates that felt quite trifled that the Dauntless dared step upon their turf. Luna found herself slamming into the stone staircase, quickly firing off a pair of quick shots with her carbine into a pirate that had also decided that the staircase would be a great place to hide. Unfortunately for him, so did the Grand Marshal, and her trigger finger was slightly quicker on this day.

From what she could tell, all four squads had landed safely, and the upper courtyard and hanger areas were being secured quickly. Taking a moment to hunker down behind the position, she took a moment to comm out to the squad leaders, wanting to take stock of the current situation. “Looks like the landings went well. Any injuries to speak of, squad leads?” Peaking over the top of the staircase for just a moment, she could see what remained of the flimsy pirate force was already starting to retreat toward the underwater tram area.

Upon seeing this, she immediately flipped the comm to broadcast to all of the Dauntless on the ground, pulling off a few shots toward the retreating pirates as she did so. “They’re pulling back, already. Push in quick, we need to make sure they don’t shut down that tram before we can catch the bus!”

Xobos Yakieer

Three Voices, One Mind


Location: Abraxas
Equipment: Illyria Knight Armor, Knight Saberstaff, Miralukan Eye Mask
Mental state: Breathing.
Tags: | Caelyn Malkavian | Donne Toulemonde Donne Toulemonde | Echo Vesulos Echo Vesulos | Alida Ember | Acantha Malvern Acantha Malvern | The High Court of Illyria The High Court of Illyria |

The jump and ride down to the planet itself could’ve gone just so much better.

Xobos hadn’t done much training in zero g. It was a weakness of hers that came from her species themselves. Most could even perceive space, let alone look in their typical vision. Some were born with a better ability to see than others in these situations, where the emptiness of space messed with their heads less than others. Unfortunately, Xobos was no where near that level of force sight, and jumping out of the ship instantly caused her to lose her bearings. It took a few extra boosts with the boots until she was able to right herself, but even her speed was slower than the rest of the sisters. But even with her slower speed, to say that her landing on the target asteroid was clean would be a complete and utter lie.

There was a sickening crunch that rocketed through her suit the moment her ankle made contact with the rock. Had her vision not been impaired, perhaps she could have braced herself, but instead, she barely saw the rock coming before slamming her foot into it. White hot flame shot up through her leg as she tumbled forward, having to brace herself up against the rock to slow her movement and not shoot off into the empty void of space.

Slowly, the miraluka came down from the high the pain shooting into her brain caused, able to focus her vision and look down to where her foot was at an angle that was definitely not supposed to be at. “Oh..I’m sure your ankle is not supposed to bend in such directions, master.” Xobos let out a huff of defeat, knowing there was little she could say to shut up the voice at this point. Instead, her attention turned to trying to fix and heal what she could.

Reaching down to where the suit kept her foot still, her gloved hands firmly grasped either side. “Alright..1…2…….3.” On the cue, Xobos jerked her foot to the side, setting it and sending a new wave of pain through her body that threatened to make her hurl in her suit. The pain was starting to overwhelm, force her thoughts to not be on the situation. With a slowed breathing, Xobos slowly began to focus the pain through her body, channeling it back down into her ankle. From there, the power slowly began to mend the bones, fusing it together.

It took an extra minute, but the Knight was slowly able to stand, testing out the strength of her mended ankle. Still hurt like a gundark, and was weak to push off of, but she could walk. And if she could walk, she could sprint. And if she could sprint…..she could fight.

Jean’s voice crackled through her comm just as Xobos was making her way back to where the rest of the sisters had gathered. For a moment, she just glanced around the rock, still frustrated her field of view and depth perception was still so off. She’d never find the place at this rate, and with her oxygen running out..

Calm down, breath, she told herself. You can’t trust your eyes, that’s what Adron had taught her. Only the force can truly be trusted. Slowly, Xobos began to sit upon the dusty asteroid, crossing one leg over the other in a meditative pose. Her vision closed, and a hand reached out, eagerly feeling through the force for some semblance of anything. A door, a droid, sentient, anything that could direct her and her sisters to their destination. And the moment she found it?

Nothing would stop the Mistress of Shadowcats from entering.

The tank
Equipment:Gen 2 Armor System custom-fitted, TDW HARM with Battle Rifle Parts Kit, M-18 Pit Viper, LWMMG
cybernetics: durasteel skeletal system, Biotech organs, and muscular systems, Synth skin, plasteel dermal plating
Objective: (1) Establish control of the upper base (2) Get to the underwater elevators (3) Fight through, take control of the underwater storage area

As the Dropship landed and troops began to file out Bolts streaking into the cabin plinking off the armor of franks to little effect. "Hell it's about time," Frank said a little too gleefully as he exited off the ship ramp. Letting his Lmg do the talking for him as he began plowing the area of Pirates the Rythmic chunky sound of his gun overshadowing the heavy steps of his armor.

Making his way to where the rest of his squad was taking cover He keys up his coms "Ma'am it'll be easier to push them back if you're not cowering behind a staircase." pushing up as instructed Frank would fire off the last few rounds of his belt as a Pirate with no sense tried to bumrush frank whoin response rushed forward with one arm to choke slam the wound be pirate trying to play hero resting his boot on the mans chest he stepped down. hearing the crunch beneith his armored boot. "only Mortal." was franks only response to the being whos chest his foot resides inside as he looks back to everyone else "keep pushing we got em on the run!!"
Q ᴜ ᴇ ᴇ ɴ


Tag: Hisashi Hisashi

A slight grin wormed its way onto her expression as his arm came to wrap her in an embrace, which she coupled with a brow raised in curiosity. “How could I possibly be tempting when I offer it freely?” Before she had even asked her question of him, she had known the answer Hisashi would give. He would swallow his craving. Her safety would always come first.

Shrugging silk-covered shoulders, Mila could break no argument with his subsequent suggestion. “If that is what you wish." It was likely that what Hisashi had suggested was already well underway, he was that sort of resourceful man. When he gave her a final squeeze and relinquished his grip on her, Mila cast her gaze to the mess on the floor.

There was not a single document on the table that did not have several copies saved in archives all over Naboo. At least nothing would be permanently lost to the blotches of black ink slowly seeping through cream pages. Still, Mila directed her thoughts to the plush carpet beneath, in a similar shade of off-white. Once the ink had stained that there would be no telling how difficult it would be to get out. Hisashi still spoke, and she listened to him with one ear as she leant forward to upright the fallen pot of ink.

When she stood straight again, turning to face Hisashi, she was met with the smooth handle of a silver blade. Immediately, she cracked a smile, as though Hisashi had just told his funniest joke yet. When it became clear that he was not joking, Mila finally reached out for the blade.

She held it in the tips of her fingers, as though it was made of glass and the slightest of pressures would shatter it completely. “Hisashi…” Her tone was riddled with apprehension. This was the second time Mila had ever even seen a blade this close before, never mind having to hold one. A royal through and through, from the moment she was born, Mila never imagined she would have to learn how to use one. She paid people to do that sort of messy business for her. “I’m not sure this is such a good idea.”


The Heavens Above
The Queensguard smiled.

For but a moment, all the pieces felt like they were in place. Despite the danger. Despite the battle raging just beyond their walls. For a sweet moment, whilst holding this dear friend within his embrace, everything seemed right. Keeping her safe was paramount, however. Keeping her breathing was all that mattered - not the reputation of Naboo in the eyes of irrelevant peoples. When Mila spoke, Hisashi gave no answer of words initially. He simply chuckled - his brief amusement rumbling against her form until he relinquished the embrace. Ultimately, the plan of action was cemented with a shrug of her shoulders. The compromise took action.

She stepped away, crouching to address the inkwell before it permanently tarnished the carpet underneath her feet. As she moved, Hisashi reached for the comm situated within his ear. "GALM team, cleared to launch. For Her Majesty. Resourceful as ever, a squadron immediately took flight in the hangar. If Mila looked out the port window, she'd witness the iconic yellow wings soaring out to battle. Hisashi had full confidence that they would slay well in his place. The pirate menace would pay for baring their fangs at the Crown.

And in the meantime, Hisashi would show the Queen how to bare her own. The blade that was offered was placed within her hands. And the look she gave the weapon, and the man who owned it...it was the very same expression Hisashi gave to his mentor all those years ago. In that moment, the fledgling Hisashi and Mila Karr were the same: uncertain if the blade belonged in their grasp. "When I die, you must be strong enough to survive." he said. "I vowed to ensure your survival. And I will make sure you will, even when I am gone. Now."

He reached out, placing his index finger in the middle of her brow. "One." He then indicated other key areas of her person - each arm, each leg, and torso. Two through six. "Each zone of the body is key. You must know where you wish to strike before you do. You will learn to flow from one zone to the next. From head to leg to arm with ease."

He then stepped back several paces. "One, Two, Three. Attempt to strike me in that order." He made no stance. No attempt to ready himself. His hands came to rest upon his belt as he anticipated.

Saraya Arenais Saraya Arenais .

Tags: The High Court of Illyria The High Court of Illyria | Xobos Yakieer Xobos Yakieer | Caelyn Malkavian | Donne Toulemonde Donne Toulemonde | Alida Ember | Acantha Malvern Acantha Malvern

As the door opened up, Echo paused for a moment and simply moved to step aside to let the others jump out before her. There was a reason for this and for the moment she didn’t care how it looked, but the moment that the others had jumped, she smiled. If anything, she was aware that space could mess with force sight, but that was precisely what she didn’t have an issue with. Her Jedi training had been more than adequate in these situations and the Miralukan had also relied not just upon force sight alone, but the other senses. To listen to the sounds of the jets in the boots of the other people and to feel the subtle shift of incoming movements was a skill. One could say that she was fairly sure of herself as she channeled the force into her feet and prepared herself for her own jump.

Quietly, she hooked her lightsaber onto the belt of her suit and leapt forwards. The force that she had channeled into her feet, would see to the power of which she travelled through space with and would minimise her use of the jets in the boots; only using them to course correct herself. Her arms were pressed to her sides so then her momentum wouldn’t be slowed. The tricky thing was the landing. At this speed, things could get broken and she had to angle herself just right at the last second as she felt through the force, the tell tale signs of an incoming landmass of an asteroid and she altered her course as she lifted her arms out to either side of her. To which, she used the jets in the boots to slow her current momentum so then when her boots touched down, she dropped to a knee as the momentum of her force use still carried her downwards and the woman steadied herself, only to rise up.

Her companions on the other hand, seemed to have sustained injuries and she glanced over towards them for a brief moment. Echo could leave them and look for the compound herself. To stretch out her senses and seek what she looked for. Such a thing was possible with force sight. To see through walls and sense a target. It was a clever trick and yet, even she could tell through such a nifty skill that the compound was hidden through tricks of its own and she paused as Jean’s voice crackled through. His voice only made her feel the anger that simmered below the surface and she very much wanted to grab the man by the throat and rip out his voice box. For he always seemed as if he was talking to children and she dispised individuals that sought to give voice to doubts. Especially when she turned to look at the other Miraluka.

The other one had what appeared to be a broken ankle and would be slowed down. Being slowed down was not ideal when it came to limited oxygen supply and she found herself crossing over towards the other. Why? Echo wasn’t sure, but what she did know was that one day she wanted to test her strengths against another Miraluka and she couldn’t do that if the other died from lack of oxygen. She could feel the dark force as the other channeled it, so she waited with an old patience that was familiar to her. Like an old friend that knew from experience that the path would soon be revealed. Echo could have left the other; could have reached out with the force on her own to seek the man known as Vane, but for some reason she felt drawn to help the other. So she waited until the other came out of her silence. “Let me help you walk, as it seems rather disadvantageous to operate on our own at this point.” Echo muttered, but mostly for her own benefit.

Perhaps it was because Echo once had a brother who went missing, but she felt drawn towards the other Miraluka.

Lyli Dragi

The Lie
Howard The Pirate pulled off trick shots with his repeating blaster pistol, He was barrel chested, with graying hair and a beard, ripped like a brick chithouse with a cybernetic arm, flanked by two Blue skinned Twileks in dancers outfits, the other pirates cheering him on as he smoked a cigar. The compound had been an old military silo for launching hyperspace missiles and they had just gotten the latest haul from pilfered ships. Howard had forbidden the passengers be harmed but he had accidentally dusted an Obsidian Knight, meaning they upped the Bounty on him. Resigned to the idea he would die in this life, Howard had decided to enjoy himself for the time being. He couldn't stop being a badass. He was addicted to danger. Lived for it.

Did I mention he was badass? That he had survived The Amalgam The Amalgam , Vera Mina Vera Mina , and Syd Celsius Syd Celsius ? That he had come within a hairs breadth of killing them, and was technically getting a rematch against one? That most of his Perk Points were in Endurance, Charisma, Strength and Luck? That he enjoyed knitting and sewing (Okay, Okay, admittedly, that last one isn't all that relevant but that man makes a mean sweater.)?

One of the pirates tossed a coin into the air, only for Howard to eagle eye it and shoot it as it fell.

More random objects got tossed into the air. All were hit by Howard The Pirate while Lyli watched from the shadows above on durasteel structural support beams. He was a good shot. Syd within Lyli was thirsting for payback, even though she knew it was wrong. But Howard had humiliated her in their long ago encounter, long before teaching Starlin Rand Starlin Rand had allowed Syd to better understand humanity if only slightly.

The exile hiding in Lyli's skull suddenly had second thoughts about killing him, fearing it would be too close to vengeance. He HAD brought it on himself though...

Lyli, however, had a bit of a thing for muscles on big, strong men...pity she was going to have to put a hole in him.

So many pirates. They must have been here for months to set this all up. Lyli would have to be careful. Disable the power first, than shoot them in the confusion.

Howard had to go first. Lyli wasn't sure why, but there was something about him that set Lyli on edge.

Lyli began to climb down from her hiding spot. Getting into the compound had been easy enough...those pink flames she could generate were immensely useful for getting past doors...

As she climbed down, she didn't realize that by climbing up the support beams at all, she had made a mistake.

Howard had rigged the support structures with motion sensors. He had a transmitter on him that pinged him the moment she started climbing them.

Howard smiled. He gave a series of three whistles at the signal.

Every pirate turned upward and fired at the support beams she was climbing down. Her position was instantly pelted with dozens of blasterbolts, forcing her to drop to the catwalk and land roughly to save herself from the hail of bolts, red Lightsaber drawn as she channeled the Force through it as she deflected their shots, running across a catwalk quickly being destroyed by blasters, the shots that were deflected back at the shooters now having been imbued with incendiary effects. Those that were hit caught fire immediately as she sprang back through the passage leading to the lower levels, the element of surprise absolutely lost. Lyli struggled to stay calm but it wasn't easy...she had barely evaded the surprise attack."

"Hey there. Catch you at a bad time?!" Howard called out mockingly through the P.A System with his comlink as he and his pirates began to seal off the exits, Lyli getting out her Nightstinger as she was forced to fight off two shooters who tried to surprise her, sniping them in the head at medium range. But more were coming and Lyli wasn't sure she could block their level of fire, especially from all sides.

"Tell you what, you throw down your weapons right now, and I'll ransom you back to the CIS. I'll trade you for more cigars. The nice, fat Corellian ones..." Howard joked as he cocked his sonic scattergun and began climbing a service latter in the old silo to where she was currently being pinned down behind cover...

"Start throwing screamers!" He yelled, throwing two sonic grenades of his own.

Lyli, pinned behind a broken computer console, had managed to shoot two more, but she couldn't nove from her position, and they were throwing so much fire she was too busy shooting back to really use her abilities.

There really was nothing she could do when the sonics hit.

Lyli shrieked as her flesh distorted and bubbled from the sonic exposure, melting and sagging everywhere as she was stunned severely, gray blood leaking out of her eyelids as she writhed on the ground in agony.

She saw Howard walk up to her at last, pointing the scattergun on stun setting, face clearly disgusted at the site before him.

"Ugh, what is it with me and running into freaks?" Howard muttered before shooting her 007 times in the chest, eliciting a pig like metallic shriek with each shot until it was out cold.

"Hey Walt, get over here and put this thing in the freezer!" Howard yelled.

One of his other pirates grimaced as they watched the gooey melted creature get dragged away by the legs by Howard's right hand man, a burly Corellian in dark green armor.

"What the feth is it. What the feth is going on. Why do we want it in the freezer?"

"Cold messes with tissues like hers..." Howard replied. "Quadruple the guard in that area, line it with det charges and poison gas charges, and get it fitted with a neural disruptor, immediately..." he ordered, finishing his beer, which was handed to him by one of his men. He downed it, chuckled, then scratched his butt to head for his office...
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There's A Darkness In Us All



“Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!” The frantic pleas filled the communications channel before falling to a silence broken on by an unwelcome static.
Alden looked around the bridge of his ship, a deep swell of pity finding its way into his gut and his heart. There was an amount of distress in the pleading nature of the emergency comlink transmission. Just what had happened, Alden did not know. Reports and intelligence were still filing in from the fleets in the sector that had responded in turn to the cries for help. He only hoped that the thousands of souls aboard the CNS Valor had not simply been extinguished. The flames of their very lives put to nothing more than a withering plume of smoke to most likely be forgotten over the pages of time even with efforts to be made to remember them.
“Reestablish the transmission,” Alden commanded.
“Sir, it’s gone. There’s nothing on the other side.” The communications officer frowned at the conclusion of his response before his eyes drifted to a message that had been received from one of the ships that had managed to arrive in the system. “Sir, we’ve received a message from Abraxas. Bassadro Sector Fleet.”
“Very well, put it through,” Alden said.
With a few flicks of various knobs and switches, a hologram filled the area in front Alden. As it played, Alden felt that swell of sorrow abound within him as his worst fears were realized in the unfolding situation.

The CNS Valor was gone, its pleas for help fallen short of an answer. Thousands of souls gone in an instant. But for what? What had the enemy gained in the squabble with the Confederate cruiser? That didn’t matter. In the end, it was plain to see that the Confederacy would ensure they would pay the consequence of their insurrection. For now, though, a bigger question came into play.
How was it that a Confederate Armed Forces naval cruiser had succumbed to the tactics of mere pirates?
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Terrifying? Me? No way!

Location: Abraxas’ Atmosphere
Objective: Gauge the Nightmother
Tag: Vytal Noctura Vytal Noctura | Open​

‘Have you spoken with spirits before?’ It took every bit of restraint that Tireya had neither laugh nor scoff in response to the Nightmother’s query. Tireya lived her life tormented by a spirit that manipulated her at every turn and pulled on every fiber of her psychological stability. It was a wonder that at this point any remained. Was the Nightmother not supposed to be the strongest and most established of her kind? Yet she did not know the answer to that question on her own? Instead, she had to inquire with Tireya about whether or not she had heard their pleas and calls? “They never stop talking to me,” Tireya would finally say after a moment of attempting to maintain her composure.

“You idiot!” The angry voice of Valyra filled her mind abruptly as the words leapt from Tireya’s lips. The anger forced the young witch to recoil slightly, a chill crudely ravaging its way down her spinel. “You never listen, my child. And now you have sealed for yourself a fate you could not possibly hope to even understand.”

A writhe grin began to etch its way across her face, satisfied that she’d at least somewhat gotten back at Valyra even if the outcome was uncertain. For the moment, it would perhaps silence Valyra’s voice and allow her the chance to process things herself for a time.

“What’s it matter to you? You going to chain me up and torture me too? Call me crazy? Sentence me to death?” The slew of questions erupted from Tireya’s lips. “You want to speak to her too? I’m sure Valyra would love to chat.” She paused a moment. “The voices in my head never leave and they never cease.”
Darth Qanah

Tags: Darth Metus Darth Metus

The powers and potential of the Force never ceased to amaze Rann. He watched with quiet surprise as a flicker of light manifested and began speaking to him. Immediately, he got the sense that he was the only one who could see this Light, so he tried not to outwardly show his surprise.

My son. With whom I am well pleased. came the ‘voice.’ Rann, knew it to be Isley’s.

“Father.” he repeated. Isley Verd’s praise wasn’t something Rann actively sought. But it did fill him with pride and warmth.

You struggle, as I once did. You, unlike your siblings...you follow the same path as I. On this path, there are no gifts. There is no giving. You must take. But as you are crawling and not yet walking, I will teach you the first steps.

Rann nodded, agreeing. He wasn’t going to accept a hand out. He did not want to be spoon fed the answers. Not from Isley, not with this. Rann preferred to make his own way, earn his own keep. But… he couldn’t hide his need for direction. And if anyone could help him, his Father could.

“I humbly and graciously accept whatever assistance is offered, Father.”

Do you know what it means to be Sith? Do you know what the title Darth implies?

Rann paused. Did he? Master Voph never really went over the philosophies. The Jedi shyed away from anything teaching about the Dark Side and Riamah wasn’t a Sith. Did Rann truly know what it meant to be Sith?

The title Darth, however. Rann had his own interpretation for that. For Rann, the title ‘Darth’ implied superiority. Mastery. Anyone could claim, Darth, but only the truly deserving could enforce the claim.

“I do not know what it means to be Sith. The ancient race of dark side sorcerers, or the Order of force users that stole the name. I don’t know. And the title Darth. It’s a challenge. A threat, warning, and a promise.”

One of the few things Rann knew were distinctly this Rann’s aspiration revolved around the Darth title. More specifically, of the man speaking to him. Who held it.

A familial bond existed, and was growing, between Father and Son. But it did not hide or diminish Rann’s goal. Since his ‘birth’ on Ryloth, and learning of his parentage.

Darth was a challenge. Metus made that challenge. Rann wanted to answer it, one day. To equal his Father, and, one day, surpass him.

Perhaps, afterall, he did know what being Sith meant.


Do I Dream of Electric Sheep?

Rig: F-22 Star Raptor x2
- 3 Concussion Missiles, 4 M2 Heavy guns (2 on pilons), 1 backup light rapid fire Ion laser cannon
Location: Asteroid Field
Allies: Ji-Ji
Objective: Scout / Engage
With the final two of the fighters on the run, Gem would begin to pull back her assault while aggressively moving closer in an attempt to continually pressure the fighter before her. The enemy pilot in their modified X-Wing was a nasty piece of work, occasionally taking a shot which would slam into their shields and blasting at the asteroids around them kept the Crymorah scum on their toes in the mean time as they would race click by click deeper into the asteroid field. The iron and magnetic metals within the rocks were wrecking havoc on Gem's systems and targeting arrays, scanners were unreliable now, forcing Gem to disengage them while Jiji hounded his other prey down. An explosion to the rear voicing the defeat as a com came in to Gem's array, little more than static with the vaguest affliction of Jiji's voice. It was good to know that the other pirate had been handled.
The race went on, the lead ship getting ever more reckless, banking later weaving and maneuvering more and more treacherous debris with Gem right on their damn tail, blaster bolts blaring through the void filled sky to clash against the high metal concentrated rocks as they two fighters continued to play their deadly game of cat and mouse. However, something didn't feel right, Gem could see that the static on the sensors was beginning to get lighter, the asteroids thinning out several of which had blaster burns on them as this area showed signs of their being habitation out here... Gem knew that the pirates here had to be coming from somewhere, though it was most likely that they had a port planet side. Gem didn't expect to find what she saw.
The two ships would explode into open space, and Gem would be distracted enough by bursting out into the open as the source of these pirates would come to light. "Kark..." Gemini would explain as she would activate her tracking distress beacon. Jettisoning it into space as she would hammer 180, flying back through the void as high caliber turbo-laser rounds would explode around her, obliterating some of the massive asteroids which peppered the field, simply passing through the smaller ones which would be erased from existence with the capital class weapons detonated nearby pushing Gem into a full panic as she would hammer the power on her thrusters, targeting the straightest route away from the center as quickly as possible while attempting to contact ANYONE who could hear her.
Jiji would see her ship flitting past in full retreat with the volley of blaster rounds that were peppering the field in her wake, eyes widening in response as they would join in an immediate retreat. A minute later the barrage would end, blips of the radar were beginning to show up en masse. The destruction of the field that lay behind them having cleared a straight path for another wave of fighters and bombers. "What the hell was that!?" Jiji would yell through the comms at Gem. Hearing his words, but not having time to process them as she would patch into whoever in the CIS would want to hear, Jiji included.
"This is Violet leader, scouting party located the source of the pirates, Military class battle-station, looks old, maybe decommissioned and refitted with capitol class weapons. Two supporting Victory class Heavy Cruisers, also seem to be refitted. Deployed Homing beacon at the location, but we're about to get swarmed by compliment fighters. Need immediate assistance! Co-ordinates 247x, 289y, -171z from planet-side, and I'm bringing them to you."
The X-Wings would deploy to combat mode, surely they'd know that they would have communicated with their ships by now, Gem and Jiji were within contact reach of the Direwolves fighters as they seemed to have more than effortlessly wiped out the guerilla forces with little need for aid. This fight was about to get hot and heavy!

Ruus Kote

Strill Securities Lataruta


"Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal
Verbor'ad ures aliit
Mhi draar baat'i meg'parjii'se
Kote lo'shebs'ul narit."

Immediate Friendly Forces:
  • 1st Jurkad Verde "Kad'b Marev" Armored Battalion, Aurek Company
  • 1st Jurkad Verde "Shereshoy" Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Aurek Company
  • Ruus Kote's HQ Company
Ally Tag(s): Aselia Verd Aselia Verd
Abraxas. Some new dust ball left in turmoil in the wake of the collapse of the Outer Planets Alliance. In the end, the job paid just as well. Unfortunately, Abraxas wasn't just another dust ball to be cleared of undesirables. The people of Abraxas were suffering under the new leadership. Even if he wasn't being paid extremely well, he'd have been more than happy to put down scum like those they were en route to put down.​
There was a mining town that was somewhat out of the way called Grimsfall. Enemy opposition had been unknown before they'd put down, but according to their scouts, the town was part mining installation part fortress. It was going to be a tough nut to crack, and it looked like their enemy was perfectly happy to use the miners and their families as human shields. Which meant that Mirta and the rest of Shereshoy had their work cut out for them. That didn't mean that Aamer and Kad'b Marev nor he and his HQ company were off the hook either. Apparently the pirates had a few tanks, old relics stuffed with modern electronics and weapons.​
The plan was simple. They landed well out of the range of the enemy AA guns, not wanting a repeat of what happened at Dorvalla, and were now en route. Given the galaxy's penchant for taking the piss with its inhabitants, and him in particular off late, it came as no surprise to him that Ghes Netra's riduur's delivery date coincided with the date for this operation. Ghes was one of the best gunner he'd had the pleasure of knowing, but his replacement came with the personal recommendation of Al'verde Saram Kote. Vuhyr'yalilyr had high standards, coming from someone like her, that was high praise.​
Aselia Verd Aselia Verd was just about everything he'd expected her to be based on what he was told. Once the pleasantries were out of the way, he'd shown her around the tank. As they were en route, he'd glanced over to the gunner's station every once in a while to ensure that she was doing fine, and satisfied that she wasn't confused by the HUD linked controls or the tank's Manda tactical battlenet module linking to that of her armor's he'd returned his attention to the scanners and the reports coming in from their scouts.​
It wasn't long, however, till they were in range of the various defensive defensive guns. Without magnified optics, their target was barely visible in the distance. No words were exchanged between crews, he set targets for the 24 tanks he and Aamer had between them. Manda tactical battlenet modules modified the targeting solutions generated by the tank's systems based on sensor data from its host vehicle as well as the other tanks. Precious seconds passed before all tanks showed ready to fire. He opened a quick line to Aselia Verd Aselia Verd first, "Alright, vod, time to show off what you can do." Without missing a beat, he switched to the command frequency, "Ke'gyce 6 to all callsigns, tra'cyar mav! Send the shabuire to hell."
Right as they were about to fire, his HUD feed informed him of incoming contacts at extreme range matching positively ancient Canderous Assault Tanks. Oh well, things were going too well anyway. Now it was really going to get interesting.​
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This was a first for the young Verd, seated in the gunners position of a super heavy tank with its main guns slaved to her targeting system. She gave a slight turn of her head and the guns tracked with it, turning her head the other way it did the same. Nobody could see because of her beskar’gam however she wore the widest grin on her young face she absently wondered if her buir had ever done something like this she would have to ask him about it sometime. The excitement had her tapping her foot in mild annoyance at how long it was taking them to reach the target point, her hands wrapped tightly around the controls.​
A channel opened in her helmet and she immediately perked up to listen as Ruus Kote Ruus Kote final-fethingly reached out letting her know the fun would soon begin.​
"Alright, vod, time to show off what you can do."
the grin got even wider, no response was needed he would find out very shortly what she was capable of. She could now see the outer fortifications of the base the pirates had established, she could see the tactical data in her hud from their tank and all the others as she picked out the closest target.​
The guns slowly turned lining up the shot against one of the weapons emplacements far in the distance she held her breath and fired one shot, then a second quickly followed up the first. The report from both shots shook the tank sending a shutter through its frame and its occupants. She watched for the results from the shots as a few poorly aimed artillery rounds landed a ways from her tank. And then her shots landed, the first shot landing just below the emplacement popping the turret from its moorings showering debris and twisted metal all around, shortly after the second shot impacted the turret as it was in midair sending it spiraling into the nearby wall of the fortifications before exploding from having a primed chamber.​
Aselia, quite pleased with herself, burst into a fit of laughter raising a fist and calling out “Oya! How about that ke'gyce?” she started selecting the next target as more weapons started firing towards them, it wouldn't matter much because she could now hear the rest of their column opening fire.​
TAG: Ruus Kote Ruus Kote


Aleksandr Kerensky

Mercenary Captain

Location: Abraxus System, preparing to enter into the brawl range with enemy forces
Vessel: Star Destroyer Hope, full complements of Dragon Fighters and War Hound Drop Ships
Objective: Kill 'em all, let God sort them out
Tags: G 3 M 1 N 1 G 3 M 1 N 1 Verin Oldo Verin Oldo Kiff Brayde Kiff Brayde Anashla Deshal Anashla Deshal Domino Dubose Domino Dubose Cypher Rage

Hope would absolutely destroy the oncoming fighters and bombers with ruthless efficiency. Gunners had herded the craft into kill zones to have them brutally massacred wave after wave, showing no mercy to these would be attackers. And whatever the gunners of Hope didn't kill, her fighter squadrons absolutely destroyed. Coming in on their well practiced and predetermined attack vectors designed to maximize their coverage and minimize the amount of possible escapees, Red, Gold, and Black Squadrons would tear into the remnants of the fighters and bombers. And after the last blip from the first attack had disappeared, Captain Kerensky could hear the various comms chatter from both Cypher Rage and G 3 M 1 N 1 G 3 M 1 N 1 . Kerensky would send a simple acknowledge signal to Rage, while focusing on the transmission from G3M1N1.

"This is Violet leader, scouting party located the source of the pirates, Military class battle-station, looks old, maybe decommissioned and refitted with capitol class weapons. Two supporting Victory class Heavy Cruisers, also seem to be refitted. Deployed Homing beacon at the location, but we're about to get swarmed by compliment fighters. Need immediate assistance! Co-ordinates 247x, 289y, -171z from planet-side, and I'm bringing them to you."

"Violet Leader this is Kerensky, make bearing two seven six galactic plane, bearing 6 degrees positive on the z plane. Sending you rendezvous coords now,"

G3M1N1 would receive coordinates leading towards Hope in an offshoot trajectory, with initial vectors being given along with best routes to maintain cover against enemy squadrons. If G3M1N1 dug a little deeper into the data she'd see his next orders to Red and Gold Squadrons and how her flight plan coincided with their intercepts. The first would be coming in from ninety degrees above her location as centered on the map, the second would be coming right at her with a more direct path to a head on interception. He would be using her as bait for a trap, and some would consider the move particularly cold. To Kerensky however it was a sign of trust in her and her wingman's abilities. Few could fly alongside the pilots of TDW with their massive focuses on speed and maneuverability in craft. Fewer still could hope to match those pilots' absolute ferocity in combat and aggressive flying that most considered on the edge of insanity. For Kerensky to place that kind of trust in G3M1N1 and her wingman was to put her skills in that category, if not by talent, then at the very least by drive.

To put it simply he trusted her to see the play and see it through.

"Red Squadron, make a flank intercept, come in from the top and smash their formation. Gold Squadron you are to make direct interception, set course so that as Red Squadron moves through, you mop up the broken formations. Black Squadron, fan out and locate more of their bombers to screen our attack,"

He would receive the data from Violet Leader's transmission, noting the Cruisers and station. He would smile as the bigger fish he'd been looking for had been found. Gunners already knew what to do as they received the targeting data, turbolasers focused on shooting what needed to be shot as the two thousand meter Star Destroyer made its way to the target. Their plotted course would take them above the relative plane of the fight, and then come back down guns blazing on the small flotilla. Mjolnir Cannons cycled their rounds into Ionnite-A Cannister rounds, preparing the first barrage to engage the smaller vessels in what would become a brutal knock down drag out fight among giants. And along her bow, the mighty Thor Particle Projectile Cannon also charged, preparing to unleash its fury against the enemies presented. Missile launchers cycled in fresh missiles, going for SIM-2 Archers alongside the SIM-1 Havocs as the ship prepared to go into the brawl. In the hangar bays, Dragon, Anvil and Behemoth Squadrons prepped dropships as TDW and TGC Commandos prepared to board the enemy vessels. Dropships began pre-flight checks, commandos loaded M-8 Shotguns and HARM Rifles, and checked each other's gear. It didn't matter what the battlespace was, wherever The Dire Wolves found combat, they all would fight with everything they had. Whether it was a cold insertion via a stealthy drop, or feet first into hell on the express elevator that was the Mjolnir drop pods, Commandos would prove their worth. Alongside this the War Hound Dropships had missile racks being loaded up onto their wing pylons, ordinance personnel attaching the pre-made racks as they were jacked into position. Each of the dropships carrying a payload of 8 Hellfire Missiles and 4 Havoc Missiles, their autocannons swiveling as their gunners did their own checks.

Kerensky sat proudly in his seat while all of this happened. The orchestra of war playing at his mind's fingertips, the battlefield unfolding before his watchful gaze. Kerensky drank it all in, working like a maestro for an orchestra conducting the various pieces when needed, letting others conduct themselves as he'd trained and drilled them. He never underestimated his foe, and would always keep his mind focused to the razor's edge, seeing the need to be ever watchful of not only foes but of his friends. Hope had done very few drills with CIS commanders, therefore aside from past tactics and actions he did not know them. Only of them, which made them just as dangerous to him as the enemy. Hope was in a very delicate position right now, one false move from them and they could be compromised. But such was the way of battle. Any number of things could happen and they could be doomed. Any number of things his allies or foes could do to break Hope's current course. He couldn't worry about such things though, because to be frozen in action was to die anyways. So he must boldly go forward, to lead by example.

Acantha Malvern

L ᵢ ₜ t ₗ ₑ B ₗ ₐ c ₖ b ᵢ ᵣ d

The unyielding and merciless pain that dominated her arm was the key. It forced adrenaline to pump through her system, beat after beat of her half-formed heart. Acantha threw herself up and shook the arm lightly. Something somewhere chipped, she could feel the grinding beneath her skin, but that was of little consequence. The fuzzy voice in her head was speaking again now, and it was telling her it was time to move.
Work quickly.
Acantha remembered, from the data pads Father had made her study. There were two ways she could do this. Brute force, or stealth. Her eyes glanced over the asteroid, in jerking bird-like movements that swept the entire area in four swift moves. The voice had said to work quickly, and from what Acantha could see, the stealth option would take the most time. With a cursory, and extremely quick, glance at her forced companions, Acantha spoke. "Finding a way in is going to take too long. We have to create one.”
Unaccustomed to working with anyone at all, never mind a team of them, Acantha broke off from the group to approach the compound. It was difficult to make out. Whatever they had painted it with shimmered and glistened like the surface of a crystal clear lake. Reflecting the empty blackness of space, pocketed with bright specks of white starlight. Difficult it may have been, but it was not impossible. If she focused solely on the spots of light, there were times when the camouflage flickered. When it turned perfectly round flecks into waves that twisted and twitched against their ebony canvas.
As a precaution, Acantha shadowed herself, in a naturally powerful cloak of darkness that muted her presence in the force.
If trying to see the compound was difficult, blowing a hole in the side of it would be doubly so. Sure, they could throw the explosives blindly, but Acantha knew that would alert the entire compound. If they could make a precision explosion, that blew off one of the panels instead of an entire wall, maybe they could retain some of the stealth aspects. But for that, they needed a way to remove the camouflage, at least in part. To clear a patch for the explosives to be aimed at.
Acantha reached out, placing both hands flat against the wall. If this was a substance that they physically painted onto the building, then the assumption was, it could be removed again. One of her hands began to draw the heat from her body, flushing it all into the tips of her fingers. The other expelled its heat until the palms of her hands began to tingle and freeze over.
Fire and ice.
If neither of these could remove it, then maybe they were better off trying attempting to seek out an entrance.
High Marshall


First came the reports of the anomalous movements within the debris field and Anshala turned her attention to the one reporting their findings but by the time the report had been given the first volley had already been delivered she took a step forward, brown eyes narrowing as the ship was hit repeatedly by bombardment, the Valor damaged as she was, would not be able to survive the attack even a first year trainee knew the outcome of such a strike.

“Recall all shuttles immediately, launch squadrons Besh and Dorn. If it's not friendly shoot it down.” she barked out the orders quickly, there was no time for hesitation. The attack was a trap and clearly and they wanted her to make rash actions, that was not something that Anashla did. “I want the flak frigates moving to engage with a suppressing field of fire on those bombers.You will keep firing until our fighters are in range, then you prioritize anything that gets past them. I want our escort frigates shielding the flak frigates while they do there jobs.” she had barely finished speaking before the inevitable happened and watched as the Valor began to explode and come apart.. The entirety of the bridge fell quiet as explosion after explosion rocked the vessel before a final large explosion tore her apart completely.

It would be Anashla who quietly broke the silence “Put distance between us and the debris field, I want all batteries, acquire targets in the debris field priotize anything that looks like it has the potential to house fighters, anything that looks out of place or you have a gut feeling about turn it to dust. If its not sending out out our IFF or a friend IFF dust it.” Anashla turned to look at one of the officers nearest her, the expression on her face made the man's blood run cold. “Get me an open channel”

“To the pirate vessels that just attacked and destroyed the Valor, this is High Marshal Deshal, know that your lives are forfeit and I will burn every haven you have in this system.”
as soon as she finished speaking the Durendel began to turn slightly to maximize its field of fire, while creating distance with the debris field. "Maam, communication from Captain Aleksandr Kerensky Aleksandr Kerensky ." she nodded to the man who to switch to it.
"High Marshal Anashla Deshal Anashla Deshal , Kerensky. It would seem that our friends in system set up a little dinner party for us. Send whatever fighters you can, but Hope is going to continue pressing forward. We've sprung their trap, and now we're going to root out this little band once and for bloody all. Kerensky out,"

A small grin formed on her lips, a man of action she could respect that. "Captain, be advised I am ordering the Durendel to slag that debris field, avoid pushing too far ahead of our guns. You will have your fighter support as soon as we mop up the ones that destroyed the Valor." at her word the turbolaser batteries began to open fire "Be careful that debris or weapons fire does not hit the Hope." she remind all who were present on the bridge as a barrage laid into the debris field.

  • Durendal moving away from the debris field and activley targeting anything not squawking an IFF.
  • 4 Terrus Class Flak Corvettes are moving to direct fire on the squadrons that attacked the Valor
  • 3 Murkhana Class moving with the Flak Corvettes providing cover
  • 2 Agente Class remain close to the Durendel standing by to engage if needed
  • Suadrons Aurek, Besh, Cresh, Dorn are moving to engage the forces that destroyed Valor

Location: Abraxas' Atmosphere
Objective: Communion
Tag: Open | Tireya Syvare Tireya Syvare

The Nightmother had stopped moving with her eyes on the blade that sat upon the altar. She listened to Tireya's admission followed by her admonishment. Anger. Suspicion. Fear. Loathing. A young woman that lashed out at the world around her because of what it had saddled her with, and no way to understand or control even that much of her own existence. Someone who had, their self, admitting to being inexperienced in the ways of the world -- though it had been regarding a battlefield only moments ago.

No words followed the verbal lashing. Only one fluid movement of her hand, which plucked the blade up and stabbed it down into the center of the altar. An earth-trembling gong filled the room in which that'd taken sanctuary. In that moment the world simply vanished before their eyes. In its place was a dark, vacuous existence full of broken landscape and swirling currents. Countless eyes and ghastly visages surrounded them from every angle. Even the very 'ground' beneath their feet could be seen through into fathomless depths where even more hauntings waited.

Slowly Vytal's eyes rolled up and to the side to regard Tireya. "And they never will, Child. This," her hand slowly peeled from the dagger to gesture at their surrounding, "is what your eyes do not see. Yet it is always there. They are always there. Just as she is always there."

"If you have hope that you will one day be free of them, you will only find despair and then... madness. You might as well seek to learn how not to breathe."
The Pale Witch straightened up and faced Tireya fully. "If you seek a means to control it, harness it, and survive with it... then you will find peace. If nothing else then a tolerable acceptance." Some truly despised the 'curse' of Knowing. There was little Vytal could do for them.

The Jedi and Sith each spoke of a way of cutting people off from The Force -- spirits, in a Witch's terms -- but that was not their way. Such severing was an affront to Nature itself. Vytal had read accounts of such a ritual being performed and the outcome was appalling. To think any would humor such a gross ability.

Running away was not the answer.

"So, what is it you want, Tireya?" Vytal clasped her hands before her at the waist awaiting the woman's response. Hopefully she would manage to recover from the sudden change in environment in short enough order to provide one.

Ruus Kote

Strill Securities Lataruta



"Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal
Verbor'ad ures aliit
Mhi draar baat'i meg'parjii'se
Kote lo'shebs'ul narit."
Immediate Friendly Forces:
  • 1st Jurkad Verde "Kad'b Marev" Armored Battalion, Aurek Company
  • 1st Jurkad Verde "Shereshoy" Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Aurek Company
  • Ruus Kote's HQ Company
Ally Tag(s): Aselia Verd Aselia Verd
Even having served for years as part of an armored unit, the sight of the tanks opening up with staggered fire was still one of the most impressive sights he'd had the pleasure of witnessing. Massive caliber mass-driver rounds whistled over the gap between them and their enemy, detonating in spectacular fashion or punching right through their targets with accuracy that only came from years of training, experience and some of the best equipment one could have the pleasure of using. Deadly Class-D disruptor bolts blew entire chunks off the defensive walls, one neutralizing one of the enemy tank's guns, and another disabling a hostile tank's repulsor drive.
Aselia Verd Aselia Verd 's shooting was impressive for someone who hadn't had much, if any, experience as gunner in a tank. "Keep this up, and I might have to let Ghes have a longer break." He paused for a moment before adding, deadpan, "Might even tell him to start looking for a new job." He was, naturally, joking. He very much doubted Aselia even wanted the job, and with an ade, Ghes needed the job. "Shift targets, engage those tanks. Let the others handle those defenses." The massive RHM-05s could quite easily handle the defenses, as Aselia had just demonstrated, but there were tanks with weapons better suited to the task within the formation.
A few mass-driver rounds from the older enemy tanks detonated explosively against their shields, a testament to the enemy's skill given the heavy jamming their tanks were putting out. If they weren't such unrepentant chaavla shabuire, then it might almost be a shame to put them down so contemptuously. Ruus returned his attention to the main holo display. They were making good progress, much of the enemy defenses had been neutralized in the opening salvo, and the enemies' tanks had been largely ineffectual, and were winking off the display one by one as the guns of his tanks were turned on them.
He squinted at something small and squat on the display. It was a low slung vehicle, casemate mounted gun. The 'Manda' net identified the tank barely a half second after his eyes widened in realization at what it was. The 'Haaranovor' Soft-kill APS deployed CG/GL-05 Countermeasure Grenades automatically a moment later, barely in time to diffuse the electromagnetic plasma blast that harmlessly washed over their shields. "Ke'gyce 6 to all callsigns, Ke'gyce will handle those MZ-8s, continue as planned." He switched back to the tank's intercom and added, "Jintar, get us moving. Aselia, don't need to tell you twice I'm sure. Oya manda, vode, to borrow the alor's favorite phrase, 'Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur'."
Deaf Clone Trooper

Tag: Luna Terrik Luna Terrik | Tiria Reinhart Tiria Reinhart | Frank Sterling Frank Sterling | Rook Heimdal Rook Heimdal | Mitra Fay Mitra Fay

In the midst of his recent induction into relative chaos, the words of his CO were a comforting reminder of years far gone: “Marshal says you fight, you fight. Marshal says you die, you die.”

How many times had he read the same sentiment on the lips of Jedi generals?

CT-8429 nodded in quiet solidarity. The Sarge was not afraid to tell it like it was - that much was plain to see. It was a welcome spark of familiarity, and the trooper was grateful to be under Master Sergeant’s Reinhart’s command. Though adaption was his strong suit, consistency was his desire. The Sarge was consistent in her grit, and the trooper enjoyed seeing his comrades kept on their toes. Memories of his brothers flickered in his mind’s eye.

The trooper rose with his squad and began to ready himself for the inevitable departure. The bustling of busied men and women, the clanging of metallic weaponry, and the soft padding of boots on scuffed duracrete all fell on the deaf ears of the trooper. His war-torn world was slicked over in silence.

Weapons - checked. Helmet - on. HUD - synced. Five minutes to the dot (just like The Sarge had said), and the whole of Alpha Squad were loaded up and lifting off. If the trooper hadn’t felt it, the visible faces of his fellow commandos sure were enough to convey the evasive maneuvering required to evade the pirate’s defense forces. The ship rolled with a belly full of teeth waiting to take their bite out of the action.

A sharp jolt threw the troop section forward. Most were already on their feet, exiting the craft with blasters blazing. CT-8429 was among them. Two bolts pierced the air to his right, and he traced their origin with his sights. Returning the favor, the trooper sent his own bolts into the chestplate of a pirate. Duck, roll, up again, fire. Cover fire. Head up for his squad, then press on to their target. Before long, bodies littered the upper courtyard - nearly all were pirates. The trooper motioned his intention to another Alpha and took his position securing the area. Though his squad’s mission was to stand guard and cover, he couldn’t help but wish for more.

The deaf clone kept his eye out for the CO and other squads.
Darth Xiphos
Objective: Acquire the Sword of Surt'r

Tsid Surt'r, previous incarnation of the Master of Starlin Rand Starlin Rand examined the obsidian dual vented Lightsaber of Laertia's as they both sat on the sofa, looking at the golden city from Surt'r's apartment balcony. Laertia sat awkwardly with folded hands, unsure of what to do, or how to quite address getting back to her own time, not fully sure how to react to this Woman with Syd's face, and troublingly noted feeling somewhat drawn to Surt'r for the same reasons she was drawn to Syd.

She wasn't cold to the pain she felt from Surt'r. This bond she claimed clearly agonized her, and the fact Laertia knew in her gut Surt'r clearly believed what she was saying both made her sympathetic and deeply, deeply unsure as to what her next course of action should be.

Laertia wasn't sure what this meant between her and Syd...Laertia had been caught off guard by this. Caught off guard by all of it.

She knew Syd cared for her, knew Syd would never willingly hurt her...but what was she supposed to feel about this revelation by what was seemingly a...'Previous Version' of her?

Laertia knew this...that look Syd had given her at Golbah City hadn't been a look of recognition. In retrospect, Laertia realized the gaze Syd had fixed on her when their eyes first locked at Golbah City had been Love at First Sight. But it had not been a gaze of 'I know you'.

How to explain T'sid Surt'r then? Who clearly 'did' know Laertia on some level?

"The crystal within feels strange..." Surt'r remarked, stopping Laertia's train of thought. "Wait...this feels like...the Light has been twisted through it. The work feels...familiar, even...yet I cannot place it..."

"I'm afraid I can't reveal that..." Laertia said.

"What was your hell, Julia?" Surt'r asked.


"I'm a product of the Underworks. Lived there since I was a child. No parents..." Surt'r related. "Did all my growing up on my own..."

Her orange cat-like eyes glanced down at Laertia examining Surt'r's own blade...its slightly longer than normal hilt and duel vents were slightly blackened and singed, and a teal blade with similarly colored flames erupted out of it.

"I never knew where the flames came from..." Surt'r admitted. "They have been in me since I was old enough to remember anything at all."

"I grew up on Nar Shaddaa..." Laertia answered quietly, gathering her thoughts.

"I visited once. Its a rotten place...gang warfare is as bad as The Underworks. So much scum. Horrible, awful people. I remember feeling helpless as a child."

"Felt the same way until I acquired a knife..." Laertia admitted.

Surt'r reached over and her fingers glided under a somewhat intrigued but still nervous Laertia's chin.

"I should have guessed you like to get up close and personal..." Surt'r flirted.

"Uh, heh..." Laertia chuckled nervously.

"Such pain in you..." Surt'r whispered, inhuman eyes somehow betraying a sincere empathy. "I had dream about you a few days ago...a...a nightmare, really..."

"What was it?" Laertia asked.

"Are you sure you wish to know?"


Surt'r paused.

"I...I think I was seeing it through your eyes...you were fighting someone. She was very beautiful but her eyes were...dead, somehow. Your heart was broken, I could feel it. She told you something, but I can't hear it. Her face starts to melt into something purple...and the dream cuts off--"

Laertia sat up, shutting off the strange teal blade, hyperventilating.

Surt'r was up next to her, taking her by the hands...

"I'm sorry, I...I didn't mean to cause you to panic like that..." Surt'r assured her. "Please, forgive me. I know this is all a lot to take in..."

"That was an enemy you saw...she's not your concern..." Laertia replied stoically, though her organic eye was wet from holding back tears.

"What causes you pain is my concern..." Surt'r replied worriedly. "I want to help you, Julia. Please let me help you some sort of way...let me prove I mean well..."

"Surt'r, how many unnatural magics did you use just 'partly' bringing me here, as you claim?"

"As many as I had to in order to see your face and know I wasn't crazy..." Surt'r answered with a tortured whisper, face filled with a pain that hurt Laertia to her core but she was too proud to display it.

"Surt'r...what you have done is dangerous." Laertia told her. "There are always consequences to the use of such power..."

"I'll bear them gladly if it means I get to help you, even in a limited way."

Laertia didn't know what to do. Every ounce of logic screamed that she should not trust this creature or its words. But feeling Surt'r's pain from this bond seemed to be an indicator that Surt'r certainly believed she was telling the truth.

If she was...Laertia was definitely terrified anyway.

"Alright...I'll let you help me..." Laertia whispered back, breeze blowing through her hair.

Cat Eyes glistened with relief as they locked with Laertia's.

"Let me help you unlock some of your potential. Your true potential...indeed, you are powerful...but you're only starting to scratch the surface, my Love..."

Laertia uncomfortably noted how her damaged brain gurgled with pleasure at the touch of Surt'r's fingers against her pale tombstone forehead.

"There are locks, many caused by inexperience. Most caused by doubt. But the chill in your spirit...you have no outlet for it..." Surt'r whispered, eyes closed, reaching into Laertia's spirit gently, and slowly, carefully picking what locks she could...

Laertia swooned, dizzy at the rush of sudden understanding. She fell into Surt'r's waiting arms...

Laertia knew and understood things about her connection to the Force. Things she hadn't, before. Things that were so intrinsic and obvious, it baffled her that it had been staring her right in the face...

She put her hand on the couch...and froze its arm rest. The chill. It was always in her. Now it was out...

(Plasmid Acquisition Theme Plays)

(Laertia has leveled up!)

(New powers gained!)


Highly dangerous Force power, used to freeze objects or people gradually but relatively slowly at a distance, or rapidly at touch ranges. There are a lot of creative ways to use this power...


Advanced Version of Force Suppression, used to disrupt those with otherwise unshakable connections to the Force, likely negating any ability to use it all on the enemy's end. As skill grows, Breach attempts can last longer. Drawbacks include only being able to use it on one person at a time.


An ancient Force Power dating back to at least the Cold War, taught to Jedi shadows to heal their own injuries by inflicting them on the enemy. As skill grows, more powerful adepts are vulnerable.