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Glory-Class Battlecarrier

New Imperial Captain

  • Communications Suite
  • Life Support Systems
  • Targeting & Sensor Systems
  • Ion Drives
  • Solar Ionization Reactor
  • Escape pods
  • Docking Clamps
  • Fire linked turrets with fast track mountings on each applicable armament
  • Tie Racks
  • Double Purpose
  • Impenetrable Defenses

  • Low Mobility
  • Exposed Rear

The Glory-Class Battlecruiser is perhaps one of the finest Battlecarriers of the New Imperial Armada perhaps even surpassing the Phaetra Star Carrier in which is nearly twice it's size. The Ship designed to serve not only as a Fleet Carrier but also as a Front-Line Vessel can withstand attacks from Battlecruisers up to 3 Kilometers in size and can challenge smaller fleets alone. The Battlecarrier serves also as the embodiment of Marlon Sularen , CEO of SularenCo's own Military Doctrine prioritizing the use of "Battlecarriers" in battle with this vessel serving as a means to follow through with that Doctrine.
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[member="Maracel Yorkell II"], Solid Sub overall, just got a couple things I'd like to discuss before I can slap an approval on this

Maracel Yorkell II said:
Material: Durasteel hull
Please remember to link any specifically named materials in the submission

When I crack the numbers for the ratings, it's coming up as a little overpowered to be "Mass-Produced" (just a point). If you could drop a rating to cater to balance, that would be greatly appreciated as to avoid the possibility of a future report of the site. However, I can approve this without this change if you don't wish to make it.

Please remember to tag me with any changes or clarifications you make to this submission
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[member="Maracel Yorkell II"], That's fine, but I still need you to link Durasteel in your materials section before i can slap approval on this, thanks.

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Moved to Pre-Factory as per author's request. Please remember to make a note at the bottom of your submission summarizing the changes you have made and tag a member of the Factory Staff once you're ready for active judgement.

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This one is a doozy. We have problems.


Special Features: HIMS

Particularly rare or powerful special features may necessitate using a lower level of production (cloaking technology, personal cloaking devices, gemcutters, crystal grav traps, moon dust, equivalent stealth or anti stealth technologies), or rare canon technologies (Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainers, etc) and their equivalents will only be permitted at Semi-Unique production.
This is not allowed at the Minor Production Level. Either remove it or make this all Semi-Unique.

  • Manufacturer: SularenCo
  • Affiliation:
    • New Imperial Order
    • Vicondor Union
    • Constitutional Protectorate of Byss
  • Proton Torpedoes
  • Brilliant Missiles
  • Disruptor Torpedo
  • Mag-Pulse Warheads
  • Advanced Concussion Missile
  • Solar Ionization Reactor
  • Docking Clamps
  • Electronic Countermeasures Suite
  • G-32 Evasive Armor Plating
  • Laser Reflective Armor
  • Anti-Ion Emission Tracers
  • Shroud
  • HIMS
  • ABC Scramblers
  • AR-0B Damage Reduction Armor Component
  • Armament Duplicators
  • Magnite Tractor Beam Array
  • Animated Metal Sealant
These all need hyperlinked. Please link each one of them...unless it is the HIMS and you decided not to be semi-unique, then in that case, ignore that one and throw it out.

  • Length: 1,950 Meters
  • Width: 1,200 Meters
  • Height: 750 Meters

  • Hangar Space: Extreme
  • Hangar Allocations
    • Starfighters: 20 squadrons
    • Support Craft: 0 squadrons

  • Hangar Space: (Please provide the amount of fighters/support craft this submission can hold in it's hangar by count of Squadrons, which hold 12 average Starfighters. The higher your squadron count, the lower your Armament and number of advanced systems should be. )
1000m [Base: 1 | Very Low: 3 | Low: 4 | Average: 5 | High: 7 | Very High: 9 | Extreme: 11]
1500m [Base: 2 | Very Low: 4 | Low: 6 | Average: 8 | High: 10 | Very High: 12 | Extreme: 15] <---------------------------------
2000m [Base: 2 | Very Low: 5 | Low: 8 | Average: 11 | High: 14 | Very High: 17 | Extreme: 20] XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Rules state that unless you are SPECIFICALLY up at 2000 Meters, you cannot use the 2000 Meter hanger bays. I am sorry, that is just the rules. You either can make the length at 2000 meters to get around this...or not. Either way, this is still a Star Destroyer. That or refix everything from starfighter numbers all the way to squadron amount.

Hyperdrive Class: Class 2 | Class 8 Backup
Just add Average at the end of this please. Rules.

Double Purpose :
In addition to it's large Hangar Allocations , the Glory-Class is equipped with Extreme amount of Weaponry allowing the ship to have a Double Purpose of being a Battleship and a Fleet Carrier at the same time making it a sophisticated Battlecarrier.
Impenetrable Defenses :
In addition to it's Extreme Hangar Allaocations and Extreme Armament , the Glory-Class also is equipped with powerful shielding and a tough Armor allowing it to withstand attacks from even Battlecruisers up to 3 Kilometers in size.
Please reword as you do not have an "Extreme Amount of Weaponry". Your armament rating is High, just sigh High Amount please. That will work.

Impenetrable Defenses :
In addition to it's Extreme Hangar Allaocations and Extreme Armament , the Glory-Class also is equipped with powerful shielding and a tough Armor allowing it to withstand attacks from even Battlecruisers up to 3 Kilometers in size.
Please just remove " up to 3 Kilometers in size.", no rough exact numbers please. It can toe to toe yes, but no rough numbers. Just say Battle Cruisers.

Then I would suggest one more weakness for this to feel properly balanced. I can recommend easily Exposed Rear or Exposed Bridge from just sight of the picture alone just to give some suggestions.

Let me know when you make the required changes. Otherwise...your completely balanced in ratings! So feel good about that!
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Submission Name: Glory-Class Battlecarrier
Link to Submission: Here
Reason for Pre-Factory Request: To make final modifications to the sub
Moved to pre-factory per OP request!

Please remember to include a list of changes when you tag a member of factory staff to move the submission to live judgement.